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– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m
going to be showing you how I pack for my children
when we go on holiday, and also what I pack for them. Today I’m packing for
all three of my children, a seven year old, a four
year old, and a one year old, and we’re going on a cruise tomorrow around Norway and Germany for one week, and it should be quite warm weather. So yes, I hope you enjoy this. I find videos like this
really interesting. I love seeing how other moms do it, and my last packing video
went down really well. It has over half a million views. You guys seem to love it. So I’m making another one for you, and I will also definitely make a video of what I’m packing in
their carry-ons as well. So look forward to that, and subscribe if you’re not already. Yes, I’m just going to talk you through like you’re around my house helping me, and yeah, here we go. So the week leading up
to when we go on holiday, I will start putting things aside that I know that we will want to take, because I don’t want the boys to wear it, then I’ll have to wash it and try and get it back in a case, so I’ll just start putting things aside, and I will get the cases
out and leave them out in the kitchen here,
and literally just start putting stuff in it for all of the boys. But then, a day or two
before we actually go away, I will lay it all out on
the table for each child, go through what I’m taking for them, and just make sure I don’t
need any last minute bits. So I’m gonna start out with baby Jackson. He is 20 months old, so he’s kind of a baby
going into a toddler. So yes, this is what we’re bringing. Right, so here is everything
laid out for our baby. Or, I suppose I should say toddler because he’s 20 months old. So I will start out with the outfits that he is going to travel in. Whenever I’m packing for my kids, I always choose that first. So this is what he is going to wear going. It’s this really cute
initialed tracked suit. So I’ve got that to go in. And then on the way home
I’ve got a really comfy all-in-one baby grow because we are gonna
be traveling at night. So I’ve got those two traveling outfits, then I’m gonna start out over here. In terms of nappies when we go away, I always times six by the
amount of days that we’re going. So we’re going for seven days, so I’m taking 42 nappies. Six a day is a bit more
than we would use at home, but when they’re in and out of the pool, I find that you do go
through a few more nappies, and I will also have quite
a few more in our carry-on, so that should be enough for our trip. I’m also taking Bepanthen, this is my favorite
barrier cream for Jackson. His skin does really well with this one. I’m also taking a big pack of baby wipes and a small pack in my
hand luggage as well. And I may as well show
you all the toiletries that I’m taking for the boys. This is actually for all
three of our children, but along with the barrier cream, I’m taking Teetha powder
in case he’s teething. This really does calm him down. I’m taking a brand new Calpol,
and it comes with a syringe, which they need to take it. This is great, it can be for
all three of our children. I’m also taking Vaseline because sometimes if it’s windy by the pool,
I get really chapped lips. I’m also taking a body moisturizer. This is the Aveeno Baby one. This is really good for my boys. They all, on and off, get eczema, so this does really help them. And then, I’m also taking all of this sun cream
from La Rouche-Posay. I’m taking lots because we
really do go through it. We have one spray. This one is specifically for babies, and then another 50 plus cream. And then in terms of
shampoo and conditioner, I wanted to show you these products. I’ve literally just discovered
this brand on Instagram. One of my friends really
highly recommended them to me. My youngest Jackson, he’s
got really curly hair, and so this help define the curls, and so far it’s working really well. And they even do travel size. So I’ve got the Curly Ellie shampoo. My older two don’t have curly hair, but I’m gonna use it on them anyway. And then I’m also bringing the Curly Ellie leave-in
conditioner as well ’cause I feel like that really
helps his curls stay curly. And then I’m taking, yeah, and then I’m taking
enough socks for each day. I’m also taking a cardigan
and a denim shirt for Jackson. Although it should be
warm where we’re going, I always like to take cardigans for them ’cause it could get
cool on a ship at night. I have one long sleeved t-shirt, and then I also have quite a few vests. I have a vest for everyday,
but the reason I do is sometimes when we go away and it’s hot, he will tend to just sleep in a vest. So I’ve brought enough, and there’s always spills
and things with toddlers, so I’ve brought quite a few vests, and also quite a few t-shirts. I’ve got nine t-shirts in total here, so I may have over-packed, but I would rather have more
than less for my youngest. You will see when I show you what I’ve got for the older boys that I do pack quite light for them, but for Jackson, I just don’t
want to run out of clothes and he can be quite messy. In terms of pyjamas, I
have just three pairs, ’cause as I said, I think he probably will sleep in his vest and sleeping bag. But in case it is a little bit colder, I have three pyjamas there, and then this could also
be backup clothes as well. I’m also bringing four
of these little outfits. I really like them. They’re from Next. They’re like a vest but with shorts. So it’s kind of like
a whole outfit in one. So I also have four of those. And then I have five pairs
of little jeans and trousers and also five shorts. And there are totally different– Some are quite formal,
some are very relaxed. There is a formal night on the ship, so I was thinking he could
wear something like that for one of those nights. Then for swimming, I’m taking
