Pistachio Nuts for Erectile Dysfunction

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73 thoughts on “Pistachio Nuts for Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Also great info on You Tube videos; Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death by Dr Greger; More Than an Apple a Day: Preventing Our Most Common Diseases by Dr Greger; Make Yourself Heart Attack Proof by Headveg, The Starch Solution by John McDougall MD; The China Study by Dr Campbell; 801010 by Dr Graham, A Life Changing Story, by Joey Borden, How I Lost 100 lbs in 8 Months, by GetYourFruitOn

  2. "obviously"? huh? what do you have to say for the fact that pistachios are legumes that are high heated in order to be edible?

  3. what in the world are you talking about? i can barely understand what you say. what limitation? you didn't answer my question. how come pistachios are healthy is they are high heated in order to the edible? high heated = roasted = rancid fat.

  4. More research should be done on this topic. There may be other foods that have a more potent effects that pistachios.

  5. +Amir Amran, pistachios are not a legume. Peanuts grow on the roots of a bush and are a legume; not a nut. Pistachios are a true nut like a cashew and grow on a tree. 

  6. I never herd mention; If you are talking about Raw unsalted nuts.  I can not find "Raw Unsalted" nuts anywhere !!!

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  12. There is 2 grams of L – arginine per 100 grams of commercially available pistachio nuts.

    Given that high calorie nuts seem to add nothing to weight (see Dr Greger's film on that subject), this is a very good reason to eat them regularly!

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  17. Will great information like this change my way of feeling as I shop for the natural or red bag of pistachios, now?

  18. the way you enunciate your words is so sickening that i cannot watch or listen to and more of your videos. Why do you speak this way?

  19. After my triple bypass, doc told me my heart had been getting only 25% blood flow to it OK, I am 65 and had strong erections right to the day of surgery…still have them about the same now…one artery was 95% blocked, so idk about your connections here…of artery flow with erectile function…hmmmm

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  21. Good info. Also add the watermelon (the white part has the most citruline). Brazil nuts, high in selenium can help the prostrate issues, and pumpkin seeds (preferably raw so as not to make the natural fatty acids go bad) are a great source of biologically available zinc. And the pistachios as well. Should include all of these! 🙂

  22. But you also say Pecans and walnuts are the best nuts of them all, so won't they do the same? Does it matter which nut we eat?

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  29. 2 handfuls of nuts a day for women ey? That's good to know that I've been giving my girl what's good for her 😏😂

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  31. I understand that pistachio nuts also have a high level of melatonin, which helps you feel tired so you can go to sleep. So, which is it when you eat pistachios? Will you get it up? Or fall asleep?

  32. @NutritionFacts.org and @Michael Greger, which type is the best, please? Is it the roasted and salted or unroasted unsalted, roasted unsalted? There's plenty out there in the supermarkets and I would like to get the one with the most benefit. Thanks

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  34. you sound drunk. if you were not inebriated while recording the voice over you may want to see a speech therapist.

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