Oxygenating Blood with Nitrate-Rich Vegetables

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68 thoughts on “Oxygenating Blood with Nitrate-Rich Vegetables


  2. Beet juice has been recommended to help with iron deficiency anemia. Does the beet juice increase iron in the blood, or is it an independent mechanism to increase oxygen?

  3. I now add beets to my morning shake. I buy the ones from Costco. They come cooked and peeled in packages of 4. It probably isn't the best way to do it but it sure makes it easy.

  4. "A little extra color in the pee" was what's keeping me away from eating beets but thanks to the Dr. Greger I'm planning to pee in pink from now on. 🙆😁😆

  5. How much beet juice are talking about per day? Raw beets juice or cooked beet juice? Because my local store has the cooked beet ones almost all season round, but the raw beets are only in season.

  6. So was the benefit only temporary, as in directly after ingestion of the NO increasing beets, or was it cumulative? In other words, what was the half life, or duration of the increased blood flow post beats? And how much? Do you need to have some daily?

  7. Dr. Greger – have you considered doing a video on grain/legume lectins and whether or not they contribute to intestinal permeability? I'm guessing and hoping that they don't

  8. One question please!
    I don't like the taste of beets or beet juice.
    Can I add them to a smoothie and still get the same effectiveness?

  9. +Papaya Lover
    How come it is not possible to reply to your comment directly. :O

    Anyway, there is 3 oxygen (O) atoms in NO3 (nitrate). I'd be happy with just that O there. You want that oxygen to summon extra iron for you as well?

  10. I think you forgot to mention about leafy greens & arugula…..because not everyone likes beets! http://nutritionfacts.org/video/vegetables-rate-by-nitrate/

  11. This is why we need Democratic Socialism

    We don't get studies like this which benefit people and not corporations without public funding from taxes

    charities are not going to provide all the money necessary to advance mankind

  12. "after beeting themselves up" and "the only side effects of beeting your brains out?" had me rolling hahahahhaha! You're so very punny, Dr. Greger!! 😂

  13. After making beet juice, you can add the pulp into recipes to make crackers and (vegan) chocolate cake. Or just eat the whole beets- just cut them up, and toss with a little oil, some salt and pepper and some herbs if you have it. Roast, covered in foil, for about 40 minutes at 350F. Now you have super tasty beets that you can eat hot or cold.

  14. Dr. Greger says that arugula is even higher in nitrates.

    Excellent, I just bought 8 150g packs of arugula for 29c/pack! I'll try a smoothie with three packs of arugula followed by a 10k race tomorrow 🙂

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  16. you can't make billions on beets……………….vunerable people who are sick don't want to eat healthy and sick people generate $$

  17. The reason why beet juice manufacturers are not allowed to say that it is vegetable viagra or something similar is because in the EU there is a law against making medical claims without proof. Conveniently for the lobbyists, what constitutes proof is not clearly defined.

  18. Why are nitrates and nitrites attacked when they are founded in cured, processed meats like bacon, but they're hailed as beneficial when found in plants?

  19. Thats why doctor's doesn't like Nutritionists. İf we treat ppl with nutrition , their medical supporter's ( drug companies) not gonna frack the money.

  20. Yes but a pressure change of only 5mmHg does it really matter when high pressure is around 150mmHg? That's a 3% change.

  21. Certain vegetables might actually clean the blood of waste & toxins which free up space for oxygen to fill in via the lungs. If you're interested in more of this check out some of my videos & mucusfree life.

  22. in that study at 25sec it shows that study. But HOW MUCH beetroot juice were they taking? Did they throw one beet and a bottle of water in a blender and whip it up?

  23. beets taste terrible they taste like dirt. just throw them in your blender add something flavorful like trivia , put leafy green stuff in and you are good to go. also 4 table spoons of tomato paste every morning Will do the same thing.

  24. OH.MY.STARS! I'm so glad I found this video! And I agree with IResonateWithU… Dr. Gregory could be a star! 🙂

  25. and exactly where do you think that pharmaceutical companies get the nitrates for their medicines…it doesn't come out of thin air and they don't make it from scratch…nitrates and nitrites are food preservatives that are used on cured meats to extend shelf life and to make them reddish to give a more natural appearance…they are essentially a nitrogen atom that is surrounded by different numbers of oxygen atoms in some way…this protects the food from oxidation…which is why food goes bad…but batteries are possible because of oxidation…they use a process called redox reaction…reduction/ oxidation…simply put its when 1 thing gains electrons/ energy and the other side loses some…its also how your body divides cells…literally the same exact thing…u are a battery…nitrates/nitrites make blood pressure lower because it itself will be metabolized into nitrogen and oxygen…which makes them a good 2nd hand source for oxygen to supplement the oxygen that you breathe…which puts much less stress on your body to function normally

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