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When a man is alone, night is night and it begins
with the morning. But there’s always an hour
that expels an hour, and a star that brings light. You just have to wait. Food market.
Mexico D.F. JUST WALKING -She looks familiar.
-Yeah. Hell, she works in the courts. I’ll check it out. Come on! Where’s your sister? Let’s go! Move! Juan, love, wake up. -You’re always late, mom.
-I’m sorry. Like all women. Today, April 17, 12 years ago,
my mother died. Her hair will never be white. My father beat her to death,
he thought she was unfaithful. Now I’m the age my mother was
when she died. I’ve lived more time
without her than with her. I just want my father
to get out of prison so I can kill him. Tell them to come up and get her.
And pay them. No woman steals from me. I fuck them
or they suck my dick, but they don’t steal from me. Understand? Fucking whore. My name is Gabriel. I’ll always remember what
my mother said before she died. “The man who hits a child or a woman is condemned, condemned forever.” Hey, man. I was looking for you
all morning. I forgot today’s the 17th. -How are you?
-OK. -You’re OK?
-Yeah. Cheer up. Tomorrow
we’re going to Spain. Shit, no. We’re going to work. -Have you eaten?
-No. Want to have lunch? Let’s go. Ana, it’s Yvonne.
I’m sorry about your sister. I’ve got a job for you
with some Mexicans. Call me. -Félix.
-Ramón. My partner, Gabriel. Hello. Hello. A little gift. Shit, Ho Chi Minh. What happened to Ho Chi Minh
will happen to those assholes too. Who the hell’s that? Hey! Careful with your teeth.
It isn’t made of wood. -What?
-Yeah. What’s your name? Ana. Ana, you’ve got poetry
on your lips. Mind if we speak in private? No. What do you think of me? I don’t know,
I hardly know you. Come on, you’ve just sucked
my dick, that’s kind of personal. What do you think of me? You’re…
I don’t know, odd. Odd, yes. Very odd and very rich. I’m glad. -You’re glad?
-Yeah. That’s good. I’d like to marry you. Well? Are you joking? You know what I do. That’s exactly why. -You saw it, right?
-Yeah. Think about it. But don’t take too long,
I’m going back to Mexico. My proposal gift. -You really are odd.
-If only you knew, my love. And the lemon? No, you take tequila without
lemon or salt or gestures. It’ll be 20 million. -Dollars?
-Dollars. A lot of money. It’s what the deal costs. I need more information. Banks, accountants, -supply lines.
-Yeah. Fuck that. What do you work at? What do you think? Well… When I get back,
tell me what you work at. -You can’t marry a whore.
-I can, for blow jobs like that. The day you marry her,
the blow jobs’ll stop. I want you to be my best man. Women’s prison.
Algeciras. Spain. Algeciras courts. Spain. Paloma, his Honor
is asking for you. -Bring me your friend’s file.
-Thank you, your Honor. Robbery with assault,
re-offender… Very difficult. 8 years is a lot. Yes, yes. What do you suggest? It’s best if you decide that. It’s been a while
since I’ve had women my age. Come here. Paloma, love, sit beside me. You’re so pretty. And your skin… You look like a virgin. In a uniform,
you’d look like a schoolgirl. 4, your Honor. -Congratulations.
-Thank you! You look lovely. -Love him lots.
-Yes! I’ll be right back. My boy… Excuse me. What do you think? She doesn’t look
like a whore now. She’s lovely. You take good care of her. I’ll make a woman of her. Cheers. I have to ask you a favor. What is it? I’m talking to the Koreans
about expanding the business. You want me to talk
to Doña Amelia. Exactly. What woman
can say no to you? I have to work at your wedding! You’re my shit-hot, right-hand man. Weddings are so boring,
aren’t they? Yes.
May I sit down? Go ahead. I know this is a party, but… Félix wants to do business
with the Koreans. Provided you don’t mind. Very well. But I don’t want any noise,
is that clear? It’s difficult. We don’t know anyone in Customs. Can you help us out? We’ll see what I can do. You’re a queen. The prettiest woman here. -I’ll leave you.
-No, no. Sit with me a while. I like your company. Well? 4. Thank you. -How are you coping?
-It’s OK. The first month is the worst. I had it all thought out. It was bad luck. Bad luck? Yeah. Your sister asked me
to go to Mexico with her. Her husband’ll give me a job. I can’t make it here. I’m glad. Keep her off the drink. -Watch her.
