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for Thursday September 19th 2019 welcome
to this is only a test the official podcast of tested calm hello everyone welcome to a special
episode of this is only a test not only because every episode is special but
because we’re in a very special week we are we are in a very special week you
know what is today the 19th yeah I guess by the time you listen to this is the
19th right Thursday 19th but Friday September 20th mmm a bunch of stuffs
happening this is a big week I was over at Gary’s house
Gary away this weekend mm-hmm yes Jeremy Williams Khosla podcast introducing
Jerry Williams is here everyone hi and also Kishore Hari hi hi hi guys I was
over at Gary’s house and they’re saying what a momentous week is gonna be
because one iPhones are coming out mmm no big deal the Apple watch is coming
out as well you also got the Nintendo switch light being released on Friday
more interested as well they switch with the like it’s all it’s not detachable
correct and slightly smaller the smaller screen way more portable good battery
life let’s be honest it’s not way more portable I mean the switch is kind of
bulky switch is portable but like seeing the the photos and the videos of people
holding the switch lights it’s yes it’s palpable all right cool it’s back
pocketable and the the Zelda remaster is coming out the Gameboy game the Gameboy
game remaindered Link’s awake mix awakening looks beautiful it’s gorgeous
also untitled goose game yes therefore it is it’s just what is this
game about what happens in this game it’s about a goose that’s just really
trying to mess with humans are you the goose yeah okay I mean yeah you want to
be the goose mm-hmm you want to be the goose it’s just this game is is it gets
a lot of press yeah yeah yes it’s novel and what else oh I guess by time you
listen this Apple arcade would have already been launched for people want to
try that why is that is it outing tomorrow not on it’s on the
19th okay I’m tomorrow like as in wet Thursday yes very good or as people were
for them listen to it today I got it and I think it’s even like a was Gary’s
dog’s birthday or something but anyway big week for them big week big week for
a lot of people ments this week how are your weekends
swell yeah do you think fun anything interesting pretty uneventful Tommy no I
thought about you I almost had jury duty like this week you know that was
exciting I was called and interestingly there was um some people there that I
recognized two people oh really yeah it doesn’t that automatically
disqualify you for jury duty I don’t think they owe them they’d like you to
know the defendant right I don’t think they like you to know the attorneys but
I don’t know if there’s real strict rules against knowing other jury members
because San Francisco is a small town after all that’s what must happen all
the time thousand people in this town yeah you
could be a very social person so I didn’t get I didn’t even get called up
on there to talk to any money really I was just in the pool and then the both
attorneys they looked over the pool and then they like I like the cut of that
person’s gym let me bring them up and ask him a few think that’s what they do
but they call it random yeah the show is at it’s random you didn’t have a kind
face it’s like you didn’t read as neutral it’s like the random TSA
searches yeah you should have projected more Buddha I I’m glad I wasn’t called
yeah I would have taken you out for who knows how long
yeah exactly although then the crime happened in my neighborhood oh my
goodness yeah you were potentially directly affected exactly unity exactly
wow yeah wow very exciting did you talk about your your past relationship with
the police and as a service you’ve done for the police and reporting crying are
you outing me it’s the criminal that I know I am no when you don’t you know
you’ve been assistance to the police of assists now as true as straight as yeah
I catch packet package thieves on a monthly basis right
no I they didn’t ask me anything man okay didn’t have a chance and I realize
Jeremy was a snitch over here next Nora definitely he’s part of the the ring
team of a package thief narcs okay well I was down in LA this weekend I was that
son of Monster Palooza down there just for the day flew in the morning flew out
it’s a the smaller event counterpart so the spring big special effects makeup
show and a lot of fun it was at the Burbank Mary
it’s still super crowd is a hundred greed 100 degrees down there but saw a
bunch of familiar faces also its convention where the organizer brings in
and some new vendors and I don’t get a chance to talk with everyone I wanted to
guys I was there for literally four hours before I had to jet but talk to
some people a lot of people a lot of these artists there have day jobs who
work at special effects firms or videogame companies and then they bring
their personal projects to a show and one example one artists four-day job
does the artistic finish on animatronics that you might see at theme parks but in
a spare time does sculpture work and some animatronics of his own and so he
had some really cool animatronics shown there some assemblage art people kind of
kick bashing with different toys and found goods the one company I didn’t get
a chance to talk to you about a couple that makes eyeballs and they made all
the eyeballs sort of Dark Crystal age of resistance for all the puppets so good
yeah and they had a whole booth there with all with just like eyeballs of all
different sizes Adams got an eyeball guy yeah he had him you want a good eyeball
guy you do especially like he made it for he engaged his eyeball guy for the
2001 baby mm yep yep you got the right size if they’re not you know perfectly
hemispheres because you have a little bump
the paint finish on eyeballs is really important so yeah I wish I’d kept out
with eyeball makers I did a deep dive into eyeball creation for when I did big
screen science on on Blade Runner I’m going to say Last Action Hero
well what I found fascinating is the way they get the capillaries laid on isn’t
by paint they use silk threads that they fray and they like literally just like
lay them down lay them down really and then sort of paint over them
to get the classy texture and then I put the crowd through a test to see if they
can pick out the fake eyeball out of print out of them like real eyeballs and
make eyeball side-by-side which one has the uncanny valley well I’ll just tell
you that it’s really hard yeah and fake eyeballs aren’t round yeah
like real fake Bible okay real good fake eyeballs yeah yes the
quality ones yeah anyway the video is from multiple oohs you’ll be rolling out
soon on the site but yes a good weekend and what’s not mall I’m just gonna tell
you I don’t do much on the weekend norm what let’s just cover that right now the
weekend is like the best time to do still going forward that question is
unnecessary i I have never had a good answer to that question and I and I will
not all right I mean Michael answers are usually I took my kid from point A to
point B for their thing yeah boy 2 yeah exactly
yeah glimpse of the future I hear guitar lessons all right well we got top story
then top story this week we had a debate
about what to do as our top story this week because two weeks ago we talked
extensively about the Apple products that are now we’re announcing and coming
out this week and now have been reviewed by early reviewers and we’ll get into
that I think not probably more appropriate for the tech news section
but we did get a huge big pop culture of news dump this week and we thought it
might be appropriate to talk about reboots because there were a ton of
announced potential rumors maybe some of these some some formally announced
reboots of beloved and maybe not so beloved TV series movies franchises that
now Hollywood wants to get another stab at you’ve got such a massive list here
it’s crazy what did this all happen this this all
happen this past week not a bunch of them are packaged together because of a
new streaming service that was announced so NBC Universal has announced their
Netflix competitor probably more appropriate to call it a more CBS all
access competitor because they’re both existing networks with huge library back
catalogs and new shows that they want to develop but they want to put it out
there NBC Universal big conglomerate you know Comcast all and by them I thought
embassy was on Hulu is it not NBC I think is on Hulu but just like Disney is
part of hulu hulu was the stopgap measure it seemed like tulum was all the
network’s coming together to fight off netflix but now that there’s more money
in streaming services the server the the companies are well we can do this
ourselves and we would rather get all the money so do you think they’re
backing out of Louisville don’t you I think that’s a more complicated legal
story I think things may disappear from who over time Hulu is the entity I think
is in a disappear god it will probably just be more of a Showtime or stars like
premium bundle for the show’s they make so NBC first of all NBC service NBC
Universal service will be called peacock okay wheezing the name solid yeah yeah I
get it sir on the peacock I mean it takes me back in takes me back to
must-see TV you know I always bum-bum-bum sure that’s they got the
chime yep so along with it let’s start there along
with the nbc/universal peacock announcement they talked about two shows
they’re specifically thinking of rebooting the first one Saved by the
Bell and we love for Saved by the Bell I’m
negative nigga net what you did not grow up with
Saved by the Bell no but when I say negative I mean negative love oh oh you
really don’t really don’t like it I I never I was too old for it and I was
just one of those shows like married with children then I just never
understood the appeal that’s good okay okay sure same with you I did watch it
did not care for it oh all right either and I care less for it now this is a
soft reboot so this is not recasting this is mo we’re gonna catch it we’re
gonna catch up with AC and the in the gang that’s right it’s more like a Boy
Meets World when they did Girl Meets World and it was what happened when the
original casts have now grown up and become parents now it is gonna set her
on AC Slater who is now married Jesse and they have a kid who is going back to
back to the school Oh Jeremy is not having any of this can’t wait for the
next one I mean here’s the here’s the big we also we had a series follow up to
Saved by the Bell way they went to college they did and speech was the only
one who came back a TV show yes oh my god yes no that was the only one
building was like one of the main cast members right it was a it was a new
class I think Zach was also in it he was like the TA
or something hmm this sounds horrible so here’s the big plot point that they’re
also kicking this off with Zack Morris is gonna be a guest star on this show
because the character of Zack Morris mark-paul Gosselaar is the Governor of
California oh no loafers a belt okay let’s move on
okay also in the NBC Universal catalog and
maybe a little more controversial reboot of Battlestar Galactica like a second
reboot because they’ve are yeah Bowser Rockets the 2004 show by
Ronald Moore and beloved by you know genre fans everywhere heavily is is
probably the more canonical but BSG now that’s my editor yeah so it’s gonna be
show run by the creator of mr. robot Wow some Sam s male and it may not be a hard
reboot so well after they announced this obviously the big there’s a lot of
backlash from fans and then they came out and said well they’re not gonna
erase the Canon of the Ron Moore BSG but it will tell a story in a different part
of that world okay fine so might be like they did that Caprica spin-off show I
feel like they’re gonna in order to capitalize it they’re gonna do it it’s
gonna be called Battlestar Galactica I can’t imagine like then that show end
with thousands of years later like it there’s no you know what there’s no more
story that I did not finish it I loved the first couple seasons but then as
soon as they were on that planet New Caprica and it became a different kind
of show I kinda lost interest it dipped and came back yeah yeah my experience of
it yeah is it isn’t you know Kara Thrace who
played Starbucks isn’t she’s a member character Oh what Kara Thrace is oh okay
well I just looked her up whatever isn’t she in another show now my shoes on
Netflix show that did not do well another world yeah yeah it was sci-fi
right bye okay so that she’s not doing that
anymore yeah okay so okay the last bit of NBC Universal replay there’s like
five more reboots we’re talking about this the office the office reboot now
this is less confirmed and it’s more a quote from the one of the executives
over and we see Universal it says the goal is but if after they kicked off the
service in 2020 by 2021 they want to be developing a reboot of the office my
answers on the television yeah no no remix culture isn’t it it’s like
everything’s a remix it’s just that video yeah everything is
inspired by everything else I’ll tell you the the reboot of the
office I would be into you remember the SNL skit where Steve Carell did a
Japanese version of The Office now that was funny
that sounds good yeah it sounds like it didn’t age well Oh
probably not but or the Lord of the Rings take on the office mmm really mash
I could get and you get behind that in the office in the bsp world why why why
are we doing nobody let me let me just ask the question why so many of these
like what is it because people are out of ideas or is it because people would
rather watch a reboot of something they know than some new IP well even if they
didn’t new IP you know a lot of people will say well give me example the How I