just three little outfits. I really like these SPF all-in-ones, and a really good thing that
I’ve learned over the years is that you can get these SPF all-in-ones with hoods on them. Jackson always rips off his hats. But he will sit in a pool quite happily with a hood on. So I’ve got one like that, then I’ve got a little batman one. And also just some little
Ralph Lauren shorts. Then I’ve also got his swim vest. I found these on Amazon. They’re brilliant. This used to be his brother’s. It’s now been passed down. As they get better at
swimming, you can open them up and take some of the floaty bits out of it to make them more confident swimmers. So I really like it. He likes wearing it. So it’s a brilliant vest. Then in terms of shoes, I’m taking three pairs of shoes for him. He’s actually out at
the park at the moment in his blue trainers, which
will go with all this. So just imagine they’re there. But these two are what I will be packing. I got these little
leather sandals from Next, and they go with absolutely everything. And then we also have– these are kind of
sandals, kind of trainers. He can wear them by the pool
or in the day or anything. Then I have two little
hats for him to wear, and then in terms of sleep,
I’m taking a summer sleep bag. He always sleeps in a sleep
bag, so I’m taking that. It’s quite thin. And then I’m taking his favorite blanket. We actually have two of
these, so I’m packing one, taking one, you know how it is, and then I’m also taking
a sheet for his cot because I always do this,
it might be unnecessary, but I think it smells like
home and, I don’t know, just makes me feel a bit better that I know he’s got a
nice sheet on his bed. A few other things that I’m bringing that I wanted to show
you is our baby carrier. This is the Ergobaby and I
think it’ll be really good for when we get off the
ship if we go on excursions that aren’t that buggy friendly. And yeah, I love this, I’ve
used it for a long time. Jackson sleeps in it really well, and he really loves being held. I’m also bringing three cups for the boys because they still have milk at bedtime, so while they can have
drinks in a restaurant, we will sometimes get milk and then bring it back to our room for them to have before bed. And then I’m also taking my sleep shade. This is the Snooze Shade
and I absolutely love it. You can see it goes on
the buggy like this. And it makes your buggy really dark, but it’s a breathable fabric. It also has a zip on
it, so you can peek in and see if your baby is asleep. It’s just great for holidays because they do end up napping
a lot more in their buggies. So these are all that I’m
bringing for the boys. These pouches here are
obviously for Jackson. I’m bringing one fruit
and veggie pouch a day. Although it’s all-inclusive, these are just such good snacks. So I’ve got one of those a day, and then I’m also bringing
his favorite vegetable pouch. I really like these ones. They are quite tomatoey
and he eats them all up. So if he really doesn’t like
any of the veg on the ship, I just know that he will eat these. Then I’m also bringing
one little apple pouch, and one little pear pour. The reason behind these is
the pear pouch is really good if he’s ever constipated. I know that’s like TMI. And the apple pouch is really good if he’s ever got a funny tummy. That seems to help his stomach. So that’s why I’m bringing all those. Also bringing three of
these little Goodies snacks for my handbag out there. He really likes them. Then I’m bringing three packs of popcorn just in case we have a bit
of a movie night in our room. The boys love to have popcorn. Also bringing some yogurt
covered rice cakes, some sweet Haribo for a treat. But, to be honest, these are more for me than for the kids. And then I’m also
bringing some Soreen loaf. So these are the little individual ones. Jackson really likes eating it. It’s like malt loaf
and it’s banana flavor. So that’s another really good snack. Or if he was to wake up
super early in the room and he wanted something to eat, he could have this as
a bit of a breakfast. And then I’m also bringing
a few packs of crisps. Again, oh, that one’s just been opened. I’ve bringing a few packs of crisps just in case they want a
little snack in the room. Typically on all-inclusive holidays, we end up taking apples
and bananas, croissants, things like that off the buffet if we think they’ll want a snack later. But just in case, because
my boys need lots of food, I’m bringing a bit more. This is everything laid out
for our four year old son, so I will just talk you through
what we’re taking for him. So as I mentioned, when I
start packing for the boys, I think of an outfit
for them to travel in, and an outfit for them to travel home in. So I have a full set here
of a really soft outfit, of a long sleeve top and joggers. That’s actually gonna match
his older brother as well. And then to come home
in, I have a sweatshirt, a t-shirt, and also some jeans. And of course, on the holiday, if he wants to wear jeans,
we have a pair as well. Then I’m also taking– Then we’re also taking
seven pairs of briefs, one for everyday, but
there’s actually two extra because I have two in the
traveling outfit pile. I put my boys in the Next briefs. They’re really comfortable. And then I also have seven pairs of socks because I think they’ll be
in sandals a lot of the time, but I just don’t wanna be
short on socks in the evenings. Then I have five pairs of shorts. There’s a mixture of smart shorts and then casual shorts
for the day as well. I think the boys will be able to wear some of the shorts twice if need be. Because they’re a bit older,
they’re not too messy. And then for trousers,
I have just two pairs. So I have a smart pair of trousers because there’s one formal night. And then the pair of jeans which was in the going home outfit, he could wear that if it’s
a bit cooler some nights. I really don’t know because we haven’t been on a
