Pamer Kebolehan Fisik kepada Kenalan Baru – The Ultimate Soulmate Showdown

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FYI, I used to take Muay Thai
Classes and I really, really… Alright, here’s a punching bag.
Show me what you can do. Jab, cross, which one is jab? Is this Jab? Cross. -Like this?
-Upper Hook -Cross!
-Cross?! My name is Omar,
I’m a producer and I also work in social media for a well-known
media company in Indonesia. I’m an introvert, but I can put
myself out there and meet new people. Before, my ideal girl needs to have the same
tastes as me. But as I get older it doesn’t
matter anymore. As long as she has the same sense of
humor, I’m okay with that. Because my jokes are so bad. My name is Fina Phillipe. I’m really into automotives. Especially bikes. I like sports but
I don’t like boring, monotone things. So I chose adrenaline-pumping sports. Aside from muay thai and boxing,
I’m really into Jiu Jitsu lately. I really don’t have a type, so if there’s someone that can grab my
attention, I’m really fine with that. I like guys that have
tattoos, they’re more manly. Alright, open your eyes. -Hello.
-Hello. How do we… Okay. Let’s just try and guess
each other’s names. Name guessing, huh? Sean? No. Let’s narrow it down so
we can do this quickly. My name is arabic. -Assaf?
-What? Usually, if there’s someone named
Assaf, they like to… Asyaf? They usually like to do bla bla
bla, Asyaf things right? Umar bin, Umar, Umar…? Wow, you’re pretty good. Oh, alright. Your name’s Umar? -Omar.
-Oh! Omar. -My name’s Fina.
-Omar. What is a day like, for you? It differs from day to day. What do you usually do?
Like, your daily routine? My daily routine is… I own a cafe. I have a coffee shop, I like coffee. Can you please read this? EXERCISE CHALLENGE. We are going to provide
some gym equipment, you are going to use
them one at a time, the winner is the one who endures
the longest using that equipment. Oh, let’s use the hoola hoop
first, yeah? This is the only thing I
know how to use. One, two, three. Okay, I lost, alright,
we’re done here. Until you say cut, yeah? You technically already won, so do whatever
you want, I can’t do anything else. Oh what’s this? What are you supposed
to do with this? -Okay.
-Okay. Let’s begin. One, two, three. The camera crews are laughing!
I think I’m doing it wrong. It’s like doing laundry. No, no, no, you’re doing fine! Whatever, I think I’m finished. Okay, you’re supposed to do it like this. Oh, like that?! That means I… To make it fair,
let me try it again after this. No need. Alright. I did so badly. -Like this?
-Yeah! Now move! One more time! -So who won?
-Fina won. Yeah, of course.
Just look at her. -Next challenge.
-Challenge number two. Do you want to read it? Nah, you go ahead. MATCH MEET UP. You have to
get a match in tinder and then convince the other
person to come here and meet you as soon as possible. The first one that comes, wins. Okay, match. “You matched”, okay. Oh how do I do this? I think I did it. -Are you serious?
-I think so! Liar! But she’s asking for money. You’re kidding me! -And I mean that–
-Okay. I got another match, that’s quick. “Hey.” We’re using tinder right
now, so what’s your status? Single, of course,
why else am I using tinder? Have you ever tried
online dating? -Right now.
-Oh, right now? -I’m being tested right now.
-Really, dude? Now, you’ve already
worked out with me. Do you want to
exercise with me again? After you saw my
sambal-making skills. I really want to.
In fact, I’d love to work out with you. While we wait for
your match to arrive… Another challenge? Let’s continue to
the next challenge. MAKE YOUR OWN EXERCISE. the goal is to make your own
training routine using the equipment we
provided for you. The harder and crazier the
moves, the better. Because your opponent is going to have
to repeat the moves you created. Let’s just see what we have. What the hell is this? Is this to strengthen
your hands? Or do you put it on your neck
and move your head like this? Alright, let’s go, quickly! Let’s hope it fits. You said you’re a producer.
You have to be creative! How do you move the ball?
Like this? Ow. You can’t let this touch. I really hate it when
I use this thing. Okay, so the point is to
train your concentration. -You know squat right?
-Yeah. but if the ball is like this,
it’s more useful for stretching. I mean, this ball can be anything. Keep going. Hold my hand.
Keep going back. There we go. Hold it. There we go. Now, this one is called… Do you know what that is? This is called the fishing technique. If you’re lazy, but still want to
move, you use this. This is, is to train,
what’s it called, biceps, right? Like that, and now pull it. Put it back down again. How does it feel?
Feels tight around here right? Really tight. Yay, thanks, coach. So who won? I think it’s a draw,
let’s try playing basketball. This is a basketball?
You sure it’s not an apple? Shit. Hold on. You’ll see. Woah! Okay, so Fina won
the first challenge, Omar won the second challenge, now let’s get back to the
tinder match meet up. Okay. Take out your phones
and continue chatting. Alright, let’s do this. You’re definitely going to
win, because you’re paying her. I think my match is already
outside the office. My matches aren’t going well. The first one is already home,
the second one is with his boss and he wants to come here but he’s
still waiting for after office hours. Hello. Hello. Nice to meet you, I’m Omar. I’m Fina. What the hell is this? What kind of friend is this? Usually on
Tinder, there’s university names and stuff. -No, we just met.
-Yeah right. I really don’t know her. Alright, I believe you. But turns out this IS my friend. I’m a supportive friend. A very supportive friend and because
of that, I won this challenge. Alright,
you can go home now, Dini. How much are you getting paid? Bye, Dini! So, the winner of today’s Ultimate
Soulmate Showdown is Omar. Woah! Hold on, hold on, signature
move, signature move. Omar, this is your prize. Wait, hang on a minute.
I want to ask something. “This certificate is awarded to Omar.” Why the hell is it printed already?! I’m suspicious! Is this rigged? I mean, they have two printed already. Okay, Fina also won something. What did I win? Thank you guys,
this proves that I am strong. Do you guys want to trade numbers? Do you want my number? Um…
I don’t want your number yet. Okay, I’ll just give it
to someone else. Let’s just high five.

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  1. Tinder mulu skrg wkwkwkwk.
    Coba dong bikin real kopdar dengan kamera tersembunyi. Kalo kaya gini mah pasti uda ada script.. 😂

  2. Suka Fina pinter olahraga, tp keliatan Omar jarang olahraga nya💪🏼mudah2an tetap semangat ya. Jadi belajar juga cara menggunakan alat2 ini

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