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I’m Pam V. I had 45 that he came up with. What I actually came to Dr. Wilson for was
an allergy I’m having in my eye, and we’re still trying to get to the bottom of that,
but I have been taking treatments for the other allergies that I have. Q: Can I ask, why did you pick Dr. Wilson’s
treatment? I had been with another holistic doctor and
last fall he relocated out of state, so I was kind of looking for another doctor there
in that respect. But my eye doctor told me I needed to see
an allergist because drops and stuff just weren’t working for my eyes. So when I came in to him I did not even realize
he was a holistic doctor, I just thought he was a general allergist and, was, that’s what
I was expecting, and so it was truly a Bonus! So he’s been, when he tested me and found
out everything else, so he’s been doing treatment on me and getting to the bottom of things
and I’ve learned a lot more even from him. Q: How quickly did you see results in working
with Dr. Wilson? Probably more so, I started in February I
believe, probably more so in the last month to two months. [Pam has been seeing Dr. Wilson on and off
for 6 months.] Now it’s, I feel more clear and I just, I
just have a better overall feeling. Q: Of the results you’ve seen with Dr. Wilson,
what has been your personal favorite? I feel like a couple of things, because I
dealt with a lot of exhaustion over the last few years and I believe that that is going
away, so I do have more energy. Still working on getting my strength back,
you know, and I just feel, and this has just been in the last, maybe, within the last month,
I feel more clear like I’ve been cleansed. Like, my body is feeling, I’m just lighter
and better and I hope it stays that way. Q: How did you justify paying out of pocket
to work with Dr. Wilson? Well, yeah, because I totally believe in holistic
healing, 100%. What I have seen over the last few years and
I just, I just am somebody who knows that, I know it’s going to cost me but I know what
I’ve been dealing with and I know I’m going to get better. And so for me, it’s worth it to pay that money. Q: What would you say to someone unsure about
paying out of pocket for Dr. Wilson’s services? Well I have talked to so many people about
this over the years and how it just has made an incredible difference in my health, but
actually it was my mother several years ago who wanted me to go to a holistic chiropractor,
at the time, and it took me five years. It took me five years. And then it was, I said mom why didn’t you
make me! And because it was just, I was convinced. I mean, because I know what they’ve done for
me. Q: Would you have believed that allergies
can be eliminated before meeting Dr. Wilson? Yeah, but I just never realized that these
are really allergies. I knew that there were things that I was sensitive
to: foods and cleaning products, health products, beauty products. So I’ve slowly been eliminating those certain
things, but I just really didn’t feel that I was allergic to them. Because, to me, allergic means you have a
huge reaction. And so when you don’t even know that you’re
allergic to them, you know. Q: How is Dr. Wilson as a doctor to you, personally? I feel like, he is, just his whole bedside
manner and his care and compassion, that is what I’ve always believed a doctor should
be. And over the years, that’s the way they used
to be, and over the years it’s in and out in and out. It’s just like, you know, you’re on an assembly
line and that really, both with my daughter when she was younger, myself with health issues,
and I’m just really, really turned off. Another thing I would like to say as far as
holistic healing, I went off all my six medications back in 2011. I don’t even take aspirin today and I can
control my health issues. Not that it’s easy, you have to have a lot
of discipline, but I don’t take any medications at all. Q: Good for you! What else would you like to talk about as
far as your experience in working with Dr. Wilson? Just that he is truly a genuine person and
he truly is interested in helping you and it’s not all about the dollars, you know. And I’m certainly not saying that it’s, you
know, not expensive and stuff because, you know, it can cost a lot of money to get to
the, to, you know, get your problem, your issues taken care of but so is the conventional
doctor, you know? And as far as insurance not paying, it’s totally
not the doctors, it is the insurance company. That’s probably one of my big beefs because
they just truly, and Dr. Wilson has, truly, you know, helped me in just the six months
that I’ve been here. Just, anybody who is contemplating, you know,
taking a holistic route to recovering your health, it is 100 percent truly worth it. But you do have to be disciplined, you do
have to believe. But seeing is believing and if you, you know,
get to that point then you will never go back.

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