Performance & treatment for asthma, hay fever, allergies to pollen, animals & pollution.

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I think it’s just an outright miracle I
have not taken my inhaler in months now I’m Mark Power and classical Buteyko Method has changed my life both physically and professionally it couldn’t be overstated I
did everything wrong. I was a mouth breather I was a sigher meaning I sighed a lot I would take deep breaths when I was getting more stressed which made me
more stressed. You know I would exercise with my mouth open and walk and jog with
my mouth open and wonder why I wasn’t feeling a lot better afterwards
I’m a vocal instructor and I do all things vocal, singers speakers even
lawyers, people who have to give arguments and go in court. About ten
years ago I suspected that people were over breathing they would get a negative
air that lift up and then it would be all restricted and they couldn’t spit out
what they wanted to say. I had no idea how far off we are and we were, so I’ve
been applying Buteyko Method to how I teach vocal instruction. I am so excited
every day I share it, you know I’m trying to get students I have who have more
serious health issues to get a hold of you guys and I continue to do that all
the time. They they need to see you and be in the full program. You know I
can get them to breathe through their nose and things like that, what you guys
teach just puts a profound stamp on it. And you know learning about the about
the volume of oxygen and co2 and all that and singers and
performers and athletes its dangerous how crusade to get people to turn that
around. So that’s sort of a statement professionally. I have a real and
total paradigm shift. I’ve been going since early this morning
my voice is a little tired now because sometimes I teach people, they want to
know well what am I doing wrong, can you show me how I’m doing it wrong, so I’ll
do things the wrong way sometimes and that, I kind of sacrifice
for my people. But breathing I have a hard time doing it wrong anymore and
when I do it feels horrible like I did a burn in my chest and it just doesn’t
work for me. I don’t think I ever breathe in my mouth anymore.
Sometimes on big notes on open vowels it’ll be sort of 50 50, but it’ll still
it’ll still fall in Physically for me personally I was
allergic to everything here in Washington we have Scotch broom, we had so much pollen last spring we had a black truck that looked yellow, when we
came outside in the morning. We live in the woods so I’m allergic to grasses, dust, we have chickens and they’re kicking up dust all the time, we have two dogs we had a cat and I was suffering. The Buteyko method
has taught me how to breathe, so that I don’t get those symptoms. And I rarely
get the symptom. I can’t tell you after a life of misery as being an animal lover
and not but having to keep them at bay, you know we need hay here in our little
homestead and I had such bad hay fever I couldn’t even deal with the hay. Now I
throw it around in my face, not even a sneeze. Sometimes I would be in a lesson
and I would start sneezing 10 12 15 in a row, I felt like I had to go around all
the time assuring people I wasn’t contagious,
that’s how bad my allergies were for 52 years.
I’m not contagious, just allergies, I said that a million times, the neat thing
is you know what the nose plugs and things I can start to feel a sneeze
coming and right away ward it off. I’m getting tired I’ll do
the steps and walk around instead of drinking another three cups of coffee or
something, it’s incredible you guys should see me during the day on a
hidden camera, how often I apply it, you’d be very proud of yourself. Well its down to
you that’s the thing about this approach is you can’t do it unless you get the
cooperation of the students. I have people talking you have severe angina
and vocal issues and I know they’ll be cured. And they just won’t do it, I want
to save your life, but you won’t let me. I’m working on it once they get to a
point of trusting me a hundred percent and I say you take a Buteyko session
they’ll do it. I think it’s just an outright miracle I am NOT taking my
inhaler in months now and over the summer I sent you a picture
the Space Needle in Seattle and how much smoke we had from the fires.
I thought for sure I would have to grab my inhaler or you know have it with me at
all times. I was fine that’s amazing that was fine
I am so hypersensitive to bad air and pollution and all of that it would
have just sent me through the roof if I wasn’t practicing Buteyko. It’s been a
great savior for me. How long have you been practicing now ? 10 months last year And when would you say the results
started to emerge ? Completely off my inhaler was probably April. Yeah it’s
been six months that’s amazing. Thyroid I haven’t had to take my
thyroid medication at all, for eight months probably.
I haven’t taken an allergy pill of any kind. I noticed big effects in a month
now I’d like to get my control pause up and double it yeah I’m at about 30 now but when I
started it was 12 probably. Like I said, I would have sneezed 20 times in this
interview by now. We’re extremely grateful my misery level has
gone down, all positive. What is life like now ? The most important thing for me is in my
teaching, ten or twelve lessons in a day and my energy is far greater. I couldn’t
then half that number of lessons without just being miserable and exhausted, so that’s
huge for me. Secondly I love being around the dogs and interacting with them and
also not having to tell people I’m not contagious a hundred times a day. The change in quality of life is huge. I’m actually socially better. Okay this is a huge one
just thought of it, I have far less social anxiety, in fact of my last few
workshops I’ve taught about performance anxiety and spoken to how the breathing
alleviates performance anxiety. And it’s not just actors and singers obviously
you have to go for an interview, you’ve got performance anxiety, and so that’s
huge. I don’t know if I wouldn’t even done workshops before working with you.
That’s great, I’m enjoying it, I have far less anxiety. Also with our relationship this
is a big one, I feel less anxiety and probably less irritable and the beauty
of Buteyko too I think is when you do get irritated and these symptoms and
these things do hit, you recover so fast what you think ? We’re learning to
drop it, drop it we’re literally dropping it, you know
that central tendon releases, diaphragm drops air falls in hmm, what was I
irritated about again, can’t remember. Because we are more in tune with our bodies, whereas we weren’t before. That tension, even when it mounts up sometimes you can’t help it, you know we know how to release
it very quickly and we get over things that’s infinitely better. A lot less
screaming. I’ve seen improvements on a daily basis.

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