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We started by cutting up some ORGANIC: Garlic, Onion and Ginger. (Note: we will be using the skin on each of these.) After exposing the garlic cloves, we will use the knife to apply some pressure to the cloves with your hand. This will help expel the juices. Chopped about 2oz. of fresh Ginger Used half on an onion and split the half into 4 quarters All these were placed into one bowl. We SQUEEZED SOME FRESH LEMON on these as to minimize browning. Added some fresh ground cinnamon powder into a boiling pot of water. About 2 tsp per 8oz. of water. Now you may add all the other ingredients into the boiling hot water. OH. Lets not forget the Apple chunks. We ran out of Organic green apples therefore supplemented with a conventional red apple omitting the use of the skin. The apple as well as the cinnamon will add the much needed sweetness to this tea. Once all ingredients are in the pot, Cover and let brew/steep for 30 minutes. Once all nutrients are drawn from the ingredients the tea will be dark in color and ready work its magic. Hope this helps you make it through this Cold & Flu Season. Bottoms Up and ~ENJOY~

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