Met Your Mother or how much your mother was he was
successful but for that generation we loved it it was kind of like very
similar to friends it was just friends a decade later right
so ideas aren’t new everything is a remix
so these executives may be thinking well we like this formula we like this kind
of office workplace you know style of comedy we could do something that’s
inspired on it and call a new thing or they can capitalize on this brand that
they own and just call it the office are they gonna call it the office : work
from home like what is its office new take on this the office co-working space
it’s hard for me not to be cynical and just think that they are taking the low
road here and doing the easy thing cuz the office obviously there’s one of my
favorite shows of all time yeah and it wouldn’t have existed if it were like a
you know reboot of something else although I realize there’s the British
shop it is right it is a little scene for scene redo of the British office
rehearse for season so I don’t think it’s an easy thing I think it’s actually
a very hard thing to reboot something of that stature with with that kind of with
the expectations and the pressure that’s that’s I don’t think it’s easy at all is
it what this is it the most original thing no no I think the cynical take is
that if you actually go back in time to when it was on air these shows actually
did do that well they all appeared to like
CSI and other like procedurals in terms of the ratings it’s all been about how
well it they’ve done on streaming reel and DVD and yeah and DS indication there
had to have been a slowing increase in popularity and it certainly so they’re
unfilled there’s like rumors like somewhere mid in the run of the office
that it was gonna get cancelled because it wasn’t keeping up with ratings when
it was good yeah well I mean eventually those shows became cultural yeah
touch-tones and you know but by the time you got to last season everyone’s
watching just like with cheers just like with friends yeah you ever wanted to see
how it all had so those are the NBC Universal shows that the rebooting how
about some movies you got the Mortal Kombat movie that’s that’s well known
reboot James Wan director of the insidious franchise I want to say I’m a
big core guy but he did also Fast & Furious 7 as well as Aquaman he is
directing the Mortal Kombat movie they’ve announced they’re casting for
Sub Zero and and also for scorpion as well as now for Sonya Blade and Cana so
you have a you have a lot and Raiden oh my god they’ve announced they’ve
announced a ton of characters the thing is the games have gotten so gory and
photorealistic how do you make a movie that’s not nc-17 and actually you know
it doesn’t need to be gory to be entertaining I completely agree with you
I think it’s combat norm you can have good action you can have like there it’s
a horror director if you have great choreographed action very stylized like
it’s a fantasy wall but the more comments a fantasy story and one of the
reasons that the Paul WS Anderson Mortal Kombat movie from the late 90s is called
classic is because it’s so campy embrace the camp like you have Goro a character
with four arms you have like you you you have a lightning God and you have
palette swap ninjas right like how can that not be campy don’t take it
seriously that sounds like a better movie than I’m imagining that’s good I
hope they go that route I hope so too yeah I mean did you see Aquaman nope
I’ll come and I think I mean I think it embraced the spectacle that
a James Wan brought to Aquaman in some of the visual flourish he did yeah I
think that fans going to eat this movie up and and not only have the latest
Mortal Kombat game has been you know asked true extra quarry and heavy on the
action but people actually really like the storyline from the last Mortal
Kombat games and so there’s there’s a lot of character depth there today I
learned there’s a storyline yeah that’s the whole story mode no idea there’s
time-travel yeah they’re ripping those spines out to get to like a secret thumb
drive in there okay hop another video game reboot did you either be watch the
Assassin’s Creed movie with Michael Fassbender I’m starting to feel like
I’ve never seen a movie nope never saw that one there was a high-budget movie
how lofty expectations but now and I believe I was through Fox but now
because Disney owns Fox Disney is considering at least the rumor is
considering rebooting Assassin’s Creed I can see I always thought there is enough
story there even though the story is real weird in the game yeah that you
could make a movie out of it yep I’m with you oh it’s heavy sci-fi that was a
big twist of the first game it ended up not being historical action game or and
you end up being this sci-fi story about going into your DNA or lineage and
you’re the legacy of your ancestors and then the movie the that Michael
Fassbender did kind of embrace that a little bit so it got really convoluted
by the end and so I think there’s opportunity there alright and then how
about other movies maybe this is more more your generation where your era face
off gyeon-woo face off this is her Volta and
Nick Adrian and Nick a never seen it have you watched a movie funny you know
we are weekend’s you’re not talking about classic movies right now let’s be
fair to all your classics it’s funny that this comes up because Danica who I
just played badminton with is a huge Nick Cage fan at least of a couple movie
yeah we just watched us Snake Eyes and this came up the fact that I hadn’t seen
it and III guess I got to see it it’s got a huge following on the internet see
it’s a garbage I think you’re gonna be not a good movie alright yeah yeah like
like if you want to see a really interesting well-made Nic Cage movie
yeah Bad Lieutenant is really good okay
that’s the Hertzog film i believe and then snake eyes is fantastic that’s a De
Palma film the opening of snake eyes that’s the one where you’d kind of don’t
know what’s happening it’s washable yeah yeah and it’s a murder mystery inside
Atlantic City casino on Fight Night and the opening of the film is like a ten
minute tracking shot I like those likes really
opening to Boogie Nights yeah Raising Arizona yeah stick was raising
yours just sayin or national treasure which underrated I was gonna say great
move in there’s a couple of those yeah book of secrets also good okay by
good I mean like I will stop all right so they’re redoing face-off yeah do you
know the premise of this film two dudes they switch faces that’s it nailed it
it’s Nic Cage John Travolta in their peak like other they’re a list celebrity
right this is what 97 this is right after the rock right yeah Conair Nic
Cage da Hye’s on an action movie hi John Travolta’s up there as well right and he
just done was a Broken Arrow and you have the big personalities and John Woo
said let’s make a movie where let’s so you said to flex your acting chops you
act as you and you act as you John Travolta you will be Nick Cage in the
cage you will be John Travolta and let’s even can you convince the audience that
you’ve traded bodies so you swap face so you’ve got the actors pretending to be
the other actor yes yes by literally peeling their face off do you know do
you not know the premise I’d already told you that I knew the premise I just
told you they switch faces do you know why they switch faces so they can
portray one another yes yeah yeah what am I missing
yeah yeah yeah so I guess I still gotta see it though I forget who is the
villain like it’s so convoluted oh no one of them is not a bad guy
no that one of them is the bad guy okay so I think it’s that John Travolta yeah
is the villain but being played by Nic Cage oh no he’s the
villain Nic Cage the cop right but when you say in the cage do you mean sir
so they capture they capture this big villain this like big drug lord yeah
yeah and and in order to infiltrate the underworld don’t ruin it though no this
is just a premise all right the cop offers to take the face of the
villain just the face it literally just cut around the face yeah and puts on his
face to infiltrate the underworld now while that’s happening the villain wakes
up in the in the hospital and it’s like where’s my face and it’s this grotesque
like prosthetic his faces guys come on oh my gosh but like Hannibal Lecter
exactly but it turns out the face of the hero is left at the hospital like ah
nice to be prepared for the reverse transfer okay and so oh well he took my
face and I guess I’ll take his face and steal his life okay there’s your premise
all right thanks and then doves fly out there’s a lot of shooting and it’s
terrible I don’t know who like you guys haven’t seen this it I want to see who
you would recast like are there two actors you can think of in modern-day
who are big personalities who you think it might be fun to see their face faces
swapped the rocking Kevin Hart yes there we go do any of those buddy monkey
didn’t they do like two movies the other yes yeah
what about like I was thinking like Chris Hemsworth and Oh Chris is Chris
Hemsworth and Chris Pine there you go and Chris Pratt throw what a twist three
a three-way face-off the twist is that Chris Evans also shows up and then James
Martin’s Mars in cycle what am i doing I need get in on this
yeah face off all right considering being rebooted okay we’ll jump to the
next ones couple fat quickly there’s tank girl and this one’s a
further along because the Wrights been bought up by Margo Roby’s production
company so she might be starring in Tank Girl Margot Robbie played hard
in Suicide Squad I like the Lori petti movie yeah I don’t know if this one
needs to be rebooted but if they were gonna do it I don’t think you could they
could have found a better person to do we do it with Marko Roby yeah yeah I
mean based on her portrayal of Harlequin in Suicide Squad and upcoming birds of
prey movie and then finally trend line is oh this one’s the big no controversy
the rights have been sold so that they may be rebooting the princess right this
is a horrible idea all the cast members have come out to
say no no no oh good it’s a perfect film you don’t need to do this didn’t like
Andre the Giant Rose gray did did Rob Reiner correct that what does he say
about this I mean maybe what if they bring him back what if that’s their
their hook well then I suppose that the actors probably wouldn’t be so opposed
to it but I don’t think he’d do it smart guy yeah it’s cuz it’s a perfect film
what if it Princess Bride – bridezilla like you know like really go camp like
it’s this it’s the second book in the series who would you cast as and there
were a lot of fan castings of the they did a reboot yeah it’s his bride like
entre the Giants role would be the private toughest to cast right you want
something to fit someone physically imposing like the mountain from Game of
Thrones yeah yeah why would he be but he’s he had the personality because oh
it wasn’t so much that he was big dude goof he was super goofy was so lovable
you cannot manufacture The Princess Bride there was so much confluence of
luck and correct in good casting that just ended up being magical I think he’s
getting another Chris get a Chris Hemsworth to play wesley play from the
player droid pirates that’s the problem is that almost nobody I mean there were
a couple people who were known but the honor the giant was not a film star sure
no one would have thought to bring him into a film and he ended up being
fantastic yeah so maybe an unknown you’re on drew Giants raw dave bautista
could do it yeah I think he has the charm but then you’re going with again
known quantity there’s one person I would bring back yeah well Shawn yeah
just play himself yeah just be you while I shine yes in
Frankie makeup yeah it doesn’t matter yes yes yes
and like how we all agreed immediately it was just not a question
this exterior men is Chris you know from Sargasso guess and spinal tap it on yeah
but who would you who would you have he could do it again you bring him back
yeah okay okay part of manic what about a for Montoya would you put instead of
Mandy Patinkin Oscar Isaac who’s that Oh Poe Dameron from Star Wars he could do
it yeah sad thing is you know you’re just we’re trying to rent manufactory
random so that’s right that’s right yeah it’d be completely different who would
play the Fred Savage character well Fred Savage is gonna be the dad reading
reading that it’s his then it’s a game of telephone that’s kind of cute right
then it’s like he was told this story when he was a kid and he knows some
things Nick right it’s a drawing oh my solve dit you solved this is this oral
this is a I apologize Hollywood writers room that you’re listening to in the
making with all high fives around Fred Savage retelling the story he’s lost the
book he maybe he’s reading an e-book and then the power goes out on it and he has
to kind of bring it from memory and it’s a he’s getting some stuff right and it
could use old footage they can reshoot some scenes because he’d get some stuff
right and get some stuff wrong and it’s all about the power of storytelling
norms now I’m just high-fiving himself yeah let’s be clear I do not advocate how
much I like that idea does they have been on the record yes let’s have that
on the record okay pop culture news it’s not too many stories uh few stories you
got of course streaming services we talked about peacock no word on pricing
it’s gonna have that back catalogue library of all the NBCUniversal stuff so
people might really want you get it for that it’s unsustainable at this point
right like it every network can’t do with their own $7 $10 month of streaming
service and all these startups actually so I’m gonna come out with a weird take
