Peppermint Oil Benefits and Uses

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Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here, Doctor of Functional
Medicine and Founder of Today, I’m going to talk to you about one of my favorite
essential oils, and that’s peppermint essential oil. Peppermint oil benefits are incredible.
The uses of peppermint essential oil have been proven for thousands of years. I want to start with this, and this is going
to surprise you I bet. When I started looking into essential oils and their health benefits,
I knew they were used throughout history for over 5,000 years. I knew they were beneficial,
but I didn’t know how many medical studies there would be on them. When I went into PubMed and started looking
at the medical literature, I was shocked to find out on peppermint oil alone there are
over 1,200 medical studies. So over a 1,000 medical studies on this essential oil in proving
that it helps heal your digestive tract, that it improves your breath, that it fights cancer. Some incredible benefits there of this essential
oil. What makes peppermint oil so powerful is it contains a compound called [mentho]
or menthol. This compound has been shown to act as an analgesic on the body, reduce inflammation,
and act as an antioxidant. I want to share with you some of the best
ways to use peppermint oil. By the way, peppermint oil is one of the top two used essential oils
in the United States today along with lavender essential oil. But peppermint oil, one of the most common
ways I use it is as a natural breath freshener in my natural toothpaste recipe. What I do
for my natural toothpaste is I mix coconut oil with baking soda in equal parts, let’s
say a tablespoon of each, along with about 20 drops of peppermint oil. Mix that together.
That’s what I use for my natural toothpaste at home using peppermint essential oil. The other way I’ll use peppermint essential
oil is just as kind of a natural mouthwash or breath freshener is I put one drop in water
and drink it down. It freshens the breath. Another way peppermint oil has been shown
to benefit your health is by naturally boosting your energy levels. In fact, there was a recent
medical study that found by just smelling peppermint oil it naturally increases your
energy levels. My wife carries this around in her purse with her. Before we go into a
workout, sometimes we’ll smell it. I know a professor, and this is incredible
as well, who works with his students and he actually diffuses cedar wood oil and peppermint
oil during his class, because cedar wood oil has been shown to help ADHD symptoms and improve
focus. Peppermint oil improves his energy and concentration. So he actually diffuses this oil in his classroom
to help his children focus while they’re test taking. So, this is great for that reason
as well. Peppermint oil has also been shown in medical
studies to help soothe irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut like issues. If you struggle
with digestive issues, peppermint oil can really help soothe and cool your digestive
tract. Just one to two drops in water taken daily is greatly beneficial. Or, you can actually
just put it right on your skin as well. Another great thing to use peppermint oil
for is to open your airways for bronchitis, allergies, or asthma. You can mix peppermint
oil with eucalyptus oil and use it as a natural vapor rub. So again, a tablespoon of coconut
oil, five drops peppermint, five drops eucalyptus, rubbing that on the chest is a natural vapor
rub, helps open up the lungs and airways. It’s also great during allergy season whether
you just put a drop under your tongue, or do it in water, or rub it again on your neck.
It really helps open the sinus airways and lung airways helping you breathe better. Also, it can help eliminate headaches. If
you’ve got headaches, mixing three drops of lavender oil, three drops of peppermint oil
on your hand, and rubbing them on your neck area actually has been shown to naturally
help relieve headaches. It also can be used if you’re making your
own at home muscle, sort of a muscle rub. In your at home muscle rub, peppermint oil
is one of the best along with frankincense. You can mix that with some coconut oil. If
you’ve got sore muscles or sore joints after a workout or even arthritis, you can rub peppermint
oil mixed with coconut oil right on the area and it can naturally relive pain. I could go on and on. With over 1,000 medical
studies done on peppermint oil, we know it’s greatly beneficial. I wanted to offer you guys a gift for a limited
time only. On my website right now, I’m giving away a free ebook on essential oils. It’s
typically a $25 value. Right now, it’s free. If you want to check out the ebook, just go
to and search essential oils. Any of my essential oil articles, we have that
ebook attached there. Even if you go to Google right now and do a search for “Dr. Axe peppermint
oil,” in that article you’ll find my free ebook. It’s called ‘The King’s Medicine Cabinet,’
and I go through the best ways to use these essential oils for healing, including peppermint
oil. Hey, guys, this has been Dr. Axe. I hope you
start using peppermint oil to take your health to the next level.

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  1. are you really a doctor ? or just a self proclaimed internet guru….??? I'm not knocking the homeopathic cures you push…I actually use most of them….but Dr Axe just doesnt come across as a genuine doctor ….

  2. So nice to know more about peppermint oil! I thought it was for candy canes, candy and cookies at Christmas time but Now I am thinking it can be for Christmas in July! lol🎅 I made a coconut milk with a few drops of peppermint oil and yummy! It is great for sore muscles too!

