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Hi I’m Megan, today we’re going to talk about parvo. This is a little 15 week old puppy and he started having some diarrhea and started vomiting at home and so he was brought in here. It’s important to note that he did have three sets of his puppy vaccines before he got sick but he was playing with other puppies and so until they complete their whole series of vaccines the incidence of parvo is still very possible. So we did a parvo test and it was positive and we started hospitalization. Parvo is a virus and so there’s no way that we can actually get rid of the virus we can only support the dog until their body recovers from it. It attacks the lining of their intestines and so it does cause extreme diarrhea and we’ll have blood in the diarrhea and vomiting as well and so we see them get very dehydrated, they’re unable to eat for days at a time and so their glucose can get low with the vomiting and diarrhea we can see electrolyte abnormalities and so some of these guys are pretty intensive cases. You can see this dog is feeling a lot better he’s been with us for five days so it’s been quite a hospitalization for him. With these patients we are concerned about their white blood cell count. The virus will knock that out and so their white blood cell count is often very low so they’re susceptible to secondary infections. We’re very concerned with their protein levels so we’re checking albumin often with them. We are concerned about their blood glucose levels since they’re not able to eat so we’re often supplementing them with blood glucose and then nutrition is also very important. A young puppy can’t go for five days without taking in any nutrition so with this dog we have placed in an NE tube and we have been feeding him with a liquid diet. It is ideal if you can feed those little enterocytes and you know give those cells in the gut some nutrition and so if they are no longer vomiting it’s great to be able to place a feeding tube so we can feed them that way. They just take a lot of nursing care keeping them clean keeping them comfortable – a lot of diarrhea, a lot of vomiting to clean up and a lot of fluid therapy but with aggressive care most of these dogs will recover and go home and live long healthy lives. and that is how we treat parvo here at DoveLewis. One veterinary web site with everything you need! Check it out on

28 thoughts on “Parvovirus

  1. Very informative. We lost three dobermans in the middle of the 80´s decade due to this disease. We loved these dogs, but my dad was devastated since one of them died in our car, on route to the vet. I am glad nowadays people have access to all this information.

  2. My dog had parvovirus and she lived till 15 and didn't even take her to the vet but we didn't know she had parvovirus

  3. I'm happy to see your channel is still going. I just subbed and your videos are helping me in school. Keep doing what your doing. 😀

  4. Hola muy bonitos sus vídeos haber si pueden poner a lo menos el subtitulado en español sería muy bueno

  5. my dog had parvo and it was a really hard time for him the vet tought he woud die and we said thats not gonna happend he is a figthing littele dog and he surrvived and we had that dog only 2 days and than he got it.

  6. Parvo is a freakand death sentence if you dont have the thousands of dollars it takes to get them treatment. Ridiculous, all about the money rather than saving an animals life and a pet owners heart

  7. I had two Rottwielers, Max and Sheba, both 6 months. Max caught the virus first and was being treated for support. He was recovering well but for some reason my second dog Sheba started to show symptoms of it as well and couldnt last even a full night!

    Take my advice, they show the symptoms and you love your pets to death, dont spare any time or expense and have them given vet care right away.

    I wished i had noticed well in time and given my other dog the timely treatment as called for! Feels bad to lose your loved one and moreover someone who you vouched to take care of!!

    RIP Sheba!! You will remain in my heart till my last breath!

  8. What is the best medecine for parvo
    Please answer my question
    My dog have a parvo but i cant afford 1200 a day in hospital

  9. Something like this happened to my dog Marley but don't worry she lived so when I grow up imma be a veterinarian so I can save animals even if i have to put them to sleep I will do it its to help suffering animals

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