People Allergy (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】ヒトサマアレルギー

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Ah… Ah… Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah I’m hurting, and hurting, and hurting Stabbing me, and burning, enduring, enduring I’m seeing, and seeing, and seeing Nothingness And disappearing, to bleary and bleeding Right out of view~ Nobody, Nobody, Nobody Worthy of believing, nobody for nothing Then over, and over, and over Tragedies hang lower And slower The horror Closer they drew Fear of humanity… living in hiding.. A friend but only in name We were never the same Another thorn in my way I do-do-do-don’t need… N-n-n-now I can see you lied Laughing at me nearly every time Welling my eyes with a sudden pain Staining my brain, will it ever change? N-n-n-now I can see my heart Broken again, pick up every part But now I know it’ll never end Someone will come tear me down again Somebody, somebody, somebody Worthy of relying I’m trying and crying I’m needing and needing and needing Any kind of leading brain feeding and thinking Closer it drew Hating humanity But in reality The thing I hate even more Coward I can’t ignore Deep in me I’m sure! I Hate! Really hate!! N-n-n-now I can see you lied Tying my heart so it couldn’t fight Welling my eyes with a sudden pain Staining my brain, it’ll never change N-n-n-now I can see my heart Fully inflamed hide it safe and apart Tell me, how can I see the end? An easy way to live free again? (Holding a noose round my tightened neck..) (Closing my eyes, run away, forget…) (Waiting for help on an SOS..) It never came so it may be dead! N-n-n-now I that see you lied I live in fear, burning up inside Scratching at hives and the wounds that I got And now I found that I couldn’t stop N-n-n-now I can see my heart Red and inflamed hidden safe, apart Tell me, how can I do that again? An easy way to be finally dead? I guess you can’t make the hurting end [Instramental]

80 thoughts on “People Allergy (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】ヒトサマアレルギー

  1. Sometimes, when I'm in large groups of people, I feel isolated. Like everything else kind of fades away and I feel like dying. I don't usually panic though, which I'm quite thankful for.

  2. I’m allergic to people too and I hyperventilate so I gotta get a social worker cause when someone brings out something that triggered my panic attack it just feels like it happened again

  3. This song is straight up my soul, I'm autistic and suffer extreme anxiety on top of that, I can't even be near my family for more than a few hours without having to spend time alone or I'll end up having a really bad panic attack, (or anxiety attack depending on the situation) I love this song and think it's really relatable

  4. This song makes me think of my own social anxiety, not that I'm self diagnosing, or saying that juby has it or that it's just an allergy of humans but like the chorus reminds me of it a lot-

  5. My brother hates me for making my parents argument worse, my best friends are telling me to stop, and they keep trying to talk to me, but.. I know what i'm doing. I'm aware of my mistakes. I simply don't care what happens with me, at this point.

  6. Exacly How I feel. Humanity sucks and dont wat to learn so they will perish. their choice so i wont interfiere

  7. I thought it was a still image till i saw her blink and the tv sv static and i thought i was trippin or smthn.

  8. this song brings me back to that feeling of thinking everyone is watching you in class, that they can see you have no friends, no one, knowing that you're lonely. I hate that feeling that continues and grows into a voice telling you that none of your friends could ever understand you, ever care about you, and that they only pity you. It does make me feel sometimes that I do have social anxiety or some form of what this song is describing.

  9. Do you even sometimes think that it is a literal allergic reaction to people? Like, allergic reactions to otherwise innocuous substances, foods, plants, etc…is a direct result of heightened threat perception, just at a very deep-seated level that we can't perceive. I think that social anxiety is literally an allergic reaction to people. The two even have the same ways of taking root, and of working through them…

  10. In my early years of vocaloid i thought the girl on the cover was just some anime girl, but i got into it and a few days ago i was just sitting there and thought "IT WAS FLOWER HOLY SHIT"

  11. why do i desperately trying to comment something funny on every video i watch what the fuck is wrong with me

  12. It takes more power to overcome social anxiety than anything. I know because I’ve helped many push through it and I’ve been their shoulder when it all became too much. I’ve seen many people as young as me (17) try and it all because of social stress. I forced myself to become a barrier for them. This song brings the issues of social anxiety into a VERY vibrant light.

  13. without the fear to propel me from where I can't see, what is there to drive this machine forwards?
    oh btw this "people allergy" kairiki refers to is, in fact, one in the same to other allergies. deep-seated, generalized fear. body reacts the same way and everything

  14. i get this cause i have social anxiety and its hard to trust people. for me its cause of abuse. also from all the things i have been told as a child it sticks with me the words like "your a brat" and "she died cause of you" and "its all your fault" and "you should die" that kinda thing and i have a fear when people look at me for some reason i feel like there gonna hurt me. and if anyone was holding a belt or a whip i will lay on the ground and just cry thinking there gonna hit me. most people think i'm weird or if i have some issue. and there right. i hate liars…And cheaters it just makes me feel…so mad im not sure why. sometimes i just wanna die. and when i try i find out that no one cared at all…
    I just wrote this cause i wanted i don't think anyone is gonna care to read this…

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