Philip Nowlan Yamoa Powder Asthma Testimonial

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Hi, my name is Philip Nowlan.
I would like to tell you how Yamoa Powder probably saved my older brother’s life. My
older brother at age 75 had been sick with asthma for 26 years. And from age 70 to 75
he went from two inhalers to four inhalers. One he used first thing in the morning just
getting out of bed and the other after breakfast and then another at noon and another at nightime.
Plus he had a fifth one. Now this one a doctor told “him only as a last resort, if nothing
else works and you get a bad asthma attack use this inhaler, but that’s it, don’t use
this inhaler at any other time”. He had no more quality of life. And from age 75 his
lungs were getting worse and worse. He could barely breathe, barely walk, we walked 50
– 100 yards and he’d stop five or ten minutes to catch his breath. He had no more quality
of life. At
the end of the day he told me, “this is the end of the line I can’t go on with this”.
It was terrible to see him like this. Anyway one morning he called me up, he asked if I
would chip in with him and buy a magazine subscription for Alternative medicines. I
said, “sure, go ahead, order it. I’ll pay half”. That’s probably one of the best decisions
I have ever made in my life. The first magazine he received there was an article in this about
a new product called Yamoa Powder. It would not only help his asthma it could cure him
completely. Well this was hard to believe, and it was so safe, you could give it to a
one year old child. Well, in the desperate situation he was in, he told me, “I’m going
to try it”. The first month he started taking the Yamoa Powder Capsules he stopped taking
the two inhalers in the morning. The second month he quit the other two and after two
months, he was breathing normal. No inhalers. He couldn’t believe it. He said, “this is
like a miracle, but is it going to last?” Being sceptical the way he was, he carried
that fifth inhaler with him everywhere he went. Two years, finally he threw it in the
garbage. Now he was like a new man, and I am telling you right now, he is now 86 years
old. Eleven years now no inhalers, no asthma, so if you or any of your friends hava asthma
or any kind of lung problem do not hesitate. By trying for two months treatment of the
Yamoa Powder Capsules is the only way you’ll know how it’s going to affect you. You could
be 30% better, 60%, 90% you could even be cured completely like my brother is so try
it, do not wait, give your lungs a fighting chance for a healthier future. Thank you for
your time and I am wishing you all, everyone out there good health and two thumbs up. Thank

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