Plant Based Symposium: Dr. Pamela Popper (with German subtitles)

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it’s not health promoting and no oils are helping let’s say about this Brendon one tablespoon of oil on what country all will type in the real sweetie awesome a matter I 100 pretty calorie 14 grams back now to sorry for people in the United States are overweight or obese and most of them obese I don’t see this problem getting solved while people consume pure liquid fat with 14 grams of fat per tablespoon when the nutritionist Senator Pat change on us I came upon all this by accident this is a midlife career transition for me because I was busy and a sales and marketing career not particularly in love with different ways because I’m Jimmy not taking very good care of myself later and somebody loaned me John McDougall book the original mcdougal plan you know by how to fix all the diseases that are chronic and degenerative within crews diet I was just opted I never heard of a thing like that before and I thought I was educated and smart with it and so that shocked me I guess my anxiety bad so that’s what that’s what got me started it was really additionally for me it’s a personal conversion little fun I was living on cookie copy and cheese and I knew I mean you know I knew that was a riot I just didn’t have any other plan so I changed my diet so excited about this and eventually if I make this my career or was I score here I am basically what my life’s work is devoted to is a informed medical decision making and remember that’s so important is that people all over the world have this belief and I think it’s a Miss belief that that humans don’t care about their house and this was paid drugs my surgery and nobody wants to eat right that’s actually not truly my experience the problem with humans and their health is that they are not told the truth I mean if somebody finds out in subway your cholesterol is high and I can put you on this drug but the reality is this drug all your users / one way to percent at one point five percent and here in 23 cases of Syphax now I can talk you about changing your diet as I say it’s actually cheaper than what you’re eating right now and not only will your clothes cause a job but a lot of other problems that you develop like hypertension or diabetes or cancer your usual risk of those things – I need a lot of these gimmicks that everybody likes a slothful person just went be cheeseburger isn’t a joint I think a lot of those people who made a decision so what we do here is we help people to look at evidence for supplement drugs diets receiving anything they in the healthcare and when people see accurate evidence-based information they have a shocking propensity to decide that they really do any better they want to exercise or change their life in meaningful ways so I always that informed decision-making leads to better decisions than diamond right cells change so that’s what we do here it’s what my work is all about thank you very much for this wonderful explanation of the Papa it’s really an honor to have you at Atlanta symposium thank you very much for joining when I read your wonderful book food / medicine I came across a couple of very interesting and important points and one of those points was the metabolic acidosis can you explain to us what is their metabolic acidosis and how does it affect our calcium storage in the body yeah and it’s a saying that people should know more about profit basically it goes like this students have an effect on the acid alkaline balance in our body and in various parts of the body we have different options toggling set pointing 50 whoa well bloodstream pH has to be twenty seven point three four and seven point four four five it can’t be any different real die okay so happens we need a lot of garbage in processes and a lot of animal foods is that your pH and the blood stream can vary a little bit if you turn it a little bit to acids I can only run for about a mattifying tree for as serious about day starting to happen so the body has a marvelous way of compensating for this and keeping humans safe it uses buffering minerals like 3n calcium in order to keep that blood pH and room agent needs to me so where does it help it come from well the largest storage calculi comes from the bones primarily those teeth on the circular basis and so it happens to people over time as a literally dissolving a skeleton in order to keep a blood pH normal if you convert over to more plants under diet and not eating all the garbage and all the animal foods or the high protein foods and that sort of thing you have a much better opportunity to preserve your bones and run for the reason for a fracture rates are really high in countries where people eat a primarily animal foods based on it thank you look for this division this one dr. papa another thing that I read in your book in that phone was pretty interesting what’s your point of view in terms of the use of antibiotics so can you share with us is it sometimes necessary to use antibiotics and if we use them what is the effect of the antibiotics on our gut flora well that’s a long answer try and every way but the first thing is I think people should have a bigger appreciation for the bacteria and their guy there are a trillion bacteria and a guy and just to put this in perspective there are about 37 trillion so that make up your body so there’s actually more of them than there are of you all right and the reason why you need bacteria are so important is they help us to initiate some food they keep things on the blood stream it shouldn’t be going so