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Pediatric Environment Scenarios This video will demonstrate a typical pediatric patient with allergy symptoms. Your pediatrician will test and if necessary treat your child’s allergies and control their asthma. Environmental and seasonal allergies seriously affect your child in all their activities. This slide shows how recess or just getting to school can affect your child’s performance. Classroom Focus Issues Poor daily activity, playtime interrupted Meals disrupted Poor sleeping habits If your insurance covers 80% of your annual medical expenses then you cover the remaining 20% Health saving account is a tax advantage medical savings account available to taxpayers in the United States who are enrolled in a high deductible health plan. You may use your health savings account to pay your portion or deductible There are two types of doctor’s, primary care physician and specialist Initial Consultation, Allergy Testing, Immunotherapy Decision, Immunotherapy mixing, Allergy Injections Asthma Control during Immunotherapy, and Progress Checkup

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