Patchouli and Myrrh Essential Oil’s “Peace on the Go” Inhaler

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(uplifting inspiring music) – Hi, I’m Andrea Butje,
Founder Aromahead Institute. And in today’s video, I want to make an inhaler with you. I called it Peace on the Go. And it’s an inhaler to help you in times where you want to feel really calm. It could be as simple as you’re sitting down to meditate, if you meditate, and you just want some support for that. It could be that you’re
having a really stressful day, you just need to calm down. It could be that you’re trying
to go to sleep at night, any situation where it needs calming, this inhaler you’re gonna love. It’s a recipe for my book,
The Heart of Aromatherapy, and it’s one that I use a lot. So, I have an inhaler here. It’s not your typical kind of inhaler, actually it’s a reusable one
that I wanted to show you. So you open it up, and
it’s got a glass vial. And you take the top
off of the glass vial, and that’s where you put
your organic cotton wick right in there, and then we’ll drop the drops of essential oil
there, and we’ll close it up. So then when you’re done using it, maybe three months or so,
you can take the cotton out. I use a little tweezer and pull it out and you can wash it and
make a whole new blend, so you can just keep reusing this inhaler. Some of the other inhalers are not as easy to reuse, so we just recycle
them, but this one’s great. Okay, so that was a little side note, a little fun inhaler info. Now in this Peace on the Go inhaler, of course we have the patchouli, ’cause we all know about patchouli
and feeling peaceful. So it is such a beautiful aroma. And sometimes the top’s a
little sticky with patchouli, have you ever noticed that? It’s just what happens with some of the thicker oils is the top kind of sticks a little. I love that aroma, and it is so calming to the nervous system,
patchouli just likes to calm everything down. So inflammation, your
skin, your nervous system, it’s all about calming. So we’re gonna put six drops of patchouli in this inhaler. And patchouli comes out
slow, ’cause it’s thick. There we go, five, six, great. It didn’t come out that slow. And it’s a beautiful
golden color, I love it. If by chance it’s not your favorite aroma, you could replace this with vetiver, that would be really beautiful. Okay, and then I’m gonna
use six drops of myrrh. Now myrrh has that same sticky top thing, ’cause it’s another really resinous oil. And even at the top, I haven’t had the bottle that long, but right away you get this sort of crystallization, don’t worry that’s normal with myrrh. Myrrh has a really unusual
aroma, and it’s very calming for the nervous system,
and it’s used really to calm your respiratory system, calm your breathing,
calm your nervous system, so it’s again, perfect for this blend. Peace on the Go, okay, so we’re gonna put six drops of myrrh,
and again, it’s kind of a thick oil, that’s two,
three, four, five, six. So it comes out sometimes a little slower than some of the others. Okay, and then I’ve got rose, and I’m just gonna put one drop of rose, and this is all about your heart, it’s all about feeling
centered and feeling love and feeling connected to yourself, which is exactly what we want when we’re feeling stressed, right? It’s almost the opposite
of feeling stressed. So I’m gonna put one drop,
and this is rose otto, it’s a rose that’s been distilled. And then I’m gonna put two
drops of Roman chamomile. And I love using the sweet
flower of Roman chamomile, it’s so calming, I just, I smell it and I can envision ’cause I’ve been in fields of Roman chamomile. It’s different than German chamomile, it’s a pure white flower, and I’ve been in fields of it, and it’s intoxicating, it’s so calming and
beautiful, so I’m gonna put two drops in of our Roman chamomile, and let’s see, one, two, okay. So we’re good. Now I’m gonna put this top on, this is the top that has the holes in it for you to smell through. And then I’m gonna just put it right into its bottom, so now we have it in perfect shape to be able to inhale it and feel immediately more centered, more in yourself, more grounded,
calmer, it’s beautiful. And then there’s a little cover that you can put on so you can
easily carry it around. Now before we finish, I just want to read you a little story about Rose. Because in my book, in
The Heart of Aromatherapy, I gave every essential oil a personality, a character, maybe a profession or a job in order to highlight its
therapeutic properties, and to help you remember them. So Rose itself has a love and
relationship advice column. Perfect, right? Rose sees the world through
rose-colored glasses. Everywhere it goes, it’s
always helping people recognize the beauty all around them, and bringing out the love in their hearts. It runs an advice column
for love and relationships, so it can help people far and wide. Rose’s column is popular because it is always offering practical solutions and sound advice that people can put into practice right away. It loves to ask what does
your heart want to do today? An empowering question that helps people put love into practice. Alright, so I hope you love this inhaler, and I’ll see you soon, bye for now.

21 thoughts on “Patchouli and Myrrh Essential Oil’s “Peace on the Go” Inhaler

  1. Thank you as always Andrea. I will be trying this but I wanted to ask if you can recommend oils for hot flushes….I’m from the uk and thought I’d welcome them in our cold climate…but I’m dying!!! I’m a hot mess. Please help 🌱🌿🌺🌹

  2. Great timing! My husband asked me to fillout a wish-list, of course I added your book. Thanks Andrea for sharing your creative e.o. combinations.

  3. I love the tips you give on essential oils. What's the best way to test out blends without wasting too much product?

  4. I love patchouli and myrrh. Especially patchouli. I bought some patchouli herb, myrrh and frankincense resins. I want to make an incense with them. Maybe add some orange peel? Perhaps sweet orange EO. I don’t know another bright note. I LOVE rose Otto I cannot afford it though. I bought a rose blend with jojoba instead. One day I will buy rose EO. I wasn’t to get your book. I’m one who likes to personalize things that aren’t people. Not sure how to say what I mean there.

  5. Have you ever considered selling roll-ons with these oils? Some of the recipies use so little of an oil, it doesn't make sense to buy an oil to use 1-2 drops. I would love this but can't justify buying the oils for so little use.

  6. Hi Andrea, I bought your book and I love it. Unfortunately I don’t have the exact oils as in your reciepes, can you suggest ways for me to look for subsitution oils? Thank you.

  7. Hey Andrea, ordered your book a few days ago, and I think it’s coming in today 😊 Could you possibly steer me in the direction of where to purchase inhalers with the reusable wick sand the glass vials. Thank you!!!!!

  8. I've read that some people use Pink Himalayan salt in inhalers, sometimes with part of a wick, in order to get the benefit of inhaling the salt along with the essential oils. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this before I try it. Thanks!

  9. Hi Andrea, thank you for this lovely recipe. but what if my Rose oil is Rose absolute, how many drops should I use in this recipe!

  10. Could you share a recipe for a nice scent for a roller bottle love the earthy scents. As well as bergamont one of my favorite i love them all

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