Orange seat fire, has become the guest of the rural family, hurry to entertain with cat MINT!

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Let’s take a look at this one. Pure orange. This cat is really. No more oranges. And its face shape is really enchanting. When does it suck cat mint? Look at your touch on its head. It raised its head very high. It liked other people to roll its head so much. Hard disk. You turn around and show them. It’s just that it’s on top. OK, you go ahead and I’ll see you. How would you react if you inhaled catnip today. This cat has never smoked cat mint. But its playback is really super high. Xiaohei is a self-Media player for high volume meow. So we need to take special care. And exposed my material nature. Let’s see how the neighbor orange reacts. Turn around turn around. Its response is not as strong as our civet cat!. This mother can’t control herself when she sees cat mint. But this neighbor orange’s legs are still straight. I can still control myself. Tangerine. Look at the camera. After neighbors saw cat mint. The first time I smoked it was very exciting. It’s good for your health to inhale catnip once in a while. Just like people drink a little wine, they can’t drink it often and can’t love it. But drinking occasionally is good for your health. It’s going to bite me. This orange doesn’t recognize life at all. Although it’s from my neighbor’s house, I came to our house. It’s more relaxed and indulgent than its own home. Look at this calf. If you want to bite me, I’ve been trained by our cat for a long time. It’s faster than a cat. Look at this pure orange cat. After seeing the catnip, he was still rolling all over the ground. Tail stick. Although the food is better when you come to our house. Look and touch its head. Touch its head. Use force to plate its head. He likes to have his head pulled. Is this my technique. It’s comfortable. It’s all about to be called out. Although I’m a little straight in this way. But it seems to like it. Is it up there. They all said that I would roll out the eyes of the cat. It shouldn’t be. One more disk. Touch the little head. Look at the look in his eyes now. A little confused. Right? Blurred. You’re gone. You know what? You can’t open your eyes now. It’s heavy, don’t say. Let you enjoy it. Cat on cat life. Look at its head really. The top is particularly straight. Maybe it prefers to have its head set. Although it is said that the eyes will come out. It seems to feel very comfortable. OK, let’s take a look today. Although this meow is not our meow, it is. Special fire is very popular. After all, orange is the most important. OK, so let’s record it here. I want to show you again that it is still here. It’s all in our house. Then we’ll see you next time. Bye-bye.

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