Philips respironics Nebulizer Unboxing

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Hi Mums and cute little babies
welcome to ICAREBABY. I am your host SM in this particular video I’m going to show you
how to assemble your nebulizer system this system is used for babies who is
suffering from cough and cold.Please do not use this system unless and until it
is prescribed by your pediatrician. My child is four and a half month old and
he is suffering from Cold & Cough from last couple of days so we went to
pediatrician and pediatrician has prescribed us the Philips Respironics nebulizer system
will open this pack and have a look at it what’s inside this pack so let’s look at
it. So here it is a Philips Respironics nebulizer system.It’s reliable aerosol
delivery compact and easy to use. Let’s explore this pack and see what’s inside. It
has electronic device it has also instruction manual which has the
instruction related to the cleaning as well as it has the instruction related
how to assemble this device.It has two kits. One kit is used for mouth
inhalation and another kit is used for nasal inhalation. We can see how to
assemble this device since my baby is too small I’m going to use the nasal
inhalation device for him.So as you can see here so it has a four devices this is a main
device inside which we can pour the liquid medicine prescribed by
pediatrician. this is a cap to close that this is for nasal inhalation is a
mask and the tube. We have to assemble this devices together and we can attach
this device to this electronic device okay so in next video I am going to show
you how you can assemble all these devices and how we can give steam to our
baby with the help of this system so till then bye

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