Oxygen Dosage Calculations Part 1

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So today we’re gonna cover hyperbaric
oxygen dosage. It’s a common question that comes up does it matter if I’m
using air only or if I’m in a clinic getting 100% oxygen or if I
have an oxygen concentrator do those numbers really change the dosage or do
those numbers really change the treatment and so the answer is
absolutely yes it does and to know that helps a few things one if if there’s a
certain protocol or if a doctor gives a certain prescription that they’re
expecting to get a certain pressure a certain percentage of oxygen in order to
get a certain dosage for the patient it’s really critical that we’re able to
match that now sometimes we don’t have the same tools so matching it exactly
might be difficult or you could manipulate different variables in order
to get the same level of oxygen absorption or the same level of oxygen
dosage so we’re gonna cover just a quick example just so you get an idea of how
we figure it out and how you could figure it out in order to make sure that
you’re getting the patient what you think you’re getting the patient so the
equation here is that the dosage is the PO2 okay so what is the (pressure of the
oxygen) that the patient is getting the pressure in order to absorb extra oxygen
outside of what we’re getting right now it’s all about pressure that’s what
hyperbaric oxygen is about and so the pressure of the oxygen creates a
gradient and as long as you’re creating a gradient you can create a diffusion
across the tissue and that’s really what we’re looking to do so the PO2 the
pressure of the oxygen is equal to the percentage the fraction of the oxygen
the percentage of the oxygen in the mixture that you’re breathing times the
pressure of that oxygen is being exposed to so PO2=FO2 (P) in a couple
examples basically one and a half atmospheres let’s just say we wanted to
get a PO2 of 1.5 we could have 1.5 atmospheres times 100 percent oxygen
that would give us a PO2 of 1.5 so if that was the recommendation or the
protocol for the patient but let’s say instead of a hundred percent oxygen we
only had an oxygen constant so let’s just say that oxygen
concentrator put out about 94% oxygen well 1.5 at 94% that PO2 equals one
1.4 and so that’s a different number obviously so it’s a lower dosage
so therefore one point five at 94% is not the same at one point five at 100%
in order to get a similar dosage what we would need to do is we would need to go
to one point six at 94% oxygen that would get us a 1.5 PO2 so
again you could manipulate pressure and oxygen levels in order to get a
very similar dosage for the patient now this last one is an example of a PO2
with air only and so a PO2 let’s say you at one point five atmospheres and the
percent of oxygen is 21% in air you’re looking at a PO2 of about 0.31
massively different and so yeah there’s a huge difference between air only
versus oxygen concentrator and some minimal difference between an oxygen
concentrator and a 100% O2 but to know this you could start to
figure out what the dosage is that the patient are getting so that you know
that if you’re being consistent with the treatment that they’re recommending.

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