PatchMD Multivitamin – I use this while doing dry fasting! 😍

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Hi YouTube family! It’s Lola from Lola’s Life Lessons. How’s everybody doing today? I hope everybody’s doing great. Today I have a product review that I wanted to do for you guys. Now the product that I’m going to be reviewing is called the patch MD multivitamin. This product right here…. if you’re new to my channel hit the subscribe button and click that notification bell for future videos. This product right here. Just want to show you guys the ingredients in it. Now before we begin. I just want you guys to know that this product was sent to me by a company. Now I want you guys to know that regardless of whether a product is sent to me my company or if I go out and purchase it myself. I’m going to give you guys my honest review and my feedback on it. So I mean that is really important for me to tell you guys because I will always give you my honest review… To this date, I have not made a sponsored video. I think my channel is too small at this point for that but hopefully, I’m hopeful that in the future. I will do a sponsored video Christmas is coming so… that would be really nice. Hint hint companies… that are watching. All right. So what is patch MD. So I did my research because to be honest, I had never heard about PatchMD before. I didn’t know there was a vitamin that came in a patch form. I think that’s pretty cool to be honest, like I think that’s really really cool that there’s a vitamin that you don’t have to swallow and it’s a patch. Okay, so I didn’t want to research on this because as I said, I didn’t really have no idea what this patch MD was. So it is a topical vitamin and mineral patch it bypasses the stomach and kidney entirely. It’s designed with technology for better absorption into the blood entirely. So, I mean I’ve been hearing about this now technology this word this buzzword that keeps popping up. I think you guys should go and do your research on this nanotechnology. Because I am noticing this in a lot of products lately. Because it’s a patch. It has a slow-release formula and there is no skin irritation. There are 30 strips in a pack. It is not waterproof. So I guess if you take a shower with it on that’s not good. So you may want to have your shower and then put it on. You’re supposed to put it on an area that doesn’t help any hair. So I typically put it on my forearm and I I use the patch in the morning but my husband and he’s been sneaking some patches and he has been using them before he goes to bed. Personally, I think that’s kind of weird to put the patch on at night. I don’t know because I don’t know for me. The point of taking vitamins has always been to give me energy, so I don’t know. It’s weird… But anyways, I take mine in the morning. When I use a patch. It didn’t come off at all until I peeled it off myself and doing my research it says that it stays on for 12 to 16 hours and there is no benefit to keeping it on for more than eight hours. I guess all of the vitamins seep into you within that eight hour period. The benefits of this that I’ve researched is that there are no fillers. This patchMD is actually challenging the whole idea of taking pills to begin with and their saying that you know research is showing that we don’t even really know how much of that pill is actually getting to where it needs to go and a part of me does believe this challenge because for example, I may take a supplement and it may work wonderful for me. But my husband might take that same supplement and it does nothing for him and I’m talking about the blackstrap molasses that I used for my hair. I mean it did wonders for me. My body was able to absorb it but for him, he didn’t get any benefit. So I mean there could be something here and what they’re saying and the PatchMD is saying that studies are showing that only one to two percent of pills that we swallow actually gets absorbed into our system. That’s kind of scary. Another benefit is that they’re saying that there is a 90% absorption through the largest organ of our body which is the skin. So who is this PatchMD of made for it? It’s made for people that have pill fatigue… for people that hate taking pills. This is good for people that have gut issues. People that are bariatric patients. I have read that doctors do prescribe this patchMD to their bariatric patients and I can imagine why that would be. I mean their stomach is now so small and they’re only able to eat… Just a very small amounts of food and they do have to take a lot of vitamins and other supplements. So I would think that I could see why doctors would prescribe a patch instead of a pill. So the cost for this patchMD 19.99 and if you use the 5 percent discount code then it’s even less. Now when I looked at the anti-aging patch. I mean cost-wise pretty reasonable when you think about all the different vitamins and minerals and supplements that’s in the anti-aging one and if you were to buy them separately. I mean that could really really cost a lot. So as I was doing my research for this product, I wanted to know. I mean, how would I know if this is even working? But then I said to myself, I mean, you know when I take a multivitamin. How do I know what the multivitamin is working? I’m just sort of blindly taking the multivitamin hoping it works. I think all of us sort of blindly take multivitamins and we hope it works but I can certainly say that when I don’t take the patchMD. I can I do feel a difference energy-wise. So that’s one of the ways. Another way that I’ve noticed is that there is a slight change in the color of the urine. Just similar to when if you take a B vitamin. You’ll notice that your urine is darker. That’s another way to test. Some people feel a watering in their mouth when after they put the patch on I didn’t feel that at all. So I’m different. So another way of testing to see if this works would be blood work and I would say from bariatric patients. They’re seeing their doctors on regular basis and they would be seeing this in their blood work. So I mean like so one of my thoughts on it. I think this is great if you don’t like taking pills. So now it’s more convenient. Now for the little ones that you know if you want to give Multivitamins to your kids. I gave multivitamins to my daughter, when she was little. And give her the gummies or the Flintstones, but the Flinstones was filled with sugar. The gummies are filled with sugar, but I really didn’t have an alternative but it’s really good now to see that. There is an alternative. There is a kid’s formula of the patch MD, I love that it gets right into your body and you don’t have to actually take it internally. I also like the fact that I do live a fasting focused lifestyle and sometimes. I don’t feel like I’m getting enough vitamins and minerals. So I like that aspect of it. The aspect of if I want to do a dry fast I can just put the patch on if I decide that I want to do a water fast. I can also use the patch and I always feel that I don’t like taking vitamins on an empty stomach. I don’t like how it feels in my tummy. So this is actually really good if I do decide to do another water fast. I wouldn’t hesitate to use a patch. On the website they have all kinds of patches. There’s so many different ones. I’m actually thinking of getting the multivitamin for kids for my daughter. I love that it has the omega-3 in it. What I didn’t like about the patch. This patchMD…that it’s missing the omega-3 and but again, they do have the omega 3 and they’re saying that you can use multiple patches at one time. So I’m also thinking of trying that one. The omega 3 patch. I’m thinking of trying so many patches. I’m actually really excited to try more of them. I’m interested in trying the anti-aging patch. The allergy patch for my daughter and my husband. They both deal with allergies. My daughter, um she’s a teen but she has… My daughter deals with some health issues. So I think this pack alternative would be great for her. I’m also interested in the focus plus brain support and I think that would be really great for studying. The Keep Clear Acne… Also good for my daughter and the last patch that I’m very interested in. Is the patchMD Last Call Hangover. It’s great to see that there is an alternative to actually taking a pill by mouth. Alright guys, so that’s all I have for you today. Thank you so much for watching. Please give this video a thumbs up and share it with everyone You know and please comment down below if you have tried This patchMD. Let me know which ones you’ve tried. Let me know if didn’t work for you and um, I love you guys all very very much. Bye Well, thank you guys so much for watching Please subscribe. Please like. Please share, and I want all of you guys to stay happy and happy. Bye!

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