Oprah Opens Up About Her Recent Health Scare For the First Time

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We’re back with my friend
Oprah Winfrey, who– I don’t know how many
people know this– but you were very,
very sick recently? Yes, I was. Very sick. I just got cleared yesterday. Congratulations. Yes. So here it is. I came back and I thought– I came back from overseas,
and I thought I had a cold. But it wasn’t a cold. I ended up in the
emergency room and they said, “You have pneumonia.” And I go home with pneumonia. And Pneumonia is nothing
to play with, ya’ll. It is very serious. And I was on
antibiotics for a week. The antibiotics weren’t working. And then I went back
for another CT scan and they say, “It’s
actually worse. You should see a
lung specialist.” So I go into the
lung specialist. This is a moment. I love the lung specialist. Dr. K, you’re fabulous. But I go in and I can see him. I said, “Look, I’ve
got a little rattling.” He puts a stethoscope here and
I see the “Oh, [BLEEP]”” face. It is like, oh, my… Something’s wrong with you. And I can see it. He didn’t hide it. And I said, “I told you, I sound
like a rattlesnake in there.” He immediately said, “You
must cancel everything.” I’ve never canceled
anything in my life. No, you work when you’re sick. I work with I’m sick. I worked all the
time when I was sick. He goes, “You must
cancel everything. You cannot fly for a month.” And then he had 18
vials of blood drawn. And so I thought, oh,
this must be very serious. Because I saw his face. And I went back in a
week, and I was better. He called me every day to make
sure I was using the inhaler and taking the
right antibiotics. And when I walked
in and I was better, he thanked me three
times for getting better and said, “Can I have a hug? Can I have a hug?” And I could tell
that he was like, “Not on my watch is
this going to happen.” Yeah. Yeah. Well I’m glad you’re better now. Well thank you, neighbor. Yes. Thank you. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I am. All right. But don’t play with it. And get your flu shots and
get your pneumonia shots. It’s nothing to play with. It takes people out. [APPLAUSE] But I’m telling you, it changed
the way I look at wellness. And you’re going on tour– So now I’m going on
tour to talk about it. So tell me what you’re
doing about this tour. No, but I was always
going to be doing that. You know, I had a
bunch of people– One of the things I did
in Hawaii this summer was to have lovely
people from WW– formerly Weight Watchers–
come to my house to celebrate all of
their wonderful victories in weight loss and
turning their life around in terms of being
healthy and strong. And we had such a good time. And everybody said, “Oh, too
bad you can’t invite everybody to your house.” And I went, “No, I can’t
invite everybody to my house. But I can go out and try to see
as many people as possible.” So I’m doing nine cities,
starting in January, on tour– [APPLAUSE] –for wellness,
health, well-being. You go to Ellen’s website,
you can see what city– I’m going to be in
a city near you. That’s fantastic. So you’re just talking
about wellness? Yeah. Well, not just talking
about it, but trying to motivate people to
take care of themselves and to not get sick
with pneumonia, and to really
transform their life. Because it’s called
20/20 Vision– Your Life in Focus. You know,I’ve done
this before, sort of. We called it “The Life You
Want,” several years ago. But I love having immediate
contact with the audience and being able to share
stories and inspire people to be their best selves. Yeah. This is what you said
you miss the most, is having this immediate
contact with the audience. So hi, immediate contact. Yeah. Well, you look fantastic. Thank you. You look great. So I’m sure– For somebody who just
got over pneumonia. Well, for anybody. No matter what,
you look fantastic Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos. Like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things like ball peen hammer. And also some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities, if you’re into
that sort of thing. [SCREAMS] Oh, [BLEEP]! God, [BLEEP]!

100 thoughts on “Oprah Opens Up About Her Recent Health Scare For the First Time

  1. I’m so glad she feels better every year I get flu shot and so far I’ve gotten two pneumonia shots just have to get one more always wash hands GOD bless everyone

  2. Oprah sucks! Trying to destroy Michael Jackson his legacy with no proof, and now she goes on like nothing happened. Oprah is a big Hollywood rat who sits in front of the camera pretending to be a goddes but in fact she sold her soul to the devil a long time ago for big money, fame and attention.

  3. Hahaha. Those of us who dabble in esoteric teachings…see how obvious it is what she was doing here. No thank you Oprah. No thank you.

  4. I had pneumonia before and it takes long to recover from it. She is right, can be really insidious at the beginning, feeling tired and unwell and before you know it you are almost dead.
    This lady makes news of everything that happens to her. Broke a toenail let’s make a segment on it, got pneumonia let’s go on a tour. .

  5. Oh yay. Oprah is on Ellen is promoting flu shots, and she's going on tour to promote wellness. Not a shocker since she and Ellen are loyal foot soldiers of the evil empire.

  6. O yep an infomercial for flu and shingles vaccines!😆. — no thank you Opie!! Have you read the inserts? — uhh no no no

  7. Glad that everything is ok with Oprah…but on another note did anyone notice THE BLINGGGG from her beautiful diamon earrings?? Like everytime it moved you'd get an actual rainbow twinkle shining from her ear…Only Oprah has that kind of power!

