Panda Express Menu Items You Should Avoid Like The Plague

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If you’re in the mood for Chinese fast food,
Panda Express is often your best bet. But there are certain dishes you’ll want to
avoid there, whether because you have allergies, or because you’re counting your calories,
or because some of them just aren’t as good as you’d hoped. If you’ve ever tried the Beijing Beef entree
at Panda Express, you probably know it’s almost as delicious as the famous Orange Chicken,
and a lot of that has to do with its ingredients. It’s a mixture of crispy beef, red bell peppers,
and onions all mixed up in a sweet and tangy sauce. Sounds delicious, right? “There’s nothing tastier than Panda Express
Orange Chicken.” “Yeah, well, that was before Panda’s new Beijing
Beef.” But what’s not delicious is the wildly high
fat content in this dish. It comes in at 26 grams of fat for one serving,
5 grams of which are saturated. That’s a significant chunk of the typical
daily recommended total of 13 grams of saturated fat per day. According to the American Heart Association,
it’s recommended that consumers keep their consumption of saturated fat as low as possible,
as it can lead to heart disease and high cholesterol. With almost half of the daily recommended
amount in this dish, is that fried beef really worth it? Fried rice, with its classic blend of carrots,
peas, and green onions, is just one of those givens at Panda Express. It’s the sort of thing that you order without
thinking about it, but what are you actually getting in that rice bowl? According to Panda Express employees who have
revealed secrets on Reddit, this might be a dish to be concerned about if you have certain
food allergies. Those with shellfish or nut allergies should
be aware that the fried rice is stored next to the Honey Walnut Shrimp and sometimes employees
drop food while serving. With such close proximity, it’s enough to
make you think twice. Allergies should always be taken seriously,
and there’s no reason to let your guard down when you’re eating at a fast food joint. Yes, you’re hearing us correctly, the famous
Panda Express Orange Chicken is on a list of items to avoid. At 490 calories per serving, it has the highest
calorie count of all Panda Express entrees, and that’s partly due to it being breaded
and fried. That crispy outer texture isn’t the only reason
for that sky-high calorie count. It also has a lot to do with a sugar content
of 19 grams and that infamous orange sauce. And those aren’t the only reasons you might
want to steer clear of this dish. If you’ve ever had Orange Chicken before,
you know it’s all about that wildly delicious and addictive sauce. But unfortunately when a batch of orange chicken
isn’t fresh, you might be getting food that’s been sitting for a long time, and the sauce
is added to hide that from you. So next time, if you’re still somehow craving
this calorie bomb, try asking for a fresh batch to be extra sure. If you’re looking for the delicious flavor
that mushrooms can bring to a dish, don’t get your hopes up too high when you’re at
Panda Express. Mushroom Chicken may just be one of the most
boring options on the menu. This entree is served up with mushrooms and
zucchini, along with a light ginger soy sauce, which might sound like an ideal combination. But the chicken has a reputation for being
too subtle and the mushrooms are known to be mushy, and that’s definitely not the standard
of great texture and amazing flavor. And that’s not all that’s wrong with it. The Mushroom Chicken only has 220 calories,
which is awesome for those looking to keep that count down, but it comes with a whopping
840 milligrams of sodium per serving. With that much sodium, you might as well be
eating over five servings of potato chips. “Where’s my potato chips?” “Oh, we’re not having chips tonight, munchkin,
sorry.” “I want my chips.” If you’re hitting up Panda Express for lunch
or zipping through the drive-thru on the way home, you know you’re going to add a lot of
sodium to your diet that day. It’s just a fact. But that doesn’t mean you have to grab the
item with the highest sodium count on the entire menu. The Black Pepper Chicken is a pretty simple
dish, consisting of chicken, celery, and onions, but it packs a very salty punch. With 1,130 milligrams of sodium per serving,
it’s astonishing that this entree is even allowed to be on the menu. The World Health Organization recommends 2,000
milligrams of sodium per day, while the Institute of Medicine suggests 1,500 milligrams. While there may be differing opinions of exactly
how much sodium you should be consuming, it’s nonetheless clear that this dish is just way
too much. A few pieces of chicken will easily get you
past the half-way mark for the whole day, and that’s not even counting the additional
860 milligrams for chow mein or 850 milligrams for fried rice to bring you well over your
daily limit. Better to just skip this option altogether. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “Panda Express Menu Items You Should Avoid Like The Plague

  1. those who want to eat healthy but choose to eat outside, have to be the dumbest people i know. if you want healthy, cook at home. you can control the ingredients. in restaurants, you can't. food industry is meant to make money, not to take care of your well being. ordered an healthy item once at local healthy food cafe, chicken broccoli with rice. so bland and really expensive. took it home, and turned it into chicken fried rice.