I’m actually excited that they’re launching this because I think it’ll
accelerate the the combining of the of the network’s because I think we have to
get through this phase where everyone’s like I can do that and get to the point
where they’re like oh that’s too expensive and and there’s no market for
me to do it so there’s some bit of consolidation that happens I mean they
only get down to the right number of them it’s just a bad thing I mean isn’t
the whole idea of breaking up the phone companies so that we could choose our
provider don’t we want to have choice of what’s networks we subscribe to we don’t
want a thousand channels in the cable we want to choose the ones we want to pay
for but it also breaks up the content and not a true ala carte fashion right
it’s all ESPN’s they want you to buy the you it’s Comcast bundles all over again
yeah but everyone has their own flag bundle
thing because you’re not paying per show yeah you’re paying per set of yes their
own shows but I think what ends up being is that they need to make it easier for
people to subscribe and unsubscribe and the business model they’re all banking
on people subscribing and just having it be a sunk cost every month of you know
50 bucks or 100 bucks or whatever and they need to make it easier or there
needs to be there’s an opportunity for a company to make it easier for you to
subscribe for one month and then fell off the next one now would you ever
see a world where you’d be able to subscribe for a month but only get sir
number of hours from a service that feels like a data cap it does yeah yeah
it’s turnover yeah then you’d be war number of shows you’d be worried to
watch thing because it would be like a something you’re spending yeah I mean
people if you’re subscribed to five or six screaming services you’re not
watching everything there’s no way you’re watching now all the stuff that’s
coming out and the way you optimize it is you kind of turn on and off your
subscriptions when the new shows come out I mean not everyone has unlimited
internet so that there is that like people do have to consider spending that
currency so public libraries before watching TV yes we using using using the
Wi-Fi well it’s still it’s gonna be and not only as a new shows but it’s gonna
be a battle for archival content the back catalog content as well and that’s
not cheap because Netflix just spent a ton of money
locking in Seinfeld for four five years and if this feels like we lost friends
let’s get the something else but I got my suspicions as Seinfeld doesn’t do as
well on streaming as friends or the office or Parks and Rec I don’t think it
says rewatch I think people are even though they’re it’s a better show than
those other ones and maybe it’s more watchable excitable feels like a show
that it’s better suited for cable when you’re channel flipping and you end up
on a Seinfeld when the options are less limited I mean any time if you have a
YouTube TV of evil comcast you’re only kind of going between like 30 or so
channels and Seinfeld’s gonna be on one of them there’s gonna be a house center
is on another channel and South Park’s on another channel and that feels
landing on Seinfeld to just throw on as opposed to searching for and in a
service that feels like the more appropriate place but you know they’re
spending like a rumored of five hundred million dollars for Seinfeld for first X
many years the big technology story here though is Seinfeld was filmed thirty
five-millimeter right and it was cropped 4×3
for or it was shown four by three in the original broadcast and all
details that you can scan sign file I think I believe is archived and scan at
4k now it when it’s presented on before Netflix has it it’s on Hulu right and
Hulu has it in 16:9 widescreen which is what you see it also when you watch it
on cue which is expanded a crop from the original so it’s expose it not only is a
sixteen by nine crop top and bottom but because it was shot three by two thirty
five mil you get a little more on the sides than you did on the four by three
so they’re true ideal way to watch Seinfeld would be a three by two aspect
ratio not fully widescreen but slightly wider than the four by three and it’s
never been shown that way yeah I don’t think people would be comfortable with
that yeah yeah netflix says that also when it’s gonna roll off Seinfeld its
they’re gonna have to launch a new browsing menu service for that show
because there’s so many episodes and you don’t scroll through like the seasons
like you would miss the content like you would a traditional Netflix show but you
people don’t find Seinfeld episodes that way they want to kind of just watch
there’s all evergreen because I don’t want to watch a random one so maybe make
a random Seinfeld or a different way to present the Seinfeld episodes in
playlists or or they want people not just kind of watching through in order
don’t want people just to happen on to a Seinfeld episode which I feel like in
like is the right way to do it also Disney Plus gets a new show edit to
their back catalogue at least when it’s gonna launch in November 12th they have
the rights already but they announce that they’re gonna have x-men animated
series and the Fox spider when these are both Fox cartoons the Saturday morning
cartoons spider-man and x-men no word on Iron Man Fantastic Four which
were both also Fox animated shows and that Iron Man is pretty forgettable and
that Fantastic Four oh no they will include I’m sorry yeah and finesse
turnaround and Silver Surfer and incredible homes and I’m an amazing
friends oh this is surfer one is bad and a big solar sir these are all cartoons
these are what I grew up with in the early night
how do the x-men one has the best theme subdued you watch this
yes do do do do do do do it said anymore – yeah Reed Richards is elastic the SU
can blend or hide from sight Johnny’s the Human Torch the thing just loves to
fight call on the for dududu Fantastic Four that’s all I got
let’s bring up the spider-man show is underrated – I thought was very good
Sam I’m like dead laying Secret Wars and other stuff yeah there’s a great finale
where spider-man enters our world and meet Stan Lee voiced by Stan Lee I
believe it and and tells him you know I’m your Creator I thank you for
creating me and the web slings with them and all these these are all Marvel well
these are all Marvel that were licensed to Fox and when Fox did these animated
shows just like that Fox did Batman animated series but now they’re back in
the Disney family ideas of the acquisition and so they will be part of
the c+ along with classics like cocktails darkened duck tail smooth your
your your Disney Afternoon shows chip and dale rescue rangers and most
importantly gargoyles Oh gargoyles is very good very good talk about what a
thin frame basically all of this starts to warn cast what are they doing voices
yeah yeah huh this is just making Disney Plus sound
better well they’re really coming coming in heavy with the content they’re not
getting that Batman show though right then out the more manly animated series
with Mark Hamill as the Joker are they not I don’t think that owned by Warner
Brothers that would be 1/2 Rho this information yeah yeah that’s true yeah
okay um there’s a DC trailer for the Paul Rudd movie on Netflix I’m really
excited about this it’s called living with yourself I’m not gonna spoil much
like the trailers dropped it’s about it kind of down on your luck
Paul Rudd type who and ends up cloning himself so you’ll have a second person
to deal with happy parts of it I think that’s not the plot
at all it looks like from the trailer he goes to this sure that’s how it’s gonna
know it’s it’s not exactly multiplicity it’s more prestige oh is that me yeah
that’s you know that’s talking about the top results I didn’t know so the trailer
plays out as Paul Rudd’s unhappy with this life and he goes to some some
clinic to transform himself to be happier and he wakes up happier and he
goes home and it turns out that that Paul Rudd that went home that’s happier
is a new Paul Rudd and the old Paul Rudd who was unhappy they just threw in a
ditch but he climbed out Kill Bill style Kill Bill Vol to style I feel like
that’s that’s tension so it’s different cuz multiplicity Michael Keaton clones
himself – yeah to help you know do more tasks and it helps spread is busy life
and then it gets confusing it’s more prestige in that the clone is supposed
to replace original but in this case the original doesn’t die and the original
wants to live so also like a six-day the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie I am sure
that a third Paul Rudd is gonna show up somewhere in this you think so I’m sure
of it they have the technology we have this best I’m saying Paul Rudd bet
something just not a trivial about this there will be a third Paul Rudd yeah
guaranteed mmm so we’ll into it why do you watch this movie do you watch it for
the special effects well you watch for Paul Rudd acting
against Paul Rudd yeah I mean that’s I guess you’re probably right but of
course he’s not acting against Paul Rudd he’s acting against you know nobody or a
stand-in and so that’s interesting but you know you used to watch these movies
to see how they actually get them on the same screen together that was movie
magic I think people kind of take that for granted now but yeah you know I
still want you social network I kind of watch it for that too there are plenty
of movies where people don’t realize a lot of the actors are portrayed by the
same actors and it is an acting challenge I think I love that this is
good script then yeah we watched a short film earlier right before Cornell
podcast it’s called Jurassic world battle at big rock this is an eight
minute short film directed by calm trouble no who directed the first
Rasik world and is coming back to direct the third one and after being released
from his obligation to direct episode 9 I think JJ Abrams for coming in there so
Jurassic world the third is still in production I think it’s coming out in
2021 that’s two years from now June 20 21 but while they’re in production they
decide to film this kind of stopgap story so it’s not a trailer or teaser no
a totally separate little Side Story yes and the timing is kind of curious
because they’re not making any kind of announcement with this not a casting
announcement we don’t assume that any of these characters are in this short films
a very self-contained small story so I don’t think it happened to these
characters when you watch it yeah yeah and if you saw Jurassic world fallen
Kingdom the end of that film really laid out the groundwork for what this new
trilogy is supposed to be about why they call it drastic world it’s not because
there’s no Park it’s about dinosaurs inhabiting or well yeah it’s the same
idea but now it’s it’s it’s remixed again so this short story it’s alright
yeah that’s good good dinosaur effects it was expensive polished yet didn’t
look like a fan film look look look good Jeremy was having
none of it I didn’t buy it I didn’t believe a minute of it yeah I think a
lot of it lacked the Spielberg face yes exactly yes like Spielberg shoots
children from the right angle and makes them real Brooke shoots children and
with a camera and he makes them look in the right direction puts them on the
right light and gets them flew whatever conversation he has beforehand to give
the right expression some two wrecks were all anime exactly he says it’s
there it’s directing right and the on wonder you know that you get from laura
dern head-turning look at the the Brachiosaurus is in Jurassic world you
want that ah or terror you want that cup of visceral reaction before even the
audience sees it it’s all about watching the actors see
the dinosaur yes and that is more important because that creates your
emotion and you felt like I was lacking that you did I did yeah well anyway it’s
free to watch on YouTube and again interesting timing it couldn’t have been
cheap to make this it’s just a reminder hey we’re still making a Jurassic world
film come back in two years oh my god give us your money do you know what
Jurassic world fallen Kingdom made of the box not 1.35 billion dollars yes
globally with a 48 percent rotten tomato people love dinosaurs
Wow love dinosaurs jeez yeah people are wrong sometimes
that’s okay they still own a dress like the main problem with the movies like
Howard dinosaur is existing in a 21% oxygen environment when they clearly
existed during a time when there is about 25 percent oxygen you know answer
me that Christina doll suffocate don’t like
asthma all the dinosaurs would have asthma life finds it you know Simpsons
got it right when Homer sneezed on that dinosaur in a day I’m gonna apologetics
this one I’m going to say that the dinosaurs when they were combining DNA
and they were using the DNA of lizards and frogs that was more adapted for they
gave them imbued them with the lung capacity and the metabolism of modern
animals I mean now we’re just talking crazy I mean you’re just talking about
gene splicing dinosaurs who would do that and building robots that literally
pick up an A and turn it over and went back down yeah yeah these audio hey
that’s how you get them match in the pinball machine
there’s an excellent Jurassic Park pinball machine out now if you haven’t
found that at your local pinball arcade you got to play it it’s excellent it’s
excellent it’s new it’s the newest Stern game that there is on the market in the
game dinosaurs walk across well I say that it you have to imagine it but there
are lights on the game in the game on the play field that in that represent
dinosaurs and they walk around the play field then you have to avoid them you
don’t avoid them you have to rescue the staff that they’re headed for rescue the
