Perfect Aire Makes for a Cool, Allergy-Free Home for Summer

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– Hi, we’re the Rasmussen Family. My name is Jackie. – I’m Bryan. This is Elliot. – This is Ila. Welcome to our home. (upbeat banjo music)
– We’ve lived in Florida for about six or seven years. We bought this house
about four years ago. Since we’ve lived here,
we’ve started noticing the air quality
in the house going down. We have a three year
old and a five year old and when they were younger,
we started having a lot of respiratory problems. – I have a severe mold allergy
so I’m very sensitive to the air outside
when certain plants bloom and I was noticing
when I was getting sick more and more often,
it had to do with the bloom cycles
and how much air was getting sucked into the house. – Bryan came to us with
a very classic story. He had a house
built in the ’60s, he’s probably had
two air conditioners, maybe three put into the house. The house was originally
not built with air conditioning at all. What Bryan was saying was that
his family was suffering from different colds. They always seemed
to have some type of issue with the
air quality and I knew right away what it was. When we got here,
we found a traditional air conditional package unit
that we pulled from the wall and we discovered exactly
what the problem was, which was the mold
growing in the plenum in the beginning
of the ducted unit. – In here in the master,
this is where we first actually noticed the mold problem. This is the original air vent
system from the old HVAC. We actually had
noticed mold spores forming around the fins of that. That’s kind of when
we decided that we had to make a change and we
had to move to a mini split system. We had the unit put in here,
which has completely eradicated any mold problems we had. – [Narrator] Perfect
Aire offers a variety of ductless,
mini split solutions, which allow for the comfort and
convenience of central air without
the expensive cost of duct installation. The mini split air conditioners
also offer excellent energy efficiency,
sleek design, and a low profile footprint. – In a house, if it’s over
60% relative humidity, molds will grow
and if you’re not circulating that air and it’s
not driving the humidity down below 60%, it’s gonna grow. Therefore, that
hurts your breathing, it’s an indoor
air quality issue, and that’s why you have
to get the humidity down. One of the most effective
uses is a mini split system. Not only can it cool and heat,
but it can bring humidity down in the space you’re in. If you’re in the living room,
you can control the mini split for that space you’re in
and that way it’s more energy efficient,
you’re controlling the humidity, and you’re cooling or heating
depending where you are. – The way our house faces,
the back side of our house gets really hot. The way the old system work,
you had one thermostat in the house,
it blows either 75 or it blows nothing. You either have to set
the whole house way down to cool the one part of
the house that gets hot, but with our mini split,
now we can actually just have the
back side of the house blowing cold air
and the side of the house that stays cold anyways,
we can either turn it off or keep it
on dehumidify and it just maintains temperature
without having to use those three heads. – The system we selected
for Bryan’s house was a multi-zone
five headed system. This is the outdoor
condensing unit. As you can see,
it’s a cleaner look, much more contemporary design. It’s all self-contained
with the refrigerant lines going into each of the rooms
for the conditioned space. – This is the unit
in the living room. We enjoy how sleek it is. You hardly notice
it on the wall. You see the temperature
coming through the panel here so there’s not actually an
LCD display which like I said, it improves the aesthetics. Why don’t y’all to come with me
and I’ll show you the rest of the units in the house. This is the unit
in the kid’s room. – [Kids] Hi daddy! – Hey girls. This is the unit
in the kid’s room. When they come home from school,
we usually have it set pretty high during the day
so when they come home from school,
we just grab the remote, the remote’s already universal,
we kick it on turbo mode which drops the temperature
quickly so they can come in here and play for
the rest of the afternoon. We are so happy with
our new mini split air conditioning system. – Not only is our
house so much cooler, but the temperature is
perfect for everyone, and we’re saving a ton of money. – The best part is, I
don’t even have to get up. – [Narrator] For
more information, go to

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