they say like like a barrier they control our serotonin and melatonin inversion Center levels and they control our immune system so this is not just a minor thing these are major functions that I haven’t even gotten started yet we have the whole time to spend on the gut microbiome to explain reshare well Adams let’s escape take a detour here take a look at antibiotics antibiotics were probably one of the greatest discoveries I bison and many people including a wooden company would say like a good way for anabolic I had an animal bite about 25 years ago and then for strong antibiotic you know you’d be having a conversation because I had a raging infection the problem is twofold the first thing is that antibiotics are prescribed extremely liberally not just financial doctors by the United States and many Western countries Dennis but are over per serving cata biotics anybody got a set they just invite xp for cleaning and the sort of thing and another complicating which is that in many countries antibiotics are used in the speed of farm animals because it’s patents about faster number one the second thing is the UNAM will be raised such close confinement that when Elmo gets sick you have raging infection through the whole facility so as a prophylactic measure they they put antibiotics in the food and United States here about 70 to 80 percent of the antibiotics a faction in our country are said to find them alright so what is the consequence of all of this most antibiotics a bright spectrum and the reason that is true that nobody has to use a surge missiles a much carry semi-dried total broad-spectrum antibiotic one because whatever infection you have if you in be high one but they went out all the rest of the bacteria to a a week of a broad-spectrum bacteria or antibiotic I’ll either wipe out most of your gut flora not very time and so people will say things like well if I eat optimally morning fix not only optimally if you like your own variety but remember these bacteria aren’t you it’s been residing inside of you if you can’t think what is with you so that breaking probiotics can be helpful but there’s also a solution to the problem because we’re creating for disaster but first of all people who are sincerely wrong thank God for also it all be antibiotic resistance because of all the antibiotics and the animal food and all the antibiotics and I will prescribe we have got to get rid of those problems becoming much more judicious and the person writing these right now we’ve got to get them out of the foods flying all right thank you very much so would you suggest to people to always take probiotics on a daily base and if so what would be your criteria in order to choose the right type of probiotic products well I always tell people this is one of the things are you probably thought the consultant somebody knows about these providers because you can get one that’s tailored for your specific situation and frankly my friends with probiotics is that they suffer from time such as distribution and see on the shelf and actually they get much fresher product if you like buy them through a provider who can help you choose the right thing but in answer to a question which was do a recommend recommend for a lot of people because many of us by the time we wake up and show you anything differently we take a lot of prescription drugs made several routes of antibiotic and our eating habits cut destroy our guts not just because in the end violence residences but because pathogenic bacteria love edible food Rendon so they love the company as refined carbohydrates I business so we preferentially said are pathogenic bacteria of all the other things we’ve done so most of us could stand a little restoration job and they got microbiome Department one other interesting thing that I read in your book was your explanation about salt while many other plant-based doctors try to limit the intake of salt on a daily basis I think your approach is a little different and could you explain this to us and share with us why we recommend sea salt over other types of salt like rock salt yeah let’s start with the recommendation respectful and I’ll back up and I’ll say a big thing we happen diet health and medicine business it covers anything supplements and salts and caffeine alcohol and in many aspects drugs surgery um for most things and for most recommendation there is a target audience that finds and that making use of these things truly explore these people okay the problem is that when you take something that’s useful for a very specific population and try to broaden the recommendation that everybody you end up creating more problems than you solve all right so in the case of salt restriction let’s get more specific there are people who are very sensitive and to call me stations with other people who have hypertension as a result of consuming soul and people who retain water if they consume so that’s just the way from people are engineering and those types of people that best want a salt intake but for the rest of everybody there is a growing body of research that seems to indicate that more salt restriction actually leads to more of the very thing she trying to prevent heart attacks strokes early death and that the missing thing that nobody’s talking about it’s not just how much salt you consume the ratio of nutrients under diet and one of those important nutrients is potassium so what a wonderful think about a plant-based diet a Whole Foods plant-based diet is what happens is when you start eating more plant foods less animal food or whole foods or processes what happens is to say imitate