-Don’t worry. Give her this. Good luck. Fuck it. What’s up? Women today are definitely
not like our mothers. What’s wrong? Nothing, it’s… It’ll be hard work
changing that bitch. Sleeping all fucking day, talking about Spain
all fucking day… She feels lonely. But those blow jobs! Why are you hurting me? Why are you hurting me? I told you, not with whores. It’s bad with the Koreans. Why? I’ve got the sons in my pocket
but not the old man. I’ll talk to him. You have to clear the way a bit. How many are there? Give her to the other. OK. Good evening. Hands off, asshole! Take it easy. Let’s go, ma’am. How about one for the road? Looking for a boyfriend, Coyuco? Hey, come on. Take it easy, ma’am. Careful, mind your head. Stop drinking. How’s my sister? The room is great, Aunt Ana. Much bigger
than the one in Spain. That’s right, champ.
I’m glad you like it. Unpack your case. Cool it, mom, I’m going
to rest a bit and think. Great. He doesn’t change, eh?
He’s got such a nerve. -So, how’s my sister?
-She’s fine. She gave me this for you. -And how are you?
-I’m OK. -You’re OK?
-Yes. Really? Gloria, we have to talk. Of course we do, a lot. -But tomorrow.
-Listen… You have to go home now. -Listen to me.
-I’m listening. We can steal everything
from them. Everything. -Who do you want us to rob?
-My husband. Ana… And we’ll never
have to rob anyone again. I’ve got it all written down. For months, I’ve been writing
every detail of what he does. When my sister
gets out of prison… Love, come here. Wait. Yes? You’ve got 20 seconds to come down,
my love, or I’ll go up for you. OK? -‘Bye.
-‘Bye, sweetheart. My love. Why do you do this to me? Look at me. Look at me. -I’ve told you 1,000 times that…
-Go to hell, you bastard. You can’t hurt me anymore. -No?
-No. Go to hell! Let’s go. Put on some music. Get me out of here. I’m trying. -I can’t go with you.
-I understand. Gloria sent this for you. Get me out of here. Get me out of here. GYM FOR RENT It’s shit. What happened? Oh, Jesus. An accident. I swear it was an accident. Sit down. -You want some coffee?
-No. -You want anything?
-No. I’m going to the hospital.
Are you coming? No, if I see her like that
it’ll break my heart. You know what? Will you do me a favor? Take her this photo. I think they’re her parents. -Staying for breakfast?
-No, thank you, I’m leaving now. Can you please eat with me, mom? In a minute. All day in the kitchen and she
can’t even have breakfast with me. Enjoy. Remember the Koreans. And take my nephew,
he might learn something. Now what? I’m going with you. Cayuco, charge this for me. You wanted to speak to me? Yes. I wanted to ask
for 2 days leave. My son is ill,
I don’t know what’s wrong. Very well, 2 days. -I hope he gets better.
-Thank you. As soon as Aurora gets here,
you’ll rest, I promise. Goodbye, sweetheart. Goodbye. Turk. -Turk!
-Yes? -Take her to her hotel.
-Yes. Listen, Gloria, don’t get angry, I know
you’ve thought it all out, but why don’t we do it
all at once? We can’t,
there’s lots of them. We can’t take them all on. Before we strike
we have to deci… What’s that word? It’s what the Romans did. -Decimate them.
-That’s it. Decimate them. This is for the car. -Hey, gorgeous!
-You’re hot stuff! -Afternoon.
-Hello. This is for Roberto,
a friend of mine here. Be careful. Yes. Don’t be angry with me. I know I promised you,
but they’ll look after my son. They’re my comrades. Gloria Duque sent me. -It was nice, wasn’t it?
-Yeah. What about
the film you mentioned? Yeah, it’s here. I’ll give it to you. “The Wild Bunch”. It’s a neat title. You know what, Coyuco? Talk to the assholes
at the airport. -Again?
-Yeah, again. I need a list of all the passengers
arriving on all flights from Spain. When you see
an Aurora Rodríguez, tell me. “Male Models”. Tell me, dear,
what can I do for you? I’m Aurora. Send me one at 7:00. The teacher put me in
for the essay competition. -Really? What did you write?