  2. No don’t ask for a fresh batch cus ima spit in the shit lmaoo like fr me and my fellow employees spit in everyone’s food after 8pm

  3. That idea that any fats are extremely bad for you stems from sugar companies paying health officials to say that to take the heat off of them. The truth is obviously anything in moderation but of all killers related to heart disease, excessive sugar is the number one cause

  4. A Chinese noodle place just opened inside the food court of my local mall. The noodles are so fresh you can see them being made right before your very eyes. Actually it's rather funny since the food court has three other Chinese food spots, one of which is your typical Americanized fare, while the other two are a bit better.

    Having a food court in a gentrified mall is awesome.

  5. One video isn’t going to keep me away from Panda Express, their orange chicken, spring rolls or fortune cookies. Everyone dies no matter how hard they try to avoid it!

  6. Eat here at your own risk, this place is just a bad excuse for Chinese Food. Not healthy, not safe to eat here and management in most cases is rude.
    Just another fast food garbage place charging high for the size of portion.

  7. It's fast food….all sauces have starch….all items are cross contaminated through oil. lol no sauce isn't added to hide the old orange chicken, you can tell between the shades of fresh and old. Also Vegans don't expect veggitarian options at panda. Even the veggies use the oil that is used for cooking beef n chicken. Want fresh items, yes you can ask for it or best come when it is rush hour. This place was never intended to be that healthy but at least the veggies are cut daily.

  8. You mentioned a whole bunch of my favorites. They're part of the reason I go there. Now I guess I should stop going NOT 😂😂

  9. … No Chow mein or fried rice … Vegetables is my choice which is offered (hate kale)… Favorites …Teriyaki Chicken, Mushroom Chicken and Sirloin Beef …

  10. Panda Express is horrible and not Chinese. It's American food. Real Chinese such as Shanghai and Cantonese has very little fried food at all. Trust me, I've been there.

  11. Good grief does this page have anything positive to say about food? Lately it’s been doing nothing but bash so many restaurants

  12. Get a wok, learn how to make a few sauces and make your own.

    Soy sauce, dark (mushroom) soy sauce, sugar, oyster sauce, chili paste/sauce, sesame oil, hoisin sauce, water, corn starch and sesame oil are just about all you need for so many dishes.

    The “sue and gambo” channel can teach you the combinations for the different dishes.

    It’s really easy guys. Get away from the panda. they do make bottled sauces if you don’t want to make your own, but I think that would defeat the purpose.

  13. No sane person will be dieting and go thinking of buying fast-food. We go to indulge in a treat every once in a while and it shouldn't do too much, if any, harm.

  14. I never looked at 🐼’s fried rice the same after seeing workers there literally pouring cups of salt into the fried rice. It was ridiculous!

  15. You did not say anything about the dish I always get, Grilled teriyaki chicken. What's the story on it. I always thought it was a decent option…except for the sauce. I am sure it is high in calories and sodium content. Why did you skip it?!?

  16. If some of those options are only on the list to not get because of calories just run it off its only calories nothing exercise can't fix

  17. Panda Express is Chinese fast food, so what do you expect? No different than other North American fast food in terms of sugar, salt, fat and carbs. Cook your own stir fry and control the ingredients.

  18. Well, when i eat from panda Express is for an indulgence/cheat day. Is the Beijing beef worth the 26 grams of fat? ABSOLUTELY!!

  19. I dont know why I clicked this. I don't care enough to stop eating there. As long as they pass food inspection I'm not tripping.

  20. This is white ppl shit…. no one gives af about fat foods….a mexican or black would eat all that shit no questions asked

  21. I used to love the Honey Walnut shrimp but the last 2 times I went there was teenagers cooking and shrimps were dark brown and tasted burnt. Haven’t been back!

  22. The orange 🐓 is good. I think the fried rice 🥡 QC has went way down 📉. I used to eat a PE 2 times a week but not I rarely eat there. The staffs are poorly trained too.

  23. Folks don't eat at Panda Express.  The food is grossly unhealthy.  Those of you who claim you can't live without it are mindlessly addicted to the sugary, starchy, salty additives to the food.  The food itself is unappetizing.  No one who loves him/herself would subject the body to this insulting, unimpressive food.

  24. Yum! It all looks delicious to me. If I feel like some orange chicken today I’m not letting the fat police stop me.

  25. I’m glad my favorite kung pao chicken isn’t on the list! Honestly I don’t even know why the orange chicken is so popular. I’ve only had it once and that was enough. I have a huge sweet tooth, and the orange chicken is still TOO SWEET for me. Instead of chicken in orange sauce, it tastes more like oranges in chicken sauce. The sugary orange flavor is just so overpowering that you can’t even tell you’re eating chicken. I’d rather actually taste the meat please.

  26. Man you don’t go to Panda Express to eat healthy you go there for some Chinese comfort fast take out.

  27. People at Mashed matters well just order a cup of water and fortune cookie since everything else on the menu should be avoided. Whats the point of this video? So anti panda express

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