14 thoughts on “Peter Rabbit Film Criticized For Bullying Child With Berry Allergy

  1. Its ridiculous that this is our world. People throwing a tempertanutrim because of something portrayed in a movie. All you sensitive types can find your own little island where you can complain about whatever you want. Leave us adults in peace. Your ruining this world. I'm sad my kids will have to grow up seing your bullshit. Allergy bullying is bullshit.

  2. That is retarded! More people have died by electrocution but there always jokes and funny scenes of people getting electric shocks and where is all the controversy in that?

  3. The clip here shows them putting guys hands in fucking bear traps! It is a live action movie full of slapstick like the days of old. Tom and jerry, road runner, the 3 stooges… it is a form of comedy that has been around for generations and these cunts are crying because someone allergic to berries gets hit by a fucking berry??? These people are braindead cunts.
    Also change the fucking description as it falsely says a CHILD is BULLIED for their food allergy! WHY FUCKING LIE?!

  4. If I was exterminating someone, I would congratulate my victim’s self defense tactic to give me penicillin pills loaded with gluten.

  5. Because of the mention of this clip I'm not sure if I want to see this film now, and I don't even have food allergies.

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