staff and suddenly like they’re headed to a different place because they’re
just laughs member in a different direction
that’s close by so really is in your mind though it’s very imaginative okay
it’s last but as a mechanic as a design decision it’s it’s innovative it gives
you lots of – it does it does there’s a jeep you have to steer the Jeep yeah
like on the play field you hit a ball it steers the Jeep left to right that
affects so many things about the game it’s a fantastic game go find it put a
dollar in it okay a little bit more movie news James Gunn announced the full
cast for the Suicide Squad sequel reboot – Suicide Squad a lot of returning cast
members well Davis you got Margot Robbie Jared Leto’s not coming back as the
Joker but you have Jai Courtney playing Captain Boomerang coming back and you
have a lot of interesting names you got Pete Davidson hmm that’s an elf a Oh
Nathan Fillion yeah what in a Suicide Squad movie Flula Borg from YouTube
yeah Tycho ytt not as a director the actor Idris Elba Michael Rooker Rooker
make sense of course he’s James Gunn’s boy and and also uh Peter Capaldi sure
but doctor doctor who’s got to show up at some point this this this looks like
some van casting jolt Kidman’s back of course also there’s so many names on
here what what are these people playing I don’t know James Gunn did have I think
the last maybe it’s not image here but like one of the tag lines don’t get too
attached so presumably a lot of these are its cameo appearances guard to get
ya killed yeah or or you know just their characters with names and faces and
powers and maybe they get killed there are some really good suicide story
stories in the in the comics and in some of the animated movies so I’m just
hopeful they focus on that and not try to do too much except make it the
Suicide Squad be done we have two more stories in pop culture one Billy
Mitchell’s back this is great is it is it yes though let
me tell you what because there are so many things wrong with the world today
and there’s so many important things that people are getting wrong in the
world today do you know what’s not important
donkey kong and the high score you know record of some dude and the fact that he
is so invested in this so give us some background what happened makes me for a
moment forget about all these other things that are wrong in the world and
focus on this as if it’s important and I just love this escape this is the best
escapism for arcade nerds everyone knows this story because there was a
documentary made to what 20 years ago the king of comedy to 15 years ago about
Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell the two rival Donkey Kong players and one’s
better than the other the others better than the other and there’s it’s a
wonderful documentary you gotta see it it turns out one of the stars of this
documentary was accused of cheating like last year and pretty like pretty well
backed up proof that he cheated that he played on he’s an emulator to play
through the game and then he provided the footage of him finishing Donkey Kong
in record time to Twin Galaxies this famous arcade that
houses all of the records of the top times and he all of his scores were
struck from the record Wow the Guinness Book of World Records because Guinness
Book World Records pulls their yeah records on from galaxies it they they
took it off the record – so now Billy Billy from that moment he said that he
was innocent he pled not guilty hmm and now he’s back and he’s now compiled the
evidence to prove his case and he has sent his threatening to sue the Guinness
and Twin Galaxies if they don’t reinstate his records and he’s provided
them a hundred and fifty-six pages of document proof supposedly proving his
innocence so if you’ve wondering why I haven’t been saying that much during the
podcast so far it’s because I’ve been reading some of these hundred fifty six
pages yeah it’s all available online pdf it is I think the word I would use is
hilarious but in the sad way of hilarious like it’s he billion is so
here’s what I’ve learned about Billy Mitchell he screen grabs everything and
so almost much of the evidence is like Facebook messages and like text between
people and then there’s these really bizarre like witness certifications on
just like really my new details of stuff I mean he’s screaming conspiracy or he’s
saying that’s the people who currently run Twin Galaxies and the officiator is
there they had a vendetta against him and only looked at certain evidence it
did not look at other evidence but at the base of it all the footage is out
there you can see that it simulated yeah I’m not original hardware there’s parts
of the story that I can’t believe so that one of his high scores is like a
million fifty thousand two hundred yeah and the claim is he did that at a
mortgage brokers convention in Orlando and so there’s people that were at the
convention that have sent in witness statements being like I was at the
mortgage brokers convention or later like and you just have to like stop for
a second and say like somebody put a Donkey Kong cabinet in the middle of a
mortgage convention and tried to set a high score and now he’s saying that that
all the tape showings were all done as recreations we’re all you they were used
name because they were done for the purposes of for entertainment purposes
for the documentary for example so he does acknowledge that he’s emulate but
grudgingly but he said that those were never the official submissions what you
saw on king of Kong was done as an a reenactment by him of course
oh and that all the official scores were done like sure said at these live events
of which there is no footage antastic yeah well I wish him the best I really I
hope he proves his innocence and he’s right that would be wonderful
you know Steve Wiebe is a is a teacher to this day yes and people from like his
students have no idea who he is no they do they post on reddit occasional
that one figures it out right yeah right but he’s he’s left his life behind yes
like if anything the legacy of the documentary king of Kong for small
dollars is that its spawn the holding generation of people seeking that’s
right perfect and now the night of these two guys or
anywhere near yes exactly people played perfect games and beaten their sport
yeah absolutely yeah so but for our entertainment purposes it’s wonderful
this drama you know Billy started out as a pinball wizard like because that
certainly would there weren’t the video and video games to play in the mid late
70s then there were in the early 80s and he was excellent he was an excellent
pinball player and then he became an arcade gamer and expert because I guess
that’s where the attention was there’s it’s undeniable that and then anyone who
follows his career that he’s he’s talented he’s gifted paid player and
pinball player but it’s kind of all been soured by some of the personality and he
was portrayed as the villain in the king of Kong yes and it’s a great effect like
I’ve met the guy in person in fact yeah he was at one of the first he was at the
first replay effect slash pin burg that I went to and he was talking his hot
sauce and playing putting in the front of the Donkey Kong from the supermarket
yeah front of the counter yeah yeah what was that other documentary we watch
about that nibbles nibble yeah I forget the name of it but about snake no it was
called nibbler nibbler nibbler documentary and she what was the name of
it man verse neck man versus man and Billy Mitchell does in also gay to play
big parts and that that one’s that one’s good too highly recommend yeah yeah
really love yet man for steak documentary Billy Mitchell’s like the
dr. Dre and that one he’s like he’s like orchestrating things yeah last bit of
pop culture news Lego ideas big blog posts updating their new kind of
submission format and rules and some some guidelines now so lego ideas of
course is the the platform run by Lego it’s official thing where people can
submit their own creations either or just ideas or even a render of
something and the users can vote on them and some of those get evaluated once
they meet your certain benchmark and milestone they get evaluated to turn to
real kits and many real kits have come out of Lego ideas well it’s kind of like
the market is flooded there there are so many things that people are voting on
and Lego ideas needs to kind of tighten tighten the things up a little bit can’t
they just require more votes well I think it’s more that they want to
provide guidelines for what even can be submitted right because there’s so many
things that are just you know commonplace IP that people recognize
that gets uploaded but then Lego can’t do anything because they don’t have the
actual license to do what’s an example of that like stuff like there’s been
monopoly submissions and like stuff that’s related to stuff where they
already have licenses like Star Wars exactly exactly that no it’s just they
have to like there’s a different kind of process and workflow when it involves IP
and so a lot of this is just saying like when you submit your idea you have to do
just declare when you submit it like what IP kind of classes sort of falls
under okay as a way of like streamlining the workflow and the big thing is that
if they’ve already evaluated that IP if they’ve looked at a thing and said oh
we’ve made Back to the Future or make ghostbusters then really it serves no
extra purpose for the users to submit them because Lego probably has something
maybe they’ve thought of these things they’re looking for really unique ideas
they’re looking for things are more generic and we’ve seen a bunch of Lego
ideas like the treehouse the the fisherman dock like that stuff is what
their ship in a bottle yes ship model just kind of more
evergreen themes lest I do a license is what they’re looking for right now so
we’re kind of restructuring their submission posts it’s interesting one of
the things that they don’t allow is things that don’t fit the Lego brand and
they give to throwing two examples of that Game of Thrones in Call of Duty
yeah yeah no guns there are never any guns guns in Lego
just laser guns yes that’s true blasters yes
guns no go third party for that anyway that does it for our
extended pop-culture segment this week and before we continue with this week’s
podcast I won’t let you know that still entitled this week is made possible in
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slash only a test just to finish a thought on Billy
Mitchell the accused I wonder let’s imagine for a minute that
he is guilty just imagine hypothetically got it there
then think about the mind of a person who is a video game expert like that’s a
special mind it’s not like a beautiful minds nothing like anybody can can do
this like I do think that it takes a special kind of insanity to get a
perfect game in pac-man or to you know get the high score on million points in
Donkey Kong you you don’t just have to memorize the patterns you have to have a
certain you know approach to analyzing things and it’s almost like you have to
tease things apart in order to you have to dissect things you construct them
deconstruct things and I imagine if you were guilty he might be able to have
used all this time to dissect the evidence and find a way to prove
innocence to manufacturing the the right story you mean not a work a system yes
yeah yeah I’m sure I mean if that’s what he’s got facility if he’s generating a
hundred fifty six page document I’m sure he’s considered all the ways to
poke holes lawyers do it’s just it’s it’s his skills could be put to use in
proving his innocence is my point yeah I could see Oscar Isaac cast as him
cuz the movie it is a game that he’s playing it could be it could be Sandy’s
in it for a long haul yeah this insurance is a big part of it right
exactly only a hand Xterra deed Hannah
coronation was it was gonna be a big part of this too yeah okay that’s like
maybe energy better spent actually trying to beat his own scores oh I like
anything yeah right live that’s good yeah
okay we’re gonna talk a little bit about the the phone reviews and the tech
reviews that came out this week because iPhones had been seeded iPhones eleven
have been seeded to early reviewers and so I spent some time yesterday review or
reading some of the reviews and talked about seeing how some of the features
pan out right so the biggest features of course is the big third camera the
wide-angle camera that’s on both the iPhone 11 and the eye
eleven ProSeries 13 millimeter equivalent that one 13 millimeter
equivalent 1326 and 52 now crazy why they’re interesting and it looks like
that camera is less capable to smaller sensor the biggest sensor on the iPhones
are the normal wide-angle camera 26 mm one not the ultra wide so that’s why
they’re calling it in the UI 1x is still 26 mil they call 0.5 X it’s a weird
terminology right they don’t want to surface the millimeter the photo the
focal length yeah this one sort of the standard like 1 X being standard is 26
mil okay equivalent on that so the wide angle looks good though it’s definitely
a different type of view you’re gonna get a lot closer or subjects doesn’t
have optical image stabilization but you can do like like you saw in the
commercial they made with the car is the wide-angle suction it’s a pretty good
wide-angle video as well the night mode is the other big thing this is the
feature that automatically turns on when the camera sensor is the camera app
thinks the scene is really dark and then it’s a three second countdown so you set
up some video of the UI now where you press the shutter button and you
actually see a little bar go countdown three seconds you just gonna hold your
phone as still as you can it’ll take as much information and
