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What is your Name? Ramesh Where are you from? Mandi,Adampur(Haryana) What problem did you have? I was having Cancer on my tongue Since how long? Around 3-4 months Ok! 3 Months What did Doctor said? “Cancer” He said And I was told to operate Ok! I did not go for opertion Ok! Then i came to Gavyasiddh Dr. Deepak sharma Then he Gave me the Medicines(Indegineous Indian cow urine based Medicines) How do you feel now After taking Medicines Now i am feeling Good! Very Good Any further problem’s now or complications? Absolutely no problem Ok! can you show your Tongue right now? Yes! It looks totally normal now Your Reports?? It show’s that you had “Cancer” Yes! absolutely And Now the treatment that you took,have you taken your report again? No! not yet Ok, go for test’s again Yes! definately so now you are feeling reliefed? Totally reliefed Because before that whatever cure you took, there was no help with Medicines? No! There was no relief earlier. Its been only 1.5 months right now after taking Panchgavya medicines so in only 1.5 months you got your cancer cured?? yes! Before After Taking Indeginious Indian Cow Urine based Medicines Panchgavya Medical Consultation:- Haryana(Mahendragarh):-9467285195,Delhi:-7982907066,Haryana(Panipat):-9813976702,Himachal Pradesh:-7018606021

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