-Nothing. What do you mean? You have to be prepared, Juan. And if you’re going to bullfight,
stand up straight. Like that. The money’s on the table. He asked if you’re the one
they call Babyface. Yes, that’s what they call me. Mr. Hoan says that
he admires your work and that you don’t seem a faggot
like your companions. Tell him he doesn’t seem as big
a faggot as they say out there. Nor do his sons. I brought him a gift. Thank you, Turk. He says thank you,
he likes it very much. He asks if it’s French. Yes, I believe it is. He thinks that
when French women talk they seem to be naked. What do you think? He’s quite right. It’s a pity they’re so far away. He wants you to tell your partners
he approves of the deal, but he wants
to see the money first. It’s done. The Koreans are sorted out. We’re being robbed. Who by? Your wife’s pal. Those Spanish bitches have
given me nothing but problems. Fetch her. -I’ve finished.
-Let’s hear it. “A very rich man
lived in a big house. One stormy night, they found
the man dead in the library. He’d been poisoned. Inspector Fernández investigated. The poison had been
injected into his neck. No laboratory could say
what kind of poison it was. His son,
disappointed with the police, wanted to solve the mystery. He decided to spend the night
in the library and sit in the same chair
where his father was found dead. The next day,
a servant found him dead. Poisoned. Then, the younger daughter,
Paloma, decided to continue
with the investigation.” -What do you think?
-It’s very good, but who poisoned them? I don’t know,
but I’ll think of something. Put your hand on the table. If you want, you can leave. No, I’ll stay. Take it easy. Let’s move. What is this? What in hell is this? Is that how you iron? Iron them again,
they have to look like new. They’re Orientals,
they like things to be perfect. Orientals, gentlemen.
Remember that, Orientals. Perfectionists,
not like you bastards. GRAND FANCY
DRESS PARTY Cayuco, how do you think they look? Well, they look interesting. They’re too much. I wouldn’t worry,
after all, they’re just women. These ones are Spanish. I think that if things get rough
these are worse than action men. Angels are coming to earth. OUT OF ORDER Hello. Yeah. Hey, what’s up? Nothing, I’m here. What a hangover. Yeah, she’s a friend
of my cousin’s old lady. Sure, man. So long. Do you know who I am? I can imagine. Are you alone? Yes. Give me all the information you can
about Aurora Rodríguez. When she come in, goes out,
who calls her… Everything. Yes, sir. Don’t be nervous. Send one to the Viceroy Hotel. Room 114. Ask for Aurora Rodríguez. Make it soon. A guy is going to come
asking for her. Give him this and tell him to go home. Yes, sir. What do I owe you? Nothing. Nothing? Nice bit of work, huh? Wait… Call Gabriel. Call Gabriel! I told you to be punctual. Were you playing
with the cape? No. Say goodbye to your Aunt Ana. I’m embarrassed. You’re embarrassed? You weren’t when she gave you
pocket money. -It’s not the same.
-“It’s not the same.” Go on. Say goodbye to her. Goodbye, Aunt Ana. Here. Remember to give them
to your Aunt Aurora. And wait until I get there. Look, we’ve got it. Are you sure? She arrived yesterday. Ana talked about her. A bit odd, right? She’s a looker. A bit old for me,
but she’s not bad. We have to get back
that hard disk. I’ve got everything there. Transactions, dates, contacts,
everything. If we don’t get it back, it’ll be the longest suicide note
in fucking history. -Why did they do it?
-Come on. What? -Revenge.
-For what? -You killed one of them.
-I didn’t, it was an accident. -Sure.
-It was an accident. I don’t think it’s for revenge.
They’re old. Right? They’re whores, if you pay them
and fuck them well, you’re OK. Not with these ones. They’re blood sisters. Blood sisters? Give me a break. Are we still at fucking school? If only we were. If only we were. -Hello, love.
-Hello, Aunt Aurora. What’s up, Cayuco?
Why the long face? I’m worried. She’s one of those women
who turn boys into men and men into boys. So be careful. You can be such a sucker. -What’s she like in bed?
-She’s still young. And she won’t have time to learn. Fuck! So she wasn’t what you wanted. None of them is. Except your wife. Yeah, so they say. What did she say? -Go fuck yourself.
-She said that? I thought she said: “David, my love, you fuck
so well, you’re the best.” “You’ve got such a big dick.” “Here, look at this film
while I rob you.” Don’t talk crap! They’re here. A spider. -A spider?