stitches up to 12 images together to get you a good-looking low-light image cool
image from it low light and there are a lot of comparisons between that and the
pixel 3i you like that and you know what yes you get more visual detail I think
in the iPhone image like there are some great photos of like brick walls you see
more the brick wall detail on the night mode versus night sight on the pixel but
night sight I think still gets you better exposure I like I was looking at
some of the comparison images I’m like wouldn’t the pixel 3 they just get this
wrong cuz I like the look of the pixel 3-1 the IMP and the light isn’t
overblown they night mode an iPhone almost does like night for day work it’s
almost like 2 – the game is too high on a nighttime picture I mean this is all
software at this point though so that you would but you can tune it
no but you mean you would say like they could – they could but they determined
this is what they think people want and I’m saying from just my eye I think
sometimes a night image yeah you want people see people’s faces and you want
the candlelight or the street lights you get as much light from that as possible
but I don’t want it to look I don’t want scenes to look low now a classic image
is if you look at some of these comparison pictures and they take
pictures of buildings at night you could see like what a skyscraper looks like at
night from both these cameras and there’s a skyscraper and behind it
there’s the the blue of the sky behind it I think on the iPhone pictures the
blue sky is too bright it’s not that sort of grainy it’s just really it
doesn’t it looks it looks almost unnatural to me does the does the HDR
composition look distracting because a lot of times with the iPhone HDR photos
you have these halos around objects and contrast is just wrong
so that’s different because that’s HDR and I’ll get to that in a second with
some of those computers and images but isn’t this you said is taking 12 photos
I imagine it’s the same kind of process of compositing it is composited but it’s
not I mean I think they want to separate it from moisture because there’s some
semantic learning that they’re doing here and like that’s a face and they’re
gonna bring out the shadows in there it’s not just taking the raw different
exposures and combining them they’re doing technically they are combining
exposures of different exposure lengths and the other technical feature is that
all three of these cameras can go up to one second exposures now which is much
higher than previously like literally like you can do a long exposure of a
second and it won’t be transparent to you but tech the sensor will allow for
up to a one second in the back end gotcha and camera apps may be able to
tap that big camera the camera app capital C capital a what Apple puts on
their phones by default will not let you say long exposure because up until now
that’s third-party camera apps doing a long exposure the best you can get or
like a bunch of blurry images so I just put up the nitesite photos from the
verge s sky skyscraper of the 11pro versus the pixel 3 and I like the one on
the right more I like the pixel 3 image more yeah I see what you mean
from the image you can definitely see more details in the 11pro picture scroll
Scroll scroll up there’s specifically a skyscraper shot where in the windows of
the skyscraper on the iPhone image it looked more blown out I donno if they
it’s included in this and III my gut says yeah even even that right there on
the right side you can see inside the buildings on the left side you can’t see
inside the buildings on the iPhone pictures the night mode pictures you
can’t see it still looks blown out from the interior lights of these apartments
and the skyscrapers on the right side with the pixel 3 night sight
it actually tones down the the highs the highlights right and you can actually
see inside but on these rooms on the 11pro picture you can see in the
foreground where it’s really dark on the bench you can see more detail on that
bench so again I go back to I think you do get more detail from the from night
mode on iphone but subjectively I like the pixel 3 images more I mean to me I
think for the average user there’s not gonna be much a difference between these
two because you don’t have both phones you’re not doing a comparison you’re
taking the phone on you’re watching the image on the phone that you shot it on
yeah I think this is just really a really big leap forward for iPhone users
yeah there’s really experienced no real comparison is to not have the feature
and compared to having it I think it’s fantastic so compared to the previous
generation yep compared to my phone yeah yeah I mean the that’s not I’m gonna say
a problem with the reviews because they it does from a technology standpoint
makes sense to compare between two different companies but the people buy
the iPhones are not people in the market for the pixel 3 and obviously timing
isn’t great because pixel 4 is gonna be announced October 15th that’s other news
story from the Google side and that’s gonna have multiple cameras and
presumably an updated version of nitesite but you’re right it’s for
people who have the 10s or the 10 or the 7 or the 6s you know this new feature is
overdue I think you could say yet as Google had it for a year and so it’s
good for iPhone users that Apple was putting more thought obviously
computational photography is a big thing for them so that wasn’t advertised and
it was rumored and actually did make it as a features
on the iPhones now that has a wide-angle camera if you turn on a setting in in
the camera app and you take a standard One X photo it will also take a photo at
the point of the white ultra angle and save that as extra data in the image
file so if you want to rotate rotate the image you know you can actually rotate
it fully interesting off the crop in yes but the question is does that extra day
that gets saved when you upload iCloud like portrait data is not saved on but
it does open up more third-party apps doing something with the raw information
that the camera is collecting yeah do you know yet if you can it seems like
that their new feature is when you’re taking photos if you hold it down you
take a video you know without switching to video mode
swipe up to do video so you can still do rapid shot yes if you don’t swipe up
excellent so the video mode is if you hold down and slide it really yes okay
great I just want to make sure you can still do rapid shot all right other
things that have now been a parent since since the announcement the multiple
camera recording that we thought was only a feature because yeah for the new
the new processor is gonna make its way over to the 10r and the 10s last year’s
cameras but it’s only restricted like in the new phones to two camera sensors
you know quarter it once they said there’s a lot of work for them to do
this but this is good for people who have last year’s phones you’re gonna be
able to record the front camera the back camera there’s a whole like matrix chart
you can see if like what combination of camera sensors you can activate at the
same time I don’t know it’s gonna be fully useful for a lot of people but I
mean more to having more data you know be interesting is if you had some sort
of lens attachment that you plopped on the top of your phone that gave both
cameras super wide angles and then did 360 capture you know converted stitched
together both of those footages into a single 360 scene oh you mean the front
in the back yeah yeah well I don’t see why that could that’s a Kickstarter idea
yeah be a pretty inexpensive 360 capture right if you had the phone obviously but
you and then need the software to do 360 off of my phone
well no you just take stills video footages off the phone and stitching my
PC yeah that’s not like that that’s not what users do they want everything on
the phone yeah probably right yeah other thing the we didn’t mentioned this
when we talk about the ounce but they remove 3d touch so they remove this
feature that was brought in with the 6s I believe the force touch press hard on
the screen you get a little taptic feedback I think people weren’t using it
as I don’t even II thought there were two big places where people used it
there were one on the lock screen to activate the shortcuts the flashlight
and then quick access to camera yeah but no they just have those no now you have
to just do a long press and the impressions are that the long press is
noticeably more litt laggy right down there like all but oh you have to hold
press to launch it and now you have to long press to launch that shortcut and
you know what because my iPad Mini never had 3d touch and it was already doing
long press for a lot of things I’ve gotten used to that and I’m I’m happy
that now all devices just have this it is a rare feature that apple touted as a
big selling point of the phone and then they took away because they wanted to
use that space for battery really yeah huh I figured it was a like a gnome
wasn’t using it right kind of thing no I mean oh that was definitely part of it
but it wasn’t surfaced the the like people don’t know most people didn’t
know that you could hard press on the keyboard and move the cursor that’s one
of the other best use case for 3d touch and now you can long press on the
spacebar right and let you move the cursor I’m gonna miss that feature yeah
really that that’s something I use all the time you don’t think you’ll get used
to using the spacebar sure eventually but uhm scary ok change is scary
another thing that wasn’t widely mentioned is a new chip and the
ultra-wideband u1 chip inside the new phones this is an interesting piece of
technology so it’s mentioned on Apple’s product pages it’s a trip chip that
allows for far better positional tracking location tracking then
Bluetooth or cell tower triangulation or GPS even allows up to four centimeters
of accuracy 10 centimeters 4 inches 4 inches 10
Center but it can I think I think under certain conditions it can get pretty
close to I can even even smaller than that wait a minute now I understand that
it can tell the how far away you are from something but does it not also tell
you the direction of it it does like that’s what blows my mind so the way
it’s being used currently or the way it will be used initially is for phones
that have this you can point at another person’s iPhone and who has an Aloha sir
who has the 11 and and they will recognize that they are pointed at each
other and that will then prioritize their drops are gonna drop exactly
that’s I mean that’s that’s magic I don’t know how it does that it does it
let me see if I remember this correctly it does is by measuring ah yes bluetooth
location tracking measured distance from you yeah by signal strength
mm-hm and so where it would send the signal at you’d like you would look at
how strong in like milliamps the the signals coming from any object but that
was unsecure because it then allowed for those signals and that distance to be
spoofed by strong or single generating stronger signals elsewhere with this
it’s time signal timing back so they submit the signal and then comes back to
your phone and they measure that time it’s a radio signal that’s using the
speed of light which is you know you can’t really spoof it because it’s just
the speed of light okay but that tells me distance not direction and when it
comes back they detect the angle of arrival of the of the radio wave you see
what technology okay once again they it it says I actually don’t understand this
it says they measure the phase shift that comes in by using multiple antennas
so by having multiple radio antennas as it comes back they’re liable to compute
the the difference between them the doesn’t actually compute the game so
those additional antennas or whatever they’re using it to detective are is new
to the 11 yeah that’s really interesting and the long-held rumor was that this is
something that would be launched alongside these tags the Apple might be
releasing these kind of Hardware pucks that get attached to things that then
help you locate objects it’s like if I’m iPhone but find my anything are they
active the tags I don’t know I mean they obviously did not allow announced it and
then the long-term benefits of this once they were fine the technology and once
they are at scale because you know there’ll be tens of millions of these
phones and devices and presumably eventually hundreds of millions of these
out in the world is that it may have applications for Apple’s future AR
glasses so the our classes will come with things positionally tracked in the
world already not only your local objects in which they’ll use slam and
computer vision and some computational vision to to analyze but also you know
the objects very far away from you and out in the world it’s much more precise
than GPS hmm great yeah they’re they’re kind of sneaking in all the AR stuff all
the killer app although all the foundations needed for killer app AR now
so that one that when they solve the optics problem they won’t have a
chicken-and-egg problem yeah that’s smart
it sounds very Apple on the software side you had Apple arcade reviews out
and in fact a lot of people some people got access to Apple arcade early we’re
able to actually purchase it and get access to was that just an accident how
do you do that I I don’t know and we’re gonna try well it’s gotta be in that
beta right you get in the new Iowa you do need that yes yes yes but reviewers
got to play a sampling of their games and Devendra Hardware over and gadget
had a great roundup of some one favorite games and actually reading his article
mm-hmm I once a convinced me to get out Bar K
but makes me more interested for sure cuz the big ain’t like the four or five
games they’re described like I would play I would play these yeah I don’t