cruise to Norway ever before. So we will see how much we need those. Then, I have brought cardigans. Wherever we go in the world,
I always bring cardigans because it does normally
get cooler in the evening. So I have Caleb’s C cardigan here. I really like it. And then I also have quite a thin hoodie just in case it gets a
little bit cooler some days. Especially if we are at
sea, I’m just not sure. Then I have two other long sleeve tops for smarter evenings out, and his older brother has
the matching ones of these. Then I have nine t-shirts for him. So I am taking a few extra because sometimes he can spill
an ice cream down his top. So I got a couple extra,
and then of course, more in the traveling outfit as well. In terms of pyjamas for the older boys, I normally take the number
of days that we’re going and divide it by three. So we’re going for a week so I’m gonna take three pairs for Caleb. We’re not having breakfast
in these or anything. We’ll get ready soon as we get up and go straight to the buffet, so I don’t think they’ll get messy. So I’m taking three
pairs of pyjamas for him. And then for swimwear, I’m
taking three all-in-ones. You may have seen these
one my channel before. They’re just the all-in-one swimsuits. I really really like them. They’re SPF 50, and they
protect a lot of his body. So I’ve got three of those,
and I have his goggles as well because he really prefers to wear goggles in a swimming pool. I also have his swim vest. We have them for all the
boys and they’re just great. And then for shoes,
we’re taking three pairs. I normally do take three
pairs for the boys. There is one water day pair. I really love these. They are the Crocs sandals. I buy these on Amazon, but
I’ve seen them in Office and other places as well. They’re just really comfy. They’re really simple Velcro. The boys can put them
on so easily themselves, and I prefer them to
the big, clunky Crocs. So he’s got them for daytime. He’s got these mostly for traveling and also for some evenings. And then these are also
some evening trainers. I do definitely have to give them a bit of a wipe before we go, but I thought these’ll go really nicely with his formal trousers and
some of his other formal shorts So I’ve got those three pairs of shoes and then two hats. For the two older boys, I am gonna put some of their smaller bits like pants, socks, swimwear,
and pyjamas in a packing cube. They’re gonna share this one. I don’t put everything in a packing cube, but for the smaller items,
I do find it so much easier to just when we get there,
pull out this packing cube and stick it in a cupboard
and just unpack straightaway. Now I’m gonna show you
everything that we’re taking for our seven year old son. So the same as Caleb, I have an outfit for him to travel there in. It’s the exact same outfit. It’s very comfortable. And then an outfit for
him to come home in. And with that we have a big
hoodie and also some jeans. So again, he can wear these jeans while we’re out there on holiday. A lot of these clothes are going to be matching to Caleb’s, but again, we have seven Next briefs for everyday, and then there’s also two
extra in the travel piles. I have enough socks for everyday. I have two pairs of trousers again, one pair of jeans, and one for
the formal night on the ship. Again, we have five paris
of shorts, very similar, some casual, some smart. A lot of these were in my recent Summer Boys Haul as
well if you want to see where they’re all from. Then, I have a shirt for a colder night. Fraser likes to throw on a
shirt sometimes over a t-shirt. So I have one shirt. So there’s Jackson. And I also have a very thin hoodie. I love these ones. They’ve got their initials. I got them on Instagram. So yeah, I’ve got those
two for cooler nights. And then another two long sleeve tops which are smarter, and these
will match his brother again. Then I have a t-shirt for everyday. Frazer’s seven now, and he’s
really not a very messy person, so I’m confident that he
will have enough t-shirts just one for everyday. For pyjamas, I know I’m
taking three for Caleb, but for Frazer I’m just taking two. If I’m completely honest with you, he’s a very hot person, and most of the time he
will just sleep in pants. So I’m taking these, but I don’t even know if he’s going to need them or want them. And then for swimwear, we’re taking two of these two-piece outfits,
so they are SPF rash tops and then the matching swimming shorts. So we’re taking two sets of that, and then just one extra pair
of shorts if we need it. He really likes these now these he’s older and they’re easy for
him to go to the loo in, but again, he’s very
protected from the sun with the rash top. So we’ve got those, and
then I’m actually taking two pairs of goggles for Frazer. He really needs googles to swim, so I’m getting nervous
that we might lose one, so we’re taking two. For Frazer, I’m not taking a swimming vest because he’s quite
capable, but I am taking these Zoggy Dive Sticks
so that he can get them from the bottom of the pool. We’ve had them before,
but I got some new ones, because the old ones are quite moldy. Then it terms of shoes, I’m taking exactly what we’re taking for Caleb. So he’s got his daytime sandals
which are the Croc sandals. We’ve got his darker ones to travel in and for some evenings. And then his lighter trainers as well. Obviously, we’ll only be
packing these two though because he’ll actually be
wearing these bulky ones. Then I also have two hats for him, and he also likes wearing sunglasses, so I’ve got some sunglasses
from River Island for him. Added Frazer’s smaller
bits to this packing cube, and I will just put this in the suitcase. Right, so that is it for this video. I really hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments below if you think I’ve forgotten anything or what your favorite thing
to pack is for your children. And I will see you in my next video. Bye guys.


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