  3. PEPPERMINT OIL is my go-to Lifesaver for chronic migraines (that I've had since the age of 5!?!) So I apply the oil directly to where the migraine pain is coming from (which actually is in unknown reason of a hole in my skull on the left side of my head that is medically unexplainable and not supposed to be there!!!) But it seriously helps so much by relaxing and numbing that area and the area around it – and also helps with the nausea that goes hand-in-hand with chronic migraines (as I normally get physically sick due to the severe pain!!!) So I am careful where I directly Place pure oils on my body, and have experienced skin irritations – like on my face, but as far as on my head – like under my hair it is a God sent Miracle of Mother Nature!!!

  4. I was wondering if you agree with my findings or if anyone else is noticing these additional benefits from taking mint.

    1. No more mosquito bites! This is a huge benefit for me as I live in Florida where mosquitoes can be a terrible nuisance. I started taking mint capsules in the morning on an empty stomach and noticed that the mosquitoes have not been biting me anymore. It's working even better than insect repellent which contains dangerous chemicals.
    2. I can tolerate caffeine again! I add a mint tea bag to my regular tea and don't have to worry about the caffeine bothering my stomach. I know that it's not good to drink caffeine with a sensitive stomach but in certain circumstances I might need to stay awake and caffeine was bothering my stomach. Mint tea really helps at stopping the pain, so, I can have some energy without getting stomach pains.

  5. I put on cotton swab and put on teeth and then brush and it is so refreshing just to breath it in your mouth. You can also dip brush in it and brush. Works great.

  6. doin essential oils you have to be realllly careful, 2 drops of pepermint oils will tear your stomach pup, ppl. need to research more! i did Lemon oil for 2 weks one drop in gallon of water, hurt my kidneys! you dr's need to be more careful of what you are telling people. these Oils are POTENT!!!! Everyone on here is a DR.???? I listen to you all the time but sometimes you are just wrong in your advice!!!! ppl. listen and jump right in , only to find they should of done more research. Peppermint oils and eucalyptus oils are also to strong for younf babies!!! just trying to help!!! RESEARCH!!!

  7. I have a question, I used peppermint oil in coconut oil on my neck and behind my ears for a headache for the first time( just getting into oils), I started weeping, tears just came out, for about 3 minuets, and my headache went away…I have defused it many times and this has never happened, it didn’t feel like it was bothering my eyes. Do you have any idea why this happened? Thanks

  8. I think this video gave some spot on good tips! it helps so much naturally and easily. Peppermint oil really helps my headaches and i get them really bad… You guys should check out some more info on my link to see how peppermint oil helps not only headaches but more!

  9. You know water n oil don't mix right? My mother n law has a hole in her gut from doing a glass of water w eos drops in it

  10. Peppermint is the best. I take it 2-5 times a day. Especially for talking to customers. Freshens my breath,plus I love the tingling taste!

  11. I do not recommend using essential oils internally. I mean granted I have only been researching essential oils for 25 years. So this doctor does have part of his information correct but using peppermint in small amounts can help with digestion but it can also relax the lower esophageal sphincter allowing stomach acid to rise into the back of the esophagus causing gerd and acid reflux attacks. Just remember not everyone will react the same way to essential oils some people will be fine with his advice and some will not be. Everyone's system responses are not the same, what if you dont know your allergic to peppermint oils and you take his advice and drink it down and it kills you. When you take oils internally you roll the dice, will it help me or harm me.

  12. Hi doctor
    I used tea tree oil in nose directly. Now I am suffering from mucus please help me how can I get rid of it.please help me.

  13. Dr. Axe, where can i find reliable studies that verify peppermint oil's effects on constipation and digestion in general? I posses a wonderful book written by Dr. Scott Johnson "Evidence Based Essential Oil Thereapy" and I have a few of you equally wonderfully publications. In Dr. Johnson's book however, he does not cover Peppermint in the area of relief of constipation. I may be being overly cautious; but better safe than sorry! I absolutely love peppermint oils….I even grow several different mints in my herb gardens and it would be awesome to be able to add the information to my little home remedy list for our 11 children and 17 grandchildren! Thank you so much!

  14. I just got some today because I heard it could soothe pain due to a large ovarian cyst on my left ovary. I rubbed two drops on my pelvic area and it immediately stopped the throbbing and cramps. I Love this stuff already

  15. Checked your bone broth and with 17 servings it cost 4 dollars per serving on sale. Some of us cannot afford your supplements no matter how good they are. One thing for sure they're good for your bank account. Had to unsub. Adios!

  16. I got better outcomes taking this gout treatment solution “Vοvοpαm Azb” (Google it) rather than I did from years of taking 2 prescription drugs. There is no doubt I will carry on using this treatment. Just to be absolutely clear on about my experience, the gout pain vanished after the second take on the first day and completely gone on the 2nd day.

  17. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I rely on Toradol shots for tension headaches. My neck/muscles swell right up and nothing else seems to work. Going to give this a try!

