Paediatric Services at Portlaoise Hospital talk about food allergies for World Allergy Day 2019

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Food allergy is an abnormal immune
response to common food allergan The most common food allergen in Ireland is egg, milk and peanut We need to take the allergy focus history which is really
important after that it will be either skin prick test or it will be blood test They are assessed to ensure that they are
in full health then they are given a very small amount of the food that they are
suspected to be allergic to Provided that they are okay with that dose we increase the
doses every 15 to 30 minutes If your child passes this stage then they go
home after 2 hours of observation in hospital we then recommend that your
child eats this food in their diet two to three times per week at home The likelihood of your child outgrowing a food allergy depends on several factors The allergy team will advise on an individual basis An allergy test will pick up immediate type of food allergy and intolerance test they are
widely advertised on the media but there is no scientific basis to that which we
don’t recommend We would help families identify foods that can trigger reactions, give a list of foods that need to be avoided, discuss suitable
suggestions for meals and snacks and show parents had to read food labels. We
often help to liberalise the diet Weening a child with a food
allergy can be a particularly daunting time for families and we will provide
support and guidance The research says that children with eczema, they are 6 times more at high risk of developing an egg allergy and 11 times more at high risk of developing
peanut allergy We would need to advise on appropriate and safe supplements to use A severe life-threatening reaction is when
the child’s airway, breathing, circulation are involved or whether
it’s disability meaning loss of consciousness, confusion or change in
mood Please refer to your Allergy Action Plan for more detail regarding these symptoms

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