Our food allergy story

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Because of my allergies at school
I have to sit at a separate table. Daily life can be challenging because
you have to be on the lookout for allergens. I have to read every label
on the back of every packet, every jar. If the baby has an allergy
that is a different one to one of ours, or a type of reaction
that we haven’t come across ourselves, then that will make it
very difficult for us. I was diagnosed with allergies
to wheat and gluten and dairy. Trying to get
Jackson a diagnosis was hard. I didn’t realise how much stuff
actually contained milk. His teething powders even contained it
and was giving him a reaction. I think Ollie’s egg and fish
allergies affected him and definitely affected
his confidence with food. We tend to go to the same high street chains purely because they have to produce
a detailed allergy menu. Socialising
is one of the biggest challenge, because I think I am making
trouble, making life difficult… I went on a date last year with
a guy who was allergic to a lot of things as well as me. We were
walking around the shopping centre and he was like: ‘I can’t
go there’ and I went to the next one and I was like ‘I cant go there’
and then the next one. We just ended up going to a sandwich
shop and having a sandwich each! It’s about ‘I can’t have it’.
I can’t have it, it’s very simple. It’s a matter of health, and it’s potentially
a matter of life and death. It’s not about being fussy. I get itchy and I get hot. And my throat closes to a point
where I can’t breathe at all… Where we are with allergy
rules at the moment is much better than where we were
even five years ago. Proper labelling stops him
from having an allergic reaction. Many places now do offer
something on their menu. With the new allergy menus it makes
me going to a restaurant a lot easier. And it does make a big difference
and has had a big impact on our lives. I would like all of the places
that sell food to provide more food that is good
to people who have allergies.

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  1. Avoid Lectins which cause leaky gut which is the driving force behind food allergies as the holes in the gut allow bacteria and other foreign debris entering the blood stream resulting in an auto immune response. Gluten is one such Lectin found in grains but there are many other, including those found in the Legume family, Peanuts, skins and pips of tomatoes etc.

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