33 thoughts on “Phosphate Additives in Chicken

  1. Thank you, Dr.Greger! You probably don't hear this enough but you are doing an amazing job! Your hard work is paying off. I love learning and helping others learn the truth as well. There's a lot of big fancy words thrown around, but this stuff is actually common sense when you think about it.

  2. I always share these videos, but with Thanksgiving coming up and just knowing that everyone is just going to do their thing anyway, I hesitate. How does one educate without spreading fear? This video should scare the hell out of people,seriously. Then again, a heart attack should scare someone into better choices but it usually doesnt :/ 

  3. Well, it's a good thing I clean my chicken with salt and lemons with water and cut off loads of fat off of them. There is almost  no bacteria and it retains taste without high cholesterol.

  4. In your video you state  "…despite the fact that poultry is considered an arterial toxin…" 
    You obviously meant :
    "..Despite the fact that phosphate is considered an arterial toxin.. "

  5. Did one person really click dislike? Maybe we should give them the injections in a chicken of phosphate on their plate

  6. Its about to get worse as the USDA will allow four Chinese facilities to process poultry raised and slaughtered in the United States, Canada, or Chile, then export the cooked poultry products back into the United States for human consumption.

    Sign the petition:


  7. Yup, industrial products where the industry controls the governmental controls over industry. 

    And the media controls what most folks think…

  8. So that's why they got all serious a few years ago about telling everybody to cook the meats completely and done and tough and awful.  Because they realized they'd kicked the potential for human sickness through the roof.  Much easier on the "profit book" to add stickers than to stop puffing up everything with injections! 

    ah for the love or Tartar! 

    (most meat is much tastier when not cooked to grisly death)

    good time to go Veggie

  9. Wow amazing information! If anyone wants to continue to eat chicken go for the live poultry places. ..sounds harsh but freshly killed animals are much healthier than buying them at the freezer Isles. Well that's my opinion. .. 🙂

  10. Why does phosphate cause the increasing of campylobacter? It means to reduce the bacterial growth isn't it? hmmm I now need to do a research again. I'm so curious.

  11. At the same time, there are plenty of people who live at least into their 70s and 80s eating stuff like this. Stop focusing on the negative and focus on the positives. Consume marrow bones, eat a variety of fish, include "foreign" spices, fruits and veggies in your diet (e.g. star anise, dragon fruit, black cardamom, lemongrass, fermented tofu, escargot, daikon, goji berries, etc etc), and stop battering and drenching everything in butter. Sheesh.

  12. You know why sucks all I like is chicken. Now I don’t want to eat anything… about 140lbs I’ll die of starvation in two weeks… ah fuck it let’s go eat some toxins

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