naturally they downplay very tightly linked a comes up and sodium potassium ratio and normal life as it turns out that is actually more important than how much potassium alone we’re saving alone you’re taking and the diet so not the first day and there are a lot of studies that are showing my position of medicine going United States ition report they last year before essentially retracting what the what the agency had said previously about salt restriction or a sermon that it’s probably a bad idea to salt restrict from those people so a restriction that good person does not necessarily mean that it is good for all and one other thing as is that if we were to actually ever implement the recommendations to the World Health Organization you have been Heart Association the other agencies that are recommending you one point five to two points for grants per day as well we’re talking about muscle is consumed by ninety five percent of the world’s population is a daunting task and by a moment because we completely failed at this it does not seem to be doable anyway so I think it’s time to take another look at the salt issue and approach it differently once again thinking much if we stick to the topics also little could you explain to us a little bit more in detail by you recommend sea salt over other types of salt and do you think for people that are not sensitive to salt is there any particular amount that we should stick to like four or five six times a day or don’t you think there is a certain maximum in terms of sea salt weathering really solid mineral rich and I don’t like what people have gotten off very racist ideas consume iodine so buying this refined product and actually have been running this that people are suffering from iodine deficiency and most people here in United States plenty of iodine is visiting before they start consuming iodized salt so displaying sea salt very literal erection and grab the good thing for the body in terms of how much salt to consume one of the things in tracy away from here is giving people specific recommendations on so many grants or this and so you might be friends with that I experienced approach he only accepted first of all because nobody can really measure it I mean you know I had a big lunch today with one delicious food and if you I mean what was the sodium content how many grams protein how many brain professor Michael Greger I ain’t more idea now what I was how to do it calculated it was bring a food back to my office and take everything apart so I can figure out how many spinach leaves and making some power shopping you know I’m just going to do that so the bottom line is if you get the dietary out and right everything else falls into place you don’t really have to worry about that and think about it if humans really don’t like to deal with counting and measuring and what if you stay healthy how our ancestors survive because they have a nutrition lot they just ate the food that was available to them which not much choice she can hop hop parts you have the apples I can save said Korean ground so maybe they just did and ended up okay and we’re perfectly capable of doing the same thing alright great point thank you very much now would like to come to the Center for interview where we speak about some chronic conditions that could be either prevent it or even cure with a hopeful time this diet and the right kinds of food so for the first one rheumatory arthritis can you share with us what is it and what can we do about it fortunately our indices are increasing and of course every time we have an increase in disease there’s a certain segment of our profession says well your genetics and that’s why and genetic someone how much to do with this or make other decisions for that matter not that we’re not all genetically predisposed to develop things we are but it actually is mostly are dying like oh hey listen as the way we live our life that determines whether or not or anyone get disease so the primary things that affect on you know that are first of all being female 78 precise of Allah and the agency was there digestion women there’s a strong hormonal components some of these conditions get better if I so many positions I mean in addition to this you have penguins I be the ruthless cheese guy concentrate asparagus if there are hundreds of autoimmune diseases but anyway some hormonal components where women get better before the menstrual periods that are after the better during pregnancy to we’re sharing pain will be so sure so we don’t wanna penalize you with it how many hours use an admin our predisposing factors which is why we consider those fairly serious issues in our office we think that people should get rid of as they can most people can so penny day a for certain immune system and unusual ways vaccinations can contribute and then of course you know I’m going to say the dietary choices because here is right night you can stay mom on me being an example I want you to see this specifically really based on my family I don’t have it because I’m taking really good care of myself I saw what it is my grandmother in my marriage when I go there and then so diet has a lot to do with it so we can protect you or it can help you accelerate the development on autoimmune disease unfortunately as what happens to most people and the factors are first of all is consigned for discussion about the gut microbiome is that if you eat a lot of and doing a lot of protein not enough fiber its progress being the pathogenic bacteria in the body you create state of inflammation that kills off gut bacteria of course how you take a lot of