oximetr StressLocator VS  camera

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Connect oximeter Measurement through the lens of the camera – Press your finger tight on the lens and reduce movement to a minimum. The measurements are on the one hand, on the left you may see through by camera, on the right over the oximeter. Explanation of graphs and results can be found in our e-book on Happy Electronics Web pages. Detail measured over a camera and oximeter. Oximeter on the right, through the lens of the left. You can find application StressLocator on Google Play, iTunes and Amazon. And what result of your measurements you will have it?

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  1. You can observe the differences in measurement through the camera of your mobile and oximeter in StressLokator PRO.

  2. that app is not working for me.. at least not the camera method.. It is showing the pulse wave but not the pulse as a number. And the countdown is also not counting.

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