OnStar and Wireless Help Asthma Sufferer

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NaToshya Reed had had asthma
attacks before, but this one this one was different. It was crippling
actually, so NaToshya decided rather than to wait for an ambulance
to come pick her up, She would load up her young daughter
into her car and drive herself to the hospital. She called her mom on the way too to say, “mom, I’m in trouble. Let’s meet at the hospital.” The problem
was, NaToshya didn’t make it that far. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go very far So I pulled over because my child is my
number one priority, I pulled over, called my mom. She knew
I was having chest pain, so she knew the call was coming and I tried to tell her I can’t breathe I couldn’t speak anymore. I think, it
happened so fast, but I think she kept telling me to hit the OnStar button, because we’ve always discussed if anything ever happens, we have OnStar, we need to use it So I hit the OnStar button and then I
just held the phone up to the speaker On the rear view mirror
and we went from there So just picture for a second the scene
In NaToshya’s car, she’s laying there in the front seat gasping for breath, holding her
cellphone up to the OnStar microphone Her mother on her cell phone giving instructions
to the operator on the other end. Pretty good thinking
on everybody’s part. under the circumstances but NaToshya says that operator deserves extra credit, he
came up with a very genius plan that was honk once for yes and twice for no, and so he would ask me questions and I would honk in response since
there is no talking anymore I was just struggling for air and then he got the paramedics to me
they saved my life I’m eternally grateful for the individual
that answered the phone he was calm and he thought on his feet not everybody would have thought To honk I’m just blessed that he was
there and he answered the phone and he helped and is all the screaming in the background
but we still I mean we still got me help ’cause it could
have been a lot worse I could not have been, I could have
went I could have died, it was just phenomenal for everything came together, good cell
service good OnStar service, perfect

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