antibiotics is the risk factor for I’m annuity or whoever died survivors go back to a controlling immune system well we help them this bacterium to issue things what is that when it really is something going on like I have a pathogen in my bloodstream and I only died from it – you’ll see and in two summers gut bacteria say hey let’s go places or anything really but there’s another really important thing – we count bacteria say also detect obstacles reposeful address okay don’t need you to do that anymore bringing the soldiers how about the wars that stand down cut back home well what happens when the gut bacteria gets compromised through diet as I think you’ve been talking about is that an insistence don’t switch on not like this oppose do as a lot switching off part is it turns out just as bad or worse but not slinking line so again here’s Justin isn’t swishy on it with chronic infections and you know repeat illnesses that can switch it so brought those antibodies that get created and responds to Addison’s wander around bloodstream looking for something to do I always explain people’s like street gang looking around permission and they find they start attacking tissues of the body that has similar characteristics to the edges that they are very nice whereas the happening if they go after the joint you have rheumatoid arthritis if they go after the thyroid you have others that they love to the Congress that the typhoid diabetes etc so obviously there’s best parties to prevent this from happening in the first place I was the place but I made eat well take care of yourself stay lean exercise drink a lot of water featuring information model well and then if you have rheumatoid over you didn’t get this message before and now you’re dealing with it convert to what we call the program dietary excellence is sort of look at these other factors wake up bacteria allergies asthma and things that need to be resolved in order for your body to restore it so how difficult things you learn you already mentioned allergies briefly can you share with us what can people do about food allergies is there anything that we can do to prevent it or even make it go away that’s a long question alternately it should be kind of the edge of the time but some food allergies is there a couple of things the first thing is that there’s a whole industry that’s growing up in many countries including this one around diagnosing people with food allergies but they don’t have frankly and so the first thing when people come in here is my disability but we often have to spend a lot of time telling people that there’s nothing wrong with you he’s just says thank you like buy something you can create a whole lot of diseases beyond housing but let’s take out a sniper in it and talk about the person who actually does have a food allergy in may instances that doesn’t go away people who for example going at Apple acting cycle we’re supposed to pee outside doesn’t generally go away so you just avoid our food and most people don’t have allergies to like the food if it results that you’re in system is overreacting to Poland and animal dander and so floating around in the air this is your new system misbehaving they just wrote away because they wish they would go outside and breathe right I mean again how can we possibly survive if we were allergic to our environment so basically you have to start eating well hydrating gets a very honest try and take probiotics you have to restore your body to help so that it can resolve itself and get the immune system you know back shaped up so it’s functioning again so that’s why I say allergies are precursors to I don’t need me because if you don’t have to issue a new system is misbehaving unless you rein in as we usually get worse instead of better all right thank you very much the next condition are gall stones kidney stones and things like that so anything that people could do in order to prevent it and if they have it to do it to make it go away yeah generally speaking those are also conditions that are byproduct of the standard American diet and by the way he probably had dr. Caldwell Esselstyn from Cleveland Clinic and he was his friend and Colin one thing I just have to share because I think this is such a enlightened comment he said to me one time you know maybe there aren’t like hundreds of diseases bitches one disease is called bad eating and people develop different symptoms so you know it doesn’t matter for technical I don’t even see but there could be severe heart disease or whatever it all has the roots and poor diet and none of these things will get done without fixing and rehabbing a diet mr. Keeney optimally some both conditions the result of eating a diet high analysis with kidney stones it’s exacerbated by the fact that so many people ready hydrate if people don’t drink water they drink coffee and tea and soft drinks and juices all day one with so high tree as well or they don’t drink anything all I see if everybody’s at this office – so the solution proposes to start eating a Whole Foods plant-based diet low in fat high in fiber drink a lot of water 64 ounces every day and these conditions generally do not come back one thing I’ll mention by the way not only do we have added to the medical journals that shows this but if you look in the back of the world and if you look at any disease to any of them that we’re talking about what you see is that there is not even geographic distribution you see the places in the world where almost nobody has heart disease nobody has diabetes very small incidence of autoimmune disease very small incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and interestingly enough if you look at those areas where the disease rates are low you see some very common things between these populations and one of them is they even really similar diet nothing like what we’re eating in Western countries are both a flat base low fat not because they have aggressive disease prevention programs in Ethiopia because the people don’t have money to eat the terrible stuff that we eat here to a certain extent what we’re all suffering from in Western countries is first of all fact that we can afford to eat anything we want and the cost of food in westernized countries is so small compared to the cost of food as a percentage and maybe for your country and then the second thing is we have read about it grocery store is cute super supermarkets joining all this open 24 hours a day with you know just by comparison trying to kid ice cream the ice cream for example anyway news now because I don’t even a dairy price for one kid my growth is not really wealthy family and so you got ice cream eating from them a good great order on your birthday or something now people go to the grocery store you have whole aisle of ice cream 300 different kinds and you put sweet five gallons of this freaking ice cream everyday so the availability and the ability to afford all this stuff 24/7 as really led to disastrous result and for the first time our humans have had to choose between good and bad food again going back to only $100 you didn’t write down to the convenience store that’s open all night and gravitate towards my screen now you go find something to eat and they came out of the ground I mean grew extra spruce tree and something that grew I did ground those reasons you couldn’t make badly now we have actuators and let people actually do that every day unfortunately alright once again thank you very much for explanation on this one for the next question I would like to talk about a very controversial topic would you about coconut oil many people think that coconut oil is health promoting so can you share with us what does the sign says this coconut oil really health promoting it’s not health promoting and no oils are how scary let’s say about this a minute one tablespoon of oil then what kind of oil typing rules swinging off this rate matters I 130 calories and 14 grams of fat now to services for people in the United States are overweight or obese and most of them obese I don’t see this problem getting solved while people consume pure liquid fat with 14 grams of fat per tablespoon I mean this is just a law of numbers and I think there’s any way around so we try to get people off the oil by some jealousy will for that reason but and the ecology about coconut oil is pretty amazing and so I tell you what I did it wrote a horrifying case article in this last year and the way I went about it was by excited to look at all of the people online you are promoting coconut oil a very aggressive way some of them are pretty noisy as you know so I went to Google coconut oil the first page they can drop on Google I look at every one of the website and some of them cited research as I put air quotes around that will agree what I do is because I actually did something I think most people don’t do I looked at the research that they cited so let me tell you what I found on the first one is quite funny actually so this website was committing all the way from a personal at least lower risk of heart disease I mean just completely kind of intuitive to what we’re talking about so it’s – two citations they use to support the point and they were populations of Pacific Islands one population of Pacific Islands and another in Indonesia so I looked at the first boil I don’t remember the names of these populations but you can read in the paper or life they wrote so one population was not getting much life or much cooking oil and tonics I found so many published studies of a particular population and they eat a low-fat plant-based diet really high in fiber and one of the research articles even such as the bottom the reason why you people don’t know because that’s the conclusion of the article said reading these people are so healthy because of a very low fat diet well I don’t know where the people who use the citation got the idea and these people realize that they don’t it’s like they’re showing these people same thing very good fat guy then the other populations in Indonesia they actually give you a higher fat diet rebel blog coconut oil interesting enough they have the highest obesity rate in Indonesia and the highest incidence of hypertension well that’s an advertisement for because no illnesses perfect for leave you out so on the first website we check their unfit Asians refuted what they were saying and it went on like that and so at the end of the I commute about three or four hours travels are so so one other image for you Simone was the doctor online who made all the claims so there has been recovered from Alzheimer’s disease after she England coca-cola he died two years after she made that claim first year so the other day I look up all this stop read all these websites look at their references to the extent that they have the list of just making stuff up I think and the conclusion is that edible there just isn’t any solid research out there to support me here some coconut oil in the diet and by way not only you know pure lovely fat it can take a lot of saturated fat which mrs. universe so you just say coconut oil that’s that’s definitely not already to healthy eating plan alright once again thank you very much very important point