know if I would I still know if I want to pay five dollars a month don’t you
get a free month why wouldn’t you try I might try them for a free month yeah I
can’t wait for this just not not for me though for my kids just because my okay
they keep coming at me with these ad-supported games everything’s
everything’s free nowadays and some of these games are gonna make it on other
platforms not all of them are exclusive some will be like 25 bucks on switch or
or other other consoles so wait but timed exclusive to arcade or no they
come out headfirst but they will come out yeah later okay yeah on switch or
they have no surprises so some will be exclusive so much be games are part of
the service still curious how much Apple funded these games they will not sign
yeah no I’m just curious yeah but it does sound like there’s polish and these
could be games they’re you know I think they want to get people back in the
culture of playing more games on iOS try more playing more no you can’t it can’t
just be what someone that the runner running one the endless runner oh yeah
which one Canabalt now the one were you running in the jungle way from the
monkeys yeah jungle one jungle run sounds right some one of those yeah
Island run yeah kid speed that all the time now yeah other game news discord
has ended its game subscription service people just weren’t using it that’s too
bad there it was a service to sell games they’re kind of now really pushing their
nitro subscription service I wonder how many acquisition offers they get I’m
sure it’s a lot yeah because it’s such a great company that you’d want to be a
part of your service how do I mean they need to also make money
yeah the nitro service I’m in and people are like you see it way more it’s it’s
kind of crazy when you talk to developers like just join our discord
joiner this car it’s like it reminds me of 20 years ago when it’s like join our
IRC it’s like it was never mainstream it’s not just developers so it’s like
every person on patreon that’s what I’d say it’s like integrated in patreon yes
yes it’s it’s community forms it has replaced forms at the live chat room and
these channels and it’s in very well or at least it lives in side-by-side them
yeah it’s replaced IRC oh for sure yeah I’m sure people still I know certainly
the Nerds do like the hard core but it never that never hit mainstream no
let’s importance of movie stuff a what this could’ve been a top store this week
movie paths finally dead September done what it might already
have happened September 14 it’s done routine it’s done it’s done I’m sorry
not sorry yeah I’m sorry there is what a scam yeah
well whatever yeah it was yeah we talked about the pixel for event this is
October 15th Google was sent out invites so expectation is pixel for pixel book
to new Google assistant speakers take so for with face ID yeah that’s gonna be
the big component obviously it has like you know a bunch of new cameras on the
back to we’ve seen this sort of like square of cameras back there so assume
something on that front but it’s really the face ID this is doing the reverse of
what Apple did Apple caught up a night site no Coons catching up on face a face
unlock right what yeah and your phones have had for for a while to various
degrees of success in security also unlike Apple there none of this is
secret like all the stuff people have the phones early people overseas have
access somehow to the hardware the videos are out showing some new features
you know this event they’re out in the wild like there’s so many photos yeah
carrying around so yeah this is a formal announcement and more about pricing and
availability I’m curious about the pickle book too
because you know they’ve essentially exited the tablet world and so I’m kind
of seeing I’m curious which way they’re going with the with this laptop because
it was expensive and I don’t think pixel book one really did that well
commercially so very curious mmm-hmm Facebook has a new heart piece of
hardware the portal TV along with some other portal devices but this is the big
flagship one is an attachment to your big-screen TV 150 bucks and turns your
TV into teleconferencing device seems like something into it what into a
teleconferencing device oh so you can do face chat on your TV over facebook
messenger and you could do some watch alongs so you can watch Facebook watch
videos while also chatting with with friends is it walled
though so it’s not portable to other services I think it is only Facebook
watch and I think the chat is only through messenger video chat and
encrypted what’s at whatsapp video calls I’m not surprised by that but if it’s
wild in terms of the watch along content providers that’s less interesting yeah
much less and then they have other stuff you know portal stuff with screens
built-in swivel screens there you know 300 bucks
I’ve never used one have you I haven’t they’re one of the big features was they
did the a eye tracking of faces and that always seemed a little bit you know
unsettling to me being watched well I don’t also being tracked that
kind of face track yes yeah I don’t need that I like the idea if it’s gonna have
a camera I get to walk up to it right opt-in to show your face rather than it
knows where your face is and it’s bringing a camera on you at all times on
the air side there are some AR core updates inside to do this in tech news
and not VR minute and AR core has a new what they call persistent cloud anchors
these are ways that when it recognizes the world through its slam you can now
fix things in the world that’s persistent and on the backend so when
you launch other apps or come back later it’ll always lock up virtual object to
that place the right it’s kind of essential a part of what you’ll need for
AR you’re building a you know a layer of mixed reality on top of reality you’re
gonna need yep system not only to recognize the rooms are in you know like
you imagine that the Facebook the oculus quest does but also be able to anchor
things on surfaces and have a semantic understanding of what those surfaces are
yeah great few rumors Microsoft’s has an event coming up for surface device now I
don’t think this is gonna be part of it but they did patent a new type of hinge
for future foldable surface device liquid hinges is this is just from a
patent so you should take it with a grain of salt but the idea is that
having this sort of liquid layer in between the mechanical hinge would
help reduce stress on a foldable screen hmm I don’t know yeah I mean it’s I
haven’t heard of mechanical problems with Microsoft’s touchable hinges yeah
but I’m sure they’re thinking into the future for something that has maybe even
less prone to failure or cheaper to make or something that’s just easier to use
the Gantt Samsung Galaxy Note fold is on sell now and reports are selling out in
Korea at least and people pick up the $4,000 what or a note fold in Korea that
feels a little bit like a little girl yeah right I don’t I can’t imagine that
would be the case here in the States a bit of Amazon news this comes from
Fast Company fastcome reports at Amazon for their smart device home assistant
well near future allow people to submit user-generated trivia answers to
questions and then have that pipe through the smart assistant yeah what
does this mean like I’m actually gonna hear Bob Wilkin like explain to me no it
will all be read through the existing smart assistant but they will qualify it
with according to an Amazon customer mmm this fact Jeremy do you remember Yahoo
Answers yeah sure so I think Amazon is building a version of that I’ve gotten
you can ask questions on Amazon and get other customer responses and Alexa will
inform you when there’s a new one so the only new thing here is that she’s gonna
actually read it to you yeah yeah okay yeah so that it will be more formalized
as you know the surfaced best case answer I mean I’m not afraid of this all
the electric stuff is human curing it anyway it’s not like there’s like it’s
it’s all information and facts as curated by the the mega corporation yeah
I’m not terribly worried about this either well unless like someone’s gaming
the system for some obscure fact and and some but gaming if for like what is the
thing you’re gaming it’s like right well as long as they get
like basic facts like how far the earth is from the Sun like kind of stuff
right I don’t mind this I’m even like to not get political about it even
Wikipedia is is curated to some extent by the people who kind of a gatekeeper
yep in that community right how much in how much information is the biggest
thing not whether a piece of fact is true but like what gets through that
that curation process and how much how full out a section could be that’s all
that’s the that is not really transparent to the user and I’ve read a
really story Business Insider had a profile on on minecraft
I had no idea minecraft has grown in popularity since Microsoft bought it and
it has over a hundred and twelve million players among active active players
that’s nuts that’s ridiculous number isn’t that crazy
across all its platforms though free on many platforms paid on many platforms
but there’s an endurance to Minecraft like even though they’re phenomenons
like fortnight in pub G and all other games and kids might play an adult might
play minecraft seems to be one that a lot of people just return to yeah it’s
like this is like the the Lego of videogames I mean and it has stuck like
there have been other games that have come along that have been construction
sets but like you know Facebook had social networks before it it seems like
minecraft meat might be the one that really is gonna stick around my question
is we’ve seen the like the ray-traced minecraft how good it can look and
NVIDIA is pushing out like Minecraft RTX yep as a potential update right optional
upgrade will minecraft good minecraft survive if there was a graphical
overhaul or guys minecraft need to be those there’s so many graphical
overhauls you can apply to Minecraft it’s already texture packs galore and
that’s still as long as its blocky as long as it’s still these kind of it’s
not yeah the gameplay I don’t think I don’t think
it’s look I think that it is the mechanic of building and destroying
anything these voxels the world being made of things that are malleable hmm
you know and and being so slow Reds being the cubes I think the fact that
it’s so low red spatially that makes it so approachable people understand how
things can be built because it’s Legos yeah it’s about giant building blocks
alrighty that does it for technology news and
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verifications in minutes now it’s time for a moment of silence
you remember vantablack Oh blackest black the one that the artists yes right
Stu yeah there is a he’s not really an artist this guy Anish Kapoor bought the
rights to it and has been famously preventing artists from using it now a
vantablack used essentially carbon nanotubes so when light hits it would
bounce around these layered tubes and the light would be dissipated as heat
and it captured 99.9 65 percent of the light that came through it was so close
well MIT in a recent blog post scientists they’re better aligned the
the carbon nanotubes vertically and have released a product that is 99.995%
effective at reducing the incoming light they grew it on this sort of like edged
aluminum foil which i think is interesting you can actually go see this
product we’re outside the New York Stock Exchange and I’m putting a picture up
there is a art exhibit I think this is the kind of thing you have to see in
person yeah there is an art exhibit yeah putting it up on the screen is pretty
hilarious but they have it they found they have in this art exhibit a two
million dollar diamond that’s about 12 carats and they have a coated it with
this black material because art capitalism maybe I don’t know something
how I mean this sounds like a plot next oceans film just going I feel like Nick
Cage is coming in hot national treasure it’s like the emperor’s new clothes
though how are you to tell me there’s a diamond there I can’t see it oh but you
can kind of see it because it’s so black that the black surrounding it is
ridiculous I want to highlight this other story that Vic was from a while
ago Miley Kanishka poor with his vantablack partnered with an art gallery
to make a loonie two’s size black hole in a art exhibit it was just super black
and flat there is an actual eight-foot hole that was that’s
of this black hole just on the ground and someone fell into it wait why wait
the the art exhibition was painting the black hole and then next to it or chase
into it in the same exhibit was a real hole no no there’s a real hole and it
was painted with the vantablack so it looks like two-dimensional looks loony
too but it’s a real hole you can’t see the depth because there’s no light being
emitted from it and somebody I mean it’s an art exhibit so some some fool just
like crosses up some line and fell into it but I was like speaking of our I saw
that movie velvet buzzsaw over weekend Jake Gyllenhaal RINO Russo is the
director of Nightcrawler it’s a kind of a hora slash or a satire on the world of
like high like high art modern art and Clinton and this feels very appropriate
to that yeah it’s a great companion to the documentary the price is a the price
of everything a tested listener actually submitted a story they wanted to hear
about back in 2010 a physicist in Germany led by Randolph Randolph Pole
tried to see if they could get a better more precise measurement of how big the
proton is and what they did is they took a hydrogen atom and replaced the
electrons surrounding it with a muon there’s different elementary particle