-Yeah, a spider. The father travels a lot,
he’s very rich, and on a trip to the Amazon he brought back a baby
poisonous spider in his boot. -The baby grew and then Paloma…
-A spider. That’s terrific. But not an ordinary spider,
a mutant one, like “Spiderman”. That’s why they couldn’t
identify the poison. They’ll shit themselves. I’m bound to win. If you do, you have
to dedicate the prize to me. The spider was my idea,
remember that. I have to go. Finish writing it, and don’t move
till your mother comes. Give me the keys. Suck it, bitch. Like it was my cock. But it won’t come,
because you can’t swallow these. Take your second dick
out of her mouth and let her talk. I won’t hurt you. I won’t harm you. I’ll just kill you. A friend has it. -Is this your grandmother?
-So my mother says. But it’s her first husband’s mother. She makes me carry the photo,
she says it’s lucky. You know, women. Will you let me read it? Sure, you’ll like it. Yes? We know who’s got it. Are you coming here? Yeah, she gave us
a description of the car. All right. OK. You stay here and watch her.
David, let’s go. Do nothing tell we come back. Get on your knees. Zip up your fly
and get on your knees. Turn round. Don’t kill me, please. Give me one reason, fast. I can’t think of anything. Try. I’m a virgin. It’s great. I liked the mutant spider. -It’s neat, isn’t it?
-Yeah. -Was that your idea?
-Sure. Really? And it’s full
of spelling mistakes. Ah, fuck! What a drag. Couldn’t you…? I charge for this. Let’s see. Look, “library”
doesn’t have an “e”. We’ve got her now. What an asshole. Start the car! Why are you living in a hotel? It’s as good a place as any,
right? No, Gabriel. In an hotel, there’s always
lots of noise outside, but no one comes into your room except the maid. I heard that your friend
threw his wife out of a car. A bad business. Have you got nothing to say? No. You know, Gabriel, you remind me of the story
of the child who hurt himself. As he was too small to laugh and too big to cry,
he stayed silent, not knowing what to do. He spent his whole life like that,
neither laughing nor crying. He became a desperate man. You gave us our first job,
you know Félix… Félix doesn’t interest me. You interest me. Félix is an evil man. You’re famous, Gabriel. You’ve got nicknames. “The archangel”. “Babyface.” Everyone’s scared of you. There’ll be a song about you soon. Until one fine day a boy will come along
and kill you for no reason. Just so that he’ll have a song too. It’s all I’ve ever done. Only fools do just one thing
in their lives. Yes. I’m Gloria Duque. Do I know you? Yes, you do. You broke my hand
with a hammer. Remember now? How are you, sweetheart? Stop messing
and listen carefully. My friend will be at the door
of the 3rd carriage. We’ll make the swap
during the journey. We’ll give you the disk and you’ll give us $100,000. Your man will get off
at the next station. Take it easy. Come here, it’s all right. I won’t hurt you. I don’t know how to pray. And I don’t know
if you even exist. But I don’t want
to kill anyone or to die. Everything scares me. And when I’m scared I do horrible things. Like I did to Aurora. -Not a chance.
-Mom, listen. You want to be right,
like always. Go to his house, say I was sick,
I gave it to you yesterday but you forgot
to bring it to school. So you want to blame me. It’s a favor.
If you tell him the truth he’ll say it’s too late
to hand it in. You have to be dramatic, OK? OK, but I can’t do it
for a couple of hours. What matters is that you take it. It’s very good. Don’t move from here
until I come back. Have you got money? Here. Here. A neat bit of work. I told you, they wanted money,
not revenge. Maybe so. Please. Hey, guess what color of bag
I chose for the Koreans. What a fucking turn up. And to think it all started
with “Pretty Woman”. This is really a blow job. What’s up with you? We haven’t talked in weeks
or gone whoring. What have you been up to? Nothing. Waiting. For what? Even I don’t know. What about the girls? I already forgave them. Well, a bit of charity. No, joking apart,
I’m going to take them out. If it’s a problem for you,
we’ll give it to Leonardo. Are you sure? -Sure of what?
-That you want to kill them. Would you let them go,
knowing what they know? Is there a problem? I hope not. You need to go whoring. -How’s everything?
-Fine. -And Paloma?
-Inside. -Hi.
