Pediatric Asthma – FTCC Multidisciplinary Simulation Clinical

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LPN (left) : My name’s Aaron. I’m the LPN night nurse and I took care of little Johnny Hoffman. He’s a two year old male with a history
of asthma. He’s had multiple ED visits throughout the past year. Woman (right) : Okay. LPN (left) : He’s had some mild wheezing, nonproductive cough throughout the night. He’s been awake and playing with his toys. His O2 stats have remained steady at 93 to 94 percent on room air. Dodi : Hi Johnny! I’m Dodi. I’m gonna listen to you this morning. Oh you poor thing! Don’t cry! Johnny : *crying* Dodi : Oh your mouth is getting blue and having some wheezing. Your Pulse Ox is dropping. Let’s get some oxygen on you. Johnny : *Crying* Dodi : Johnny, are you okay? Hi this is Dodi in 221. Johnny Hoffman is going to need his PRN Nebulizer. All right. Thank you very much. All right, Johnny. Johnny : *Crying* Off Screen : Hey! How are you? Dodi : Hey! How are you doing? Left : I just came for the respiratory. Dodi : Hi! This is Johnny Hoffman. I was just going to get his blood pressure. Left : Hey what’s his birthday? Dodi : His birthday is February 6th. Left : Okay. All right. I’m going to take a quick listen to him. When’s the last time he had his nebulizer checked? Dodi : He had his last nebulizer at 4:30. Left : Okay. And it’s 6:45 now? Dodi : Mhm. Left : Okay. Yeah he’s got some significant wheezing going on. Dodi : Yeah. I heard that this morning. Left : I’m going to go ahead and turn this off and go ahead and get this started. Dodi : Okay. Left : Is he always this upset or is he just upset right at the moment? Dodi : Well his mom just left the room and he got a little upset. Left: All right, Johnny. We’re going to get you going here, buddy all right? Make you feel a little bit better. I hear that cough going on. Okay. Now when he does have his treatments normally he wears the mask right? Dodi : Yeah we put the mask on him. Left : There we go, Johnny.

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