Pet and Season Allergies

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What is it about pets or a feature
of a pet that may trigger an allergy and you know some dogs we call them I guess
hypoallergenic so can you just tell us about pet dander and how that can be a
trigger for people with allergies like any other trigger pet
dander is it can it can become aerosol eyes and people become sensitive
to it if you if your body has developed that kind of reaction to it you’ll
you’ll see like for instance I had a personal experience I’m allergic to cats
I went to a friend’s home i sat in the wrong chair I didn’t know why I was all
of a sudden itchy and then they told me oh that’s a cat’s chair and so you know
once you’re sensitized you can kind of have that when you have a repeat
exposure it becomes more easy to kind of have that reaction again those symptoms
so and and pets unfortunately it’s like you said some of
them have less shedding of hair and less shedding of the dander so those
hypoallergenic types of breeds sometimes are better for people that are sensitive
to them right I can pet poodles I have no problem with that which is a good
thing because I do like them a lot doctor one thing to again triggers all
around us but some of them are all year-round triggers and then we also
hear about seasonal triggers or you know seasonal occasions of that so can you
also explain what a seasonal trigger might be absolutely for certain people
their symptoms are year-round they’re perennial but some people
especially in parts of the country that are more you know have two seasons where
flowering shrubs and trees are more common don’t notice that oh yeah I’m
definitely a spring or a fall allergy person so certain allergens that they’re
more sensitive to for instance down here locally some people say I know when it’s
mango season it’s not because the mangoes are ready to eat it’s because
the flowers are out and I’m all of a sudden sneezing and having allergies
again so I have a few patients and say I like the mangos but I like them in the
store not when they’re getting ready to be in Publix those poor flowers

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