and then actually use that muon to estimate the size of the proton at the
centimeter based on this sort of like different measuring techniques and they
found that the proton size to be 0.8 for femtometers in radius which is to four
percent smaller than what we thought the proton size should be interesting which
opened up the possibility of is there some weird thing happening where a muon
is actually interacting with a proton which has never been thought of before
it’s actually like somehow like exerting some force they should not have
any sort of forced relationship in that kind of way well a paper came out in on
September 6 from a team that measured this again led by Eric hassles at the
York University in Toronto and he replicated the experiment and he found
the same exact measurement that the German team did four percent off yeah
and when it indicates is that what we thought the size of the proton was was
wrong it’s not that the proton actually shrunk by four percent when the muon was
involved it says that the proton was smaller than we thought
so can we had a incorrect measurement and so this basically eliminated the
idea that the muon and proton were interacting in some way that led to a
shrinking in size but confirm the fact that we had the wrong measurement for
the proton like think about what I’m saying though it’s like we didn’t know
the size of the proton oak right four percent that’s a bit like it’s the
proton it’s not some like I cut scientist some slack never never
Oh for presents nothing I don’t know it’s like it’s a proton everyone makes
mistakes oh yes if you like somebody coming out
and be like hey that electron charge we get that wrong percent anyways I thought
that was a just a fascinating story is it points to the fundamental nature of
physics I understand scientists love learning that they’re wrong because it
means they have learned something yeah I’m putting up a video of what’s called
a chain catshark and this is a shark that lives near the bottom of the ocean
floor kill it yes you might notice if you’re watching
the screen that this shark is glowing it’s like highly fluorescent in in its
nature the reason actually came out in a recent story so there are a number of
fish that actually glow on the on the sea floor it’s not just the shark
there’s a bunch of fish that do it I’m gonna try to pause the video on on one
of them right there but why has always been in question like
most of them were thought to have these proteins that that actually caused the
glowing they discovered that it’s not from a protein it’s actually from an
amino acid called tryptophan burgers tryptophan come on Thanksgivings coming
up yeah yeah Turkey which is an asset that goes to create proteins but it
creates this in this shark it creates a compound called kind nerve I’m gonna
pronounce this arm kind nor I mean which releases this green glow so it’s not for
the reasons we expected they found a different way and this is horrifying the
reason it glows this color is that light at the bottom of this ocean has kind of
a blue hue because of how it sort of reflects and reflects to the ocean floor
and this is the color it emits when we take video of it it’s crazy
love science I love glowing animals I love glow-in-the-dark anyway but the
fact that they’re alive awesome well I’m about to have the ultimate glow
experience I can’t make this stuff in the sense that I’m going to New Zealand
in the spring and going finally going out no worm hey they might be feeling
the filming the new Lord of the Rings show there oh can I not I won’t be
allowed to Hobbiton then no down oh they’re using same locations you need to
take norms new phone and do a night shot comparison for us of the glowworms did
you go to the glue one case I do not oh no all right do we have any more heads
no the VR minute virtual reality this week so probably
the biggest story of your from last week we didn’t get a chance to chon it
happened right after we record the podcast but HTC has announced pre-sale
availability and more details and launch for the HTC vive cosmos this is the not
only this is the big follow-up the successor to the original HTC vive but
it actually replaces the HTC vive in the marketplace the vibe is going away the
live pro will be still be around if I Pro I think will still be around as well
but it’s gonna come out on October 3rd so in like two weeks
time and it’s $700 so is HTC vive cosmos this is not the competitor to the the
quest does not stand alone this is not easy powered yes alright for now it gets
a little bit complicated its PC it runs off of a PC for now and it has it’s the
biggest feature is that it’s inside out tracking so in fact it’s probably more
apt to compare it to the rift s although spec wise it is higher quality in the
rift the strap looks the strap looks a lot like the halo halo strap yes just
like the ripped off halo strap like the ripped ass but there’s also give me a
top strap as well and we want to get the top strap we had built in headphones
which they say are better quality than the deluxe audio head strap headphones
but they look very similar at least from a design perspective and it does inside
out tracking with six cameras that’s a lot of cameras two cameras in front two
cameras on the side and then camera top and bottom so people got to go hands-on
with this last week we’re gonna go soon after recording this podcast so
hopefully we’ll have some impressions before the end of the week on next
episode of projections but it is available for pre-order 700 bucks and
and will come out October 3rd the screen resolution is pretty high it’s like 48
80 by 1700 so 100 pixels taller than what you’d find on the vive pro or the
valve index and it is an LCD LCD with RGB stripe
subpixels I can’t wait to try this on it will be of course compatible with all
seen VR games in addition to the 5 port stuff by port infinity and they also are
launching this new vive port origin loading area that you get with the
headset what about controllers so it’s controllers if you look at them they
look very very similar as the oculus touch controllers but they are not
tracked with kind of invisible IR light they’re tracked with an active light the
inside out tracking looks at this this pattern that’s on the ring of the
controllers and that’s how you get positional tracking another big
difference it will take two double-a batteries per controller as opposed to
one on the oculus touch what do you mean active light how does when that white is
right it lights up okay but I mean the the touch controllers have IR yes I
can’t see them I guys know cache visual like visible got a visible light light
in the visible spectrum and that might be one of the reasons it takes more
power so is this heavier is this shape that the light has been carved into the
controller is that like a marker is it like recognizing that chase what it is
interesting I think that that is it’s its marker which has been designed
obviously to work at different angles okay
yeah I’m really curious how quick a fast it tracks the controllers you know
there’s a lot of just because you have the field of view even if you have like
310 degrees coverage on your inside out tracking camera is it’s still software
that allows you know the approximation of where your hands are behind your head
when you’re doing something like putting a holster in a gun behind your head or
putting hands behind your back and how far that sure snaps back in and also how
close you can get the controllers to your head these are all problems that we
had or that we’d have that people notice with the rift s inadequacies that they
then tried to address and patch with software updates I’m glad that they went
with a touch like design because oculus was not first to market with motion
controllers now vive was yeah yeah by a long time I’m you know almost a year and
they could have very easily just stuck with their guns and stuck with the vive
controller but touch I think is superior and now we
have index controllers which are more in line with the touch and and now these I
think that’s that’s good that there’s a greater sense of parity I’m really
curious the feel the controller’s not only the heft but also how the the thumb
stick feels because it is thumb six now not a touchpad the grip was the thing
that a lot of people did not like about the two button grip on the side of the
vive wands so how the grip button works here on the the touch controllers the
grip is an analogue grip right you can like use your middle finger and you get
a lot of analog control so you can like see virtual hands I mean closing is that
gonna be the case is gonna be more throw on that button there also to trigger
BOTS there’s a shoulder button and I’m really curious oh really
what games will support a second trigger button on what will that replace that
alright it’s a lot of different opportunities here for this controller
and also because it’s seen v are compatible in the future they’re gonna
have a faceplate attachment we replaced the sixth camera system replace at least
the four cameras in the face plate and with steam with a lighthouse trackers
lighthouse so it doesn’t have any embedded lighthouse trackers no this one
doesn’t have to add that yeah but presumably if people like this headset
yeah you’ll be able to use it with vive index controllers knuckles controllers
in the future which might be a preference for some people from games I
imagine it being steam that you’ll be able to use it without modifying the
headset like you can see when I would hope the inside out tracking combined
with but then you need the radio controller controller needs to sent
because they’re all Bluetooth right your vive trackers are being sent so that’s
it although on the old vive pucks you just plug in the USB key right right so
yeah why can’t you have the USB key well that still plug in right and have five
index controllers you know still still give you up these are things that we’re
gonna ask HTC when we when we chat with them other thing I don’t think they’re
really talking about it but there will be an attachment that lets you then play
games off of a smart phone off run them off a smart phone and then pipe them
over so then this becomes a little more of a standalone a headset will be
compatible with the wireless system the the release earlier
no no not that I tracking the vive Wireless all right but you need the vive
pro wireless adapter for that inside a resolution yeah
so again pre-orders $700 and it will come out October 3rd uh last week I also
got to go hands-on why I did get go hands-on with tilt 500 yeah went to tilt
Phibes offices down in Santa Clara and got to demo the latest version of their
prototype they’re gonna do a Kickstarter relatively soon I’m so excited for this
I think you know cast a are launched as a Kickstarter in 2013 yeah and we were
impressed by like their take on AR then the idea of using retroreflectors and
and bouncing light off projector Ekans your eye let’s quickly tell her
story because i think it’s fascinating she was at valve materials worth jeri
ellsworth has a long history with hardware manufacturing he was hired at
valve and she was working on their VR stuff before they’d launched anything
and I guess she and other engineers had developed this interesting you know
approach to augmented reality that was unlike anything else that anyone else’s
was doing valve decided they weren’t interested and they you know kindly let
her go and but they allowed her to take this tech with her and she spun that
into a Kickstarter with Mike you said years ago successful Kickstarter yeah
and I think I was a backer you were probably a backer and then if they did
they didn’t end up manufacturing they refunded everybody their money they did
they did ship like dev units yeah but then I think you know for one reason
another they it didn’t work out right so they did refund you sad and they’ve kind
of been using that same technology as a foundation for this new company till
five which the thing I can say and we will watch this in the video when we get
to put it out is that even though the fundamentals are the same it’s basically
all new hardware and I’m glad it’s coming out next year and we’re getting
the 2020 version as opposed to the 2014-2015 version so the approaches
everyone wears goggles that have both actors like two projectors stereo
projectors and lenses that only take one of the projectors back and and the light
from the projector bounces off ret reflective material which is the same
stuff that they use on stop signs to make the light come directly back to you
from your headlight mm-hm and so and that will potentially be like a board
game that everyone can sit around and wearing their own headsets see unique
perspectives on an augmented board game or whatever that becomes the really
interesting thing I got from this I mean the board game design is real smart
they’re they’re they’re the establish these parameters for game design where
it’s true everyone’s gonna have this essentially two foot by two foot board
with tracking markers visual markers right that so telling developers that
they’re gonna work with the design for this tabletop environment is a good
constraint right then that you’re not having you’re not requiring users to
have the retro fucking mixture all over your house you’re designing for tabletop
play and that works for social gaming it’s a lot a lot of easy like wins there
and the trackers how does that work the Wathan the control of the fiducial
markers that give you the plane that the board there are two cameras looking
outward from the glasses as well one with IR and one with just you know
global shutter mm-hmm high frame rate computer vision cameras and they see the
trackers that are built into the tears they’re building to the the border so
