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as a family we cope really well with the
girls having asthma and Amelia’s eight now and this year’s three guys girls have got preventer inhalers
and they both know when to use and I leaked a lot we should help prevent
their symptoms getting worse they’ll use it before brushing their teeth or
sometimes it’s after that we actually have a drink of water and wash them at
fairs which is what you need to do which note important down they really it’s
just my partner Eliza get before they go to bed they do it when they go or they
do it and they know that this might prevent them from having an asthma
attack it’s really important that they take
their preventer inhalers every day even if they’re feeling well and if it will
prevent that environment from having us attacking it’s part of the way they before amelia was officially diagnosed
with asthma and we came across a free UK and found the asthma pack online ordered
it and amelia sausages in the calendar and she was only two and a half when she
was filling this in so she couldn’t even really write her name properly but she
learnt to write and wifey yes and for now and she would use this every night
we put on a bedroom wall and veterinarians are questioning or hetero
figures and so she would ask her if she weighs today did she cost today
did it make her sleep disturbed and she would write their answers in and she
looked happy missing I think it really gave her that element of control

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