Palmistry Reading Via Lascavia Line regarding sexuality and Allergies

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Palmistry Reading and knowing about via lascavia line on palm / hand of osho we know that Osho Rajneesh did suffer many
allergies in his life we see strong indications on his hand if we look at
the wireless carrier line which he has these are the via lascavia lines there are
many lines out here and it is said in Wikipedia that humid climate of Mumbai
proved detrimental to the Rajneesh health he developed diabetes estimate
and numerous energies and and that’s why he shifted from Bombay to poona
wherever his ashram is and we know more about via lascavia line see wireless
giving a line is wireless carrier line is these lines which are starting from
the base this is the amount of moon this is a base of the mount and this is the
upper part of the mountain so it is starting from here and going like these it’s something like these these are
via lascavia lines and the mercury line is the line if we am just showing
you the mercury line this is supposed to be the mercury
language he doesn’t have but sometimes this line is broken
sometimes this line is very perfect and sometimes it is only a small line out
here so we find various via lascavia lines carrier lines and these lines are
considered to be sister lines these are sister lines
to the line of mercury so we find here that generally these lines are in slanting position and covering the mount of Moon
so this is a slant we see slanting lines in slanting position rising from inside
the base of the amount of moon and terminating on the upper part of the
amount of moon starting out here and terminating out here the cause fall its
name was the fact that it that with a strong line of mercury and a sister line
besides its sister line besides it the subject would have a super abundance of
vitality and good health and good work of a good part of it in lascivious
lustful sexual practices practices or exercises or activities this might be
the case if the type of subject hand was sensual if this hand is extremely soft
suppose if this hand is very soft soft kind of a hand it would increase these
qualities but if it’s a hard hand it would it could more likely to you this
person is more likely to use his excess energy in the area or activity in which
this type hand is most suited in not necessarily every time this gives bad
results but but basically whenever we see it clearly marked it is undoubted it
is undoubtedly the person might have a strong tendency to the to lower this
subject in some direction the temptations basically in the hand we are
seeing temptations The Temptations line is this via lascavia line and temptations will more certainly be the case for this person
for fall from grace with a soft pleasure loving hand if this was a soft and very
pleasure living hand and the Mount of Venus this is amount of Venus was very
prominent and very marked well mark means there are no lines no lines as
such over the amount of amount of amount of Venus and a well marked a very well
marked mount via lascavia line the subject will devote himself took
pleasure and will pursue it regardless of the cost what might happen to his
reputation or he might lose on money or relationship and he would not see the
consequences so wireless cable lines whenever we see we can we can certainly
say that the person is highly sexual and at the same time they equal suffer from
allergies so that’s it for this particular video to click on the like
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