Patient Story: Rocio’s asthma treatment at the University of Illinois Hospital

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hi, my name is Rocio Prieto and several years ago as I was As I was in my undergraduate studies, I was I Diagnosed with Mild intimate and asthma I never thought I would be able to actually hold a cat in my hands and air my arms So it was a really really horrible experience because I love animals and I love dogs and kitties Dr. sharma ly Nine highs proposed that I get the allergy shots and be treated for my allergy symptoms and a Miracle happen, I mean I feel like like I have a new life because for a while I was at a point where I was consistently needed more medication more rescue inhalers and After I was treated a little bit. It’s now been a little bit over a year that I’ve been getting the allergy shots But now I just feel like a totally new person I have not used my rescue inhaler in many months now So I forget sometimes that I have asthma Recently I’ve been bringing about it so much that people just started asking me about it because they actually see the changing I’m always telling them about the Dr Sharma ly nine hice and one of the things [I] tell [him] is that she’s always very willing to listen Nowadays, you don’t get that too much university of Illinois hospital and health sciences system changing medicine for good

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