-Hi. Your brother’s in prison
with my old man. That’s right. I need you to give him a message. Tell me. I want you to tell him I’m not going to kill him. He needn’t worry. Let’s go! Take that fucking thing
out of your mouth. Félix is in no mood
for that crap. Shut up. My head’s sore,
I’m going to sleep. Poor Fatso. That a fucking woman
does that to you, and he’s so big. Cayuco, stop. Fucking lousy job. Nothing ever happens. Waiting here all day. What the fuck’s that? Don’t move! Don’t! Get back, move. Get back! She won’t shoot. She’s a woman,
she hasn’t got the balls. Come on, princess. Put the gun down. We won’t hurt you. You won’t shoot, will you? A woman as pretty as you. Get back. Open the door. Love, are you OK? Yes, don’t worry, I’ll take it now. No, I haven’t forgotten. Get Gabriel for me. No, leave it. Not now, Cayuco. Don’t worry. You don’t have to tell me anything. Shall I tell Félix, so you can meet him? No, really, but thanks.
Don’t worry. What’ll you do? Spend time with my wife. We don’t have children
and she feels lonely. She died young, didn’t she? Aurora, I have to tell you something. When we hit the Russians, there
were 2 cops outside who knew me. I was scared, I made a deal. I knew that. They told me in the police station. You did right. Prison kills you. Stay with her. She can’t die on her own. -Who is it?
-I’m Gloria Duque. Juan’s mother. Ma’am, it’s very late. Open the door. It’s important. I’m sorry, we’re having supper. -Parents usually call before…
-I just wanted to give you my son’s essay. He was sick
and I couldn’t… You’re bleeding!
Let me call a doctor. No, I just wanted
to give you the essay. It’s very good. Take it, please.
Thank you. Tell your father I’m very sorry
about what happened and, if he likes, I can get
all the money for tomorrow. I’m sorry, father,
he’s insulted you. -Shall we kill him now or…
-You never learn. How often have I said a man
must do 3 things himself: shit, eat and fuck. Call the others who wanted to do
business with us, they can kill them. My father is sorry too. If you can get the money tomorrow,
that’s OK. Fucking great. I thought we were screwed. Whether we’re screwed today
or tomorrow doesn’t matter. The problem is we’re screwed. Shall I find Gabriel? No. He won’t like
what I’m going to do. Look, this is for Juan. But don’t give it to him
until he’s 18. Not before. When he’s 18.
Will you remember? Will you remember? OK. And this is for you. Recipes. You’ll have to learn to cook. Kids eat lunch,
breakfast, dinner, lots. -I don’t know if I’m…
-OK? He’s in love with you. All his heroines
are called Paloma. Fucking yellow. It’s just a color. At times… my husband was a bullfighter and if he saw yellow
he took to his heels. I know. But Juan showed me his capes
and they’re lined with yellow. Yes, but that’s different. For them, tradition
is stronger than superstition. And yellow has to be there, so that there’s tragedy. Tragedy and ruin. It’s time we met,
right, sister-in-law? You stole from me. You laughed at me, and now thanks
to you they’re going to kill me. And now what? Now you come to save your sister? But that bitch is my wife
and I decide her future. Here’s what’ll happen. Your sister is going to spend
the rest of her days in a bed. 30, 40 years, who knows? And you won’t be able to do
anything because I’m going… Bitch! Is it for her? Come on, not for
a fucking bit of ass. Let me kill her,
I haven’t got much time. Not a chance. Are you sure? You’re a bastard. You know you’re the only person
in the whole world I couldn’t kill. I love you, bastard. And I love you. Leave it like that. What did they do to you? Let me see. Fuck it! I should have taken
the girl in red. Look, this is Talavante. They say I’m like him. And Cayetano, I’m like him too,
especially with the sword. And that’s maestro Ponce. Really I’m a mixture of the 3. But you write so well, why do you want
to be a bullfighter? Writing is for idiots. Being a bullfighter is the greatest thing. If you say so. But it’s very dangerous. Paloma, I’m a samurai. So am I. What’s your name? Gabriel. Gabriel, you have to treat me well. It won’t be easy. I’m sorry. Hell, I… I’d imagined things with you. Me too. You don’t have a husband, do you? No. That’s good. Here. I kept the photo of your parents. They’re not my parents. I found it in the first wallet
I stole. You’d better go. Go on. I like to see you walking. Remember me. Please. You remember me too. For my brother Adaptation: D. Mac Closkey Subtitles: TECHNICOLOR

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