Picking Perfume : Testing Perfume Skin Allergies

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Tip number 12, skin care. One thing to remember
when you’re choosing perfumes and scent is that some people do have allergy reactions
to some lotions, creams, and even sprayed scents. If your one of these people you shouldn’t
put anything scented on your skin if it gets irritated. This can go for everything that
you put on your skin whether it’s a lotion, a UV protectant, a deodorant and of course
in this case a perfume. What’s happening when you have an allergic reaction is your body
is reacting to the chemicals that are the matrix of the scent so it could be the alcohol
it could be the lotion or it could be something else. The bottom line is that if you’re having
a reaction to it you should take a histamine blocker and discontinue use of the product
.one way to test if you have an allergy or sensitivity to a perfume is to spray a little
bit of the perfume on a part of your skin that is particularly sensitive. We recommend
the under arm or the inside of the elbow. If in 10 minutes you have a redness or rash
developing then of course you should discontinue the product and with anything else, as with
anything else. If you experience any sort of difficulty breathing then chances are the
perfume is not for you. You could be having an asthma reaction to the perfume. You may
need to stay away from perfumes altogether if this is the case. Candles in particular
and home fragrant systems are particularly bad for people who suffer from asthma and
allergies. If your one of these people please do not use perfumes in your home or on your
body in any form and choose unscented lotions, unscented deodorants, and even unscented shampoo
if your one of these people who suffers from sensitivities.

One thought on “Picking Perfume : Testing Perfume Skin Allergies

  1. It shouldn't matter if you yourself are 'one of the people' who have an allergic reaction (yet); petro-chemicals in fragrances and scented products and 'air fresheners' are harmful to those who apply it to themselves and it's harmful to those around them.

    We need to stop using these synthetic petro-chemicals, full stop.

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