  18. What you say here is 101% Truth, my grandfather used it for me as well as himself…and i still use it 62 yrs old & living in a very toxic area…everyone i know goes on medicines at abt age 40's…im still medicine Free…& i intend to stay that way…once they begin the regimen their health really spirals down…& im still goin strong…..dr wants me to be on the regimine but can not put me on it because there is no physical reason to do so..other than soothing drs ruffled feathers…."no one your age should be without a regimen"…& asked why?…she said "because!"…"what if?"…"I believe in preventitive medicine!"….well doc…so do i…& im preventing those what ifs by Not going on that deadly cocktail regimen…the 'tests' Prove im Living Proof of that….she glares at me then… i say well, when that 'finally' happens doc..we will talk abt it then ……didn't tell her im still not gonna do that regimen no matter what..let nature take it's course at my age! lol

  19. I use it for bug repellent
    For nausea (just smell it)
    For nose and chest decongestant in a child’s baby bottle or cup
    Or for myself
    I also find if I feel a little blah I take a wif and I instantly feel better

  20. Peppermint aromatherapy is a great way to get rid of headaches and nausea, along with acupressure applied to the P6 point on your wrist. With this combination of aromatherapy and acupressure, your headache and nausea feeling decreases, leaving you feeling fantastic! Go to to grab yours!

  21. I do mint everything! all my body soaps are mint, I wash my clothes in mint soap, I eat mint candy all the time, I use mint cooking recipes when I can, and I even have mint essential oils! The reason I use mint so much is it helps with migraines and it acts as a calming effect for me.

  22. Does anyone know how I can dilute my hair oil that has too much peppermint oil in it? Please help because I can’t throw it away I paid $$ and she put peppermint oil in it

  23. Thanks a lot Dr Axe, my peppermint oil just arrived yesterday. This video is well put together and well appreciated.

  24. I use peppermint oil daily for neck and back pain. It's a pure concentrate. The relief it provides is similar to bengaye and is almost euphoric!!

  25. kills good and bad bacteria when ingested. this can lead to disbiosis in the gut because it can not distinguish between good and bad bacteria it just kills all. disbiosis is an imbalance in the gut and can lead to autoimmune or some other type of disorder. I disagree with this dr. although he has a lot of good info be careful do the research

  26. Bargzoils have been proved to improve sleep, relieve headaches, and promote healthy skin and hair. Forget lab-formulated skincare products and really leverage a proved natural solution to a lot of everyday problems. You can check their website here:

  27. Doctor Axe,
    I have a serious question for you that I haven't been able to solve on my own or find answers to. When I went to the store I found honey with clover in it (not the actual clover seen with the naked eye.) And when I put that honey in a warm cup of Green Tea (organic and no caffeine.) I vomited on 2 separate occasions. An allergies test was done and I have no food allergies whatsoever. So, why did this happen and what does this mean?
    Thank you so much,

  28. All the EOs I bought have the notification than it should only to be used external. So which EOs would you advise me to buy which are also internal to be used, Dr. J. Axe?

  29. Our family plant peppermint plants all around the house and we eat them raw all the time. We eat so much. I am talking about at least a pound per serving.

  30. I got my scaling done recently but plaque is building up again. How can I keep my teeth and overall oral healthy without oil pulling?

  31. I'm confused when it comes to treating inflammation because of obvious reasons, In my case it has persisted since a very long time so if mint cools and constricts and hot dilates and heals then what am I supposed to do in case of RSI and RMI? I hope to hear from you soon!

  32. what should you do if peppermint oil go down your nose and throw your throat what is a better way to get released swallow better

  33. URgent question. I mixed a 1 oz vial with a cup of water & a few drops of detergent. Sprayed countertops with this mixture due to mice invasion. Peppermint smell overwhelming and I moved my dog to master bedroom. Are we safe. I was told this recipe keeps mice at bay.

  34. i just bought some peppermint oil as an essential oil for my is really refreshing smell and makes me breath clearer and my head feels clearer.i think it is more clearer than other oils eg ylang ylang is very relaxing aswell.

  35. I tried Peppermint oil in my diffuser when I slept. It woke me up twice in the middle of the night.
    You just mentioned it gives you energy, so probably not recommended if you want to sleep! 😊

  36. I use minoxidil but after it dry I use peppermint oil mix with jamaican black castor oil would that help me with the gains in also keep them

  37. Some herbs use only when needed because mint and peppermint will decrease male sperim count really low and some people mite want Kids.

  38. If only people would switch out their Newport menthols sniffing peppermint oil. It worked for me. That ,and finding out I was pregnant. Immediate stopped smoking😉

  39. I just drunk 1 drop of oil in a big glass of water and I'm wondering If I will be able to survive today 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  40. My husbands allergies are going away since we started using peppermint and eucalyptus oils throughout the night.

  41. Does it work for horrible period cramps??
    Asking for a friend
    Lol jk it's for me… i get HORRIBLE CRAMPS AND PMS EVERY MONTH. I'M EVEN thinking if someone is wrong with my uterus! Dr put me on bc to see if that helps but honestly i dont want to be taking bc pills. I want some more natural. I just ordered peppermint e.o with a diffuser. The oil i ordered on Amazon was one that says "Amazon's choice" it was hard choosing one. But I'll give it a try

  42. Which specific brand peppermint oil should I buy?It seems difficult to decide because many say for external use only on the bottle!

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