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Before trying a nasal wash with a child, talk
about it. Encourage the child to help as much as possible. Children may need assistance in preparing
the solution. Lean over the sink with your head tilted slightly
to the left. Place the cap of the sinus rinse bottle snugly
against the left nostril. Keep the other nostril open, gently squeeze
the sinus rinse bottle with just enough pressure to allow the fluid to come out of the other
side of the nose or out of the mouth. If ear pain occurs, too much pressure is being
used. Blow your nose lightly. When you repeat the nasal wash with your right
nostril, lean over the sink with your head tilted slightly to the right. Continue to alternate nostrils until the nasal
congestion is relieved. Once you complete the nasal wash, toss the
rest of the salt water solution in the bottle. The nasal wash is a simple technique to do. Like any procedure, the key is practice. If you have any questions be sure to ask your
health care provider.

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