Penyebab Mata Merah || Penyebab sakit mata merah, bengkak, berair,gatal dan belekan ,

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assalamu’alaikum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh in this video I will discuss the causes of red eye see red eye is called conjunctivitis red eye is a sign of inflammation in the eye the cause of red eye is the first is dust the second is allergies such as cat fur and flower pollen allergies allergy characteristics are red eyes, red nose and sneezing accompanied by sneezing the third is bacteria characteristic of eye pain are red eyes, swollen, runny, and muddy colored turbid and when you wake up it is difficult to open your eyes the fourth is a virus its features are red, swollen, watery eyes and clear-colored chunks and sore throats the fifth is chemicals such as acid, chili, vinegar and others red eye is the response of the eye if you experience pain the sixth is diseases such as blepharitis, bloated eyes and others how to deal with red eye must be according to the cause such as because bacteria use antibiotics, because viruses use anti-viruses, because of allergies use anti-allergies and because of dust use eye drops so many vlogs from me and hopefully useful don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment and share assalamu’alaikum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh

39 thoughts on “Penyebab Mata Merah || Penyebab sakit mata merah, bengkak, berair,gatal dan belekan ,

  1. Nyimak penyebab mata merah … Mantap. Senang L+1 nonton video kk ini, yuuukk menyapa dan berkunjung ke teman-teman kita. Selamat siang!

  2. penyebab mata merah || penyebab sakit mata merah, bengkak, berair, gatal dan belekan ,,,,,4.45 ……mata merah disebut konjungtivitas..penyebabbnya bisa kena debu….

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