they can design border get it around the the pieces you put down and then also
can you like hand tracking as well so developers can tap know that I think
there’s gonna use like third-party hand tracking which is really good it’s like
Google hand tracking tech and then you could have hand tracking for your
interactions wait what did you play is it like dungeon and dungeon style it
some tech demos and physics tech demos they had like their version of what like
an RPG would look like and they had some marble
madness style game there and then you know they’re working with a bunch of
devs that they’ll be in time the depths will announce what game is but the idea
is that when the ships are the next year hopefully or in the spring that there’ll
be a library of games and they just plug you plug into your computer so it’s runs
off of you spy the game on Steam for detail it’s not a store they’re not
doing like a five store that you have to but more importantly the device has no
compute yes so you do plug into a laptop or a PC yes yes or an Android phone
yeah it’s Android phone us PC so come on off the phone and there’s some
interesting tech stuff that they’re doing to make run off of the power of a
phone even though they’re rendering a pretty wife to the view and the regular
high frame rate and that’s all covered in the video
I tried cast a are years ago but I did I haven’t tried the new one then the neat
thing about it is like unlike every other AR headset that we use it all they
always use optical combiners yeah or you know other methods that create light in
the lenses mm-hmm what’s different about this is the light is actually there it’s
actually on the table it’s where it’s actually emanating from or supposed to
be emanating from that and and that was something that was difficult for my head
to wrap around yes it’s the projectors are in the glasses and they’re bouncing
and reflecting off of like a one-way mirror essentially where your eyes are
so that’s why it always bounces back directly into your eyes but essentially
the light source you can think of as being on the surface and on the material
the reflective material now because of the way the retro reflective material on
a microscopic level the surface texture of it the bundles of light coming back
from that are not necessarily diffuse but they’re they’re kind of spread over
different almost different focal lengths and so what they get as it was explained
to me is you get like a a free light field almost right because light is
bouncing from the company comes bad time comes back to your eyes and you’re
getting rays that are at a focal length that are you know four feet from you
three P from you one feet from you as close your eye right so when you have
virtual augmented objects you know floating ball for example that looks
like it’s elevated five inches of a table or something that will be in focus
no matter how close you put your head to it and objects behind it if you ship
your focus will also be in focus hmm you solve accommodation virgins for
free because of the material because the way the lights
physically bouncing off of the material I I would get that if you’re talking
about things bouncing if you’re placing augmented objects on the surface of the
material itself that to me solves accommodating accommodation versions I
don’t understand how if you’re pushing something to your elevator levitating
something off of that surface why that would be at the correct yeah play and
that is really hard for me to wrap my head around like like think of the
object that’s being rendered above the surface it’s supposed to be floating
yeah but from the surface technically it’s still the same it’s it’s just
different two different views of an object accommodation right see different
views of an object that’s on the surface but because on the way the Rays have
bounced off mmm like it the distance traveled huh it looks like it actually
is there because all then you’re getting light at all the distances what do you
think of the controller with the little wand
yeah Harry Potter Wow yeah it’s a wand it’s 1/6 off controller which is a good
thing it’s definitely not a gamepad I think they’re intentionally not making a
gamepad and no if you want to use a gamepad you just plug in a gamepad yeah
that’s I guess that’s the benefit is it difficult yes yes exactly
well I mean I think they’re designing the games also to have the one
interaction and to poke at things and point at things and laser point at
things or blast things so they’ll have you know have a trigger or have a thumb
stick but I think the potential is I think people are gonna find things they
want to interact with the most whether it’s with hands or with a traditional
gamepad I’m bummed that it’s not like a track gamepad but you know you could
write have I am using a gamepad that can give you my type of movement anyway hmm
yeah I don’t know how much drug interaction developer is gonna want you
to have with the objects like Poe kind of thing or thing rather than pointing
in it where other than like laser pointing right yeah look I still see the
heart of this being the social gaming aspect of it it’s not about you like
playing it by yourself in which case like the kind of social
games I expect are like very tabletop II type games where you’re not looking
like fine control you’re looking to like like generally push tougher but you want
to be able to things so yeah you have this shared experience if I have if all
of us have this this one and we’re all kind of laser pointing at the board you
know strategizing it right we want that to be there it has to work but I don’t
think you need like the full functionality of a gamepad or even like
a fully track controller well into Kershaw’s point about you want to push
things around in a social gaming um you know environment can you talk about the
invisible monitors oh yeah so that one of the things that they demoed is
they’re designing basically QR code style pucks that you can throw on so you
can like though these pucks on and then things will happen because the system
recognizes an object is now relatively the game borg on on the game board and i
think they’re exceeding experimenting with like invisible ink for those
because there’s ir cameras on this so you could look at something that looks
like a magic card or whatever CCG card but it will have a QR code a marker and
then you can throw that card in so it’s a real blend of you know it’s what
augmented reality should be it’s a blend of the things you would see in the real
world yeah so this projected layer on top of it the other thing was I think
they’re really pushing for asymmetrical games right so oh why they’re not not
everyone has to be an AR I’ll buy the game yeah that’s great right so someone
could be on the tablet I want this from you I want pinball to be internet
connected and I want to like take play a multiplayer game against someone in
Wisconsin and that’s what they’re talking about right because if you and I
are cross country and we all have the headset or the tilt five goggles and
also a Borg yeah as long as we’re sitting in the right place relativity to
each other I could see what you’re pointing at I can see your character and
it’s as if you’re you know why nots then throw in a FaceTime tablet right there
and we have a you know a telepresence tabletop game people have done this with
chess for decades yes yes can we $300 start at $300 when they do their
Kickstarter will have a full interview with Jerry and our hands on impressions
and all that stuff in a video coming soon very cool that I think we got
there’s so much there’s so much VR news I mean oh oh c6 is next week so will we
probably be doing this pod from oculus connect 6 whatever
announcements they are gonna announce there the new head of AR VR or the
current head of ARV I was been their boss for a while
tweeted about anticipation for OC 6 he’s also now they’ve kind of combined all of
there’s research in their Facebook reality labs and they said on a Twitter
thread they will be talking about both VR and AR at OC 6 it is the name of the
department yeah and then on the valve side I got so much it was high
anticipation for a lecture at DigiPen at the the university of the game design
school because Warhawk no one likes a lecture it would like to be lectured
they’re technically lectures yes lecture ok right
alright I guess guests talk over DigiPen from Carrie Davis who is a designer at
at valve and the the billing for this talk alluded to the fact that he would
be talking about his work on flagship VR game valves flag should be our game
which is an acknowledgement of you know what they had announced earlier in the
year something hopefully shipping this year now there was no announcement let’s
get this out of the way there was no confirmation on release date there are
live Twitter threads like live blogging of this talk there’s a gorilla video of
this talk did you pen record it but they haven’t put out the video yet basically
it was about the challenges of designing interaction models for VR missing door
design was a primary example and designing something as seemingly simple
as a concept of a tour is actually very difficult VR for instance one element of
that is the sound and he talked about how previously if you open a door in a
video game it plays a sound clip because they know how long it takes for that
animation to finish of the door swinging open right but in VR you can grab the
door and go quickly you can go back and forth you can slam it and so now a lot
of all of their sounds for that kind of interaction it has to be done
procedurally right right and and then also which way the door swings
how well people whether people with doors are one way or whether there are
two ways you know you want users to push their hands through the doors and
whether there’s a latching mechanism what they have to turn the handles then
and so all these things are about building essentially a new reality the
building the mechanics of a reality in a game environment and then the clever
cheats and the clever things that as game designers they can do to shortcut
these interactions without fooling without you noticing right right because
things you take for granted the fact that once you twisted a doorknob you can
swing a door and like things don’t actually latch like the mechanisms can
cheat the only confirmation is that there will be doors yeah interesting
talk one that could have been done three years ago
nothing was announced it was I mean I probably I don’t have could have been
done why not again this is bit like the lab was out like yeah there’s nothing
that thinking about doors and VR level design is something that people have
been doing for years now and this was an extension about this type of door is not
a door I would see in an aperture labs environment or are there I guess in the
office parts of that I don’t think you have seen any final assets and I’m just
thinking of like Robo repair lab I’m thinking of Vela I’m thinking of
aperture the hand test mm-hmm all right the handler none of those
those two have these type of swinging doors I’m still really hoping it’s left
for dead I think doors are an essential part of
the left4dead gaming experience closing doors behind you opening doors and new
environments yeah well also like that Pavlov mode where you are props yeah you
can go in that office space and if you forget to close that door to tell ya you
know right but that’s different then that’s that design but it’s just that
like doors are important do I guess doors all doors are important doors are
very important and he did say that he doesn’t know if they’ll be shipping this
year I think that’s the plan but those are that’s a decision for people right
above his pay grade he’ll find out the day that before they announce yes
exactly it’s an interesting talk they’re bits of it on YouTube and their
Twitter threads like we said that you can follow I think that’s all we have
time for this week all the our episode next week though yes into it all the
time yes we hope to have a special guest on the show yeah that’ll be fun yeah oh
I will give a shout out there was a post on the reddit / our calculus a game
called which way is down that someone has made cryptic ink that sounds
horrifying it’s looks really fun it’s basically the
world turned upside down and you are climbing you’re trying not to fall into
the abyss into the sky and you’re on trees upside down on trees with gravity
pulling you up I guess and you’re jumping from trees that you’re climbing
with a climber mechanism and you’re jumping using an axe to basically hook
yourself like a climbing hook is this VR it’s a VR yeah please
all right I like it I like it too I like the idea an idea that you can maybe like
chop a tree branch and climb and then jump and use this x2 then latch on the
things yeah climb but some surfaces are not climbing ball and yeah it looks like
a novel concept like it that does it for this week’s podcast we have an outro
guess who’s back this one’s called robotic oh maybe I’ll turn into sound on
first yes Oh close loved up its ear a cosplayer crossover it was probably
the third most popular outfit I saw there was a lot of Bob wrasses yeah that
was just walking around this is that robotic or is he walking around this one
if she was walking around there were robotic Daleks all over and for people
listening the Dalek is lower half for the costume with the top half PNG more
traditional bob ross of the wig and the paint palette is that robotic or is he
walking around but it’s not Davros the Dalek it’s Bob the Daleks job
offer checkmate they said a week ago it was nine days ago yeah we played last
week worth playing again it’s good that’s good one thanks a lot see next

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