  8. Well, how nice for you, however since you want me dead, thinking, well I can't write what I'm thinking ‼️

  9. don't do flu shots they are not what you think it's a trap watch your back yes it do transform your life but not for the better

  10. Get your heart checked Oprah. Sometimes pneumonia can be a sign of heart problems. Doctors can miss the bigger picture cause they’re dealing with the symptoms often missing the underlying cause.

  11. Lol she's good, once Oprah says go get you flu shot people flock to get it because Oprah says so . You people need to do research on those vaccines,
    Oprah is on her next agenda, watch out.

  12. I get that rattling frequently it goes away by itself.
    After flying round trip on Turkish airways to Egypt and spending month there I came back with a breathing issue I'm pretty sure it was pneumonia but it fixed itself after a few weeks.
    I think it was an issue of cabin pressure both ways because I really couldn't walk without huffing and puffing and any exertion at all exhausted me
    fortunately when I returned I wasn't working for a couple of months
    relaxing helped and I don't believe in medication, prayer really helps

  13. This is interesting. Oprah Winfrey is a spokesperson on health and we'll being. She is advocating for the flu shot and vacinnes.

  14. big plug for the vaccine industry that makes BILLIONS off killing people. THANKS OPRAH! I'll be sure to avoid getting toxic vaccines and keep eating KETO which has saved my life!

  15. The resason OPRAH claims she had an illness….she got scared from what she took part in with Leaving Neverland. She went SILENT and NO ONE,not even ELLEN now brings it up. Oprah is a phony and KARMA will have it's say.

  16. No. No. No. Don't get a flu shot. Simply take 5 American Health acidophilus every 4 hours when you start to get sick (it's just $6.99 on Ebay), and your "virus specific CD 4 + T cells" will fight it off. I have not gotten sick in more than 3 years now, since I began taking acidophilus.

  17. Wow! Two of the greatest talkshow hosts. You are both awesome and amazing. Thank you for this wonderful interview.

  18. Dear Oprah. Your lungs are now taken care of. Take care of your heart too, dear. Please do an Echocardiogram, once yearly. This is an Ultrasound scan that shows the condition of your heart. God bless Oprah. We need you sooo much, in this world. 0094772503617 whatsapp

  19. "get your flu shot"? Noooooo, I've just lost respect for this woman. Flu shot linked to other severe respiratory illnesses INCLUDING pneumonia! 😥

  20. Hi
    Have you listen to Dr Garbor Mate on YouTube
    "When The Body Say No"

    We Are All Thankful For The Wisdom That Drs Has.
    Humans Were Made In Gods Image
    Wisdom Is From Above
    So Thanks And Glory Goes To The Creator

    Psalms 83:18
    Revelation 4:11

    Thanks for sharing

  21. Wow, Oprah.

    First of all working when you're sick is not awesome and IF you're working around people, it's inconsiderate.

    Secondly, intravenous vitamin C would have knocked it out the first time. Instead you chose antibiotics and now your whole system is worse off.

    Lastly, NO, I will not be getting either shot. Vaccines are a racket. Shame on you for bowing to pharma. Then again….they did fund your show for years and are largely responsible for your wealth…🙄🙄🙄

  22. Oprah pushing the flu shot makes perfect sense. She's a tool. No respect for her until she apologizes to the Jackson family. She's damaged HER legacy.

  23. I find it very obnoxious when people brag that they come to work whenever they get sick and spread their germs to their coworkers and the general public. Would be wiser for Oprah to tell people to just stay home…she doesn't need to go on a tour for that..it's common sense.

  24. Oprah and Ellen, I have a disease similar to that of the "Boy in the Bubble Disease." (CVID – see my video). Pneumonia shots, as well as other immunizations, sadly do not work for me, therefore I am very much at risk for severe infections.

    I get weekly infusions of plasma (at home) to replace the antibodies my body doesn't make in order to keep me alive.

    THANK YOU for spreading awareness! The more people stay healthy, the more we CVID patients can stay healthy! ❤

  25. Oprah turned 65 in January and had a short illness. Oprah! Go visit some of the chronically ill people in the US! Those who are struggling to have enough to eat because their prescriptions are so costly! Those who have had to go on disability early and have little assistance. Pneumonia for a week or so does not even compare!

  26. Oprah clearly doesn’t watch trending vids… otherwise she could have seen the boy who warned us about PHONAYAMONAYA being deadly. 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Oprah clearly doesn’t watch trending vids… otherwise she could have seen the boy who warned us about PHONAYAMONAYA being deadly. 😂😂😂😂😂

  28. My uncle never gets the flu. He's 75 now. Last year he decided to get the flu vaccine and shortly thereafter (a few days later) he was hospitalised with the flu. He has vowed never to take the flu vaccine again. Do your research, guys. This is not a black and white issue. Your body is your body. Read the package inserts to comes with the vaccines (ask your doctor to provide them). There are side affects; injuries and complications can and do happen.

  29. my mother is currently on icu with pneumonia; she’s my everything

    i know you’re strangers, but asking for prayers won’t hurt


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