so if we stick to the topic coconut oil many people argue that coconut oil would raise the good HDL cholesterol and would lower these that LDL and the total cholesterol could you share with us is there really any scientific data to back this up well I didn’t find much evidence to support that but there are other things that people are told to do the action will accomplish the objective for example taking fish oil pills and beta 3 supplements there is some drugs and develop it on purpose but here’s the thing it doesn’t matter and it doesn’t matter for a couple of reasons when people change their diet as long as what you’re saying about this when people change their diet is optimal diet their cholesterol goes down usually it goes down so he’s been medicated for one type that might go off before it goes down but it will go down and so what happens is your LD okay zone and the role of HDL cholesterol is to carry LDL out of the body reverse transport well as your LDL goes down you need less HDL so your body starts producing less of it and so what happens is healthy clunkier is going to see a doctor which may become such a good idea based I’m going to show you the drivers of the blood drive said oh my gosh your cholesterol so low and your HDL it’s dangerously low well if you look at the HDL cholesterol levels and healthy populations on the planet like caring they’re Indians the pumping to get in through that ring very very well HDL levels and the reason is their total cholesterol is very low they don’t need so much HDL there’s another thing too and that is that it’s not so much how many HDL molecules you have circulating that’s how powerful they are of HDL a flux and it’s measured what we just don’t normally do it doctors offices but it much better to have a smaller number of HCl molecules that are really powerful not falsely powerful and it is to have big numbers of HCl molecules not so powerful which brings me to the next point which is there have been a lot of times to come up with strategies for increasing HDL taking social misses one it does that these compliment geographies the Resco events or death so you know pretty good work without better healthy folks not really be ejected right and the other thing is that drugs that were developed with the hope that they would be big sellers because they would increase HDL here’s what happened three or four different house they were really good at increasing HDL levels except they were people who have the higher HDL on our levels taking try and refine more those people think acebos so we showed could not make the market so that’s not the long answer to your question but the bottom line is that people should not be so concerned about having low HDL the holes if they’re eating the right diet anyway alright once again thank you very much if we still stick to the topic coconut life a little bit what do you tell those coconut oil evangelists that state that those MCP these medium chain triglycerides our health promoting is this sort of true well they do which is what you’re looking for what I’m looking for when I read these medical journal articles is not rambling hypotheses about why this might be good for you I put what I want to see is that there is a clear connection with a cosmetic relationship between a behavior and in this case an eating habit and a better outcome in other words we are so focused on reductionism in health care II this is true with diet to really we’re celebrating small changes in the blood work we’re celebrating hypothetical mechanisms of action and what people really are looking for is not pretty Bloodworth they’re looking for longer life and less risk of disease as so I always challenge people I tell people I’m very open-minded I think you have to be in this field you have to be open to changing your mind in the face of significant others but I account of people for years please bring me something that will convince me that this make a difference and nobody ever shows up with anything so I’ll I’ll remain overnight it to look at it when somebody to represent to me all right thank you very much so one last thing about coconut oil before we come to an end can we say that the saturated fatty acids in coconut oil are not really better than any other type of saturated fat from butter for example well I think it’s even worse the cream because it’s so concentrated at least contributing saturated fat and beef it’s diluted with the rest of the protein and that doesn’t make a good maybe makes it less bad then cooking really if there’s just there’s no health benefit or doing this all right once again thank you very much dr. papa if we now come to another topic inflammation many people argue that certain types of food can either prevent or cause inflammation so can you share with us first of all what is inflammation how is it tossed and what can we do about it in terms of our eating habits yeah and I’ll try to give you a quick story here I actually think about six hours of lecture on just inflammation but we were real go through all six hours on both sides so first of all one thing people don’t really information is a natural response and you need your body to develop an inflammatory response to keep it entering so you know if I if I fell down dead and injured my knee or you know plowed into something it has ginormous bruise on my leg or you know injuries and all that sort of thing what happens is that your body is all information at the site and then blood flows in creates and all kinds of of molecules and cells that can help to fix damage can easily get to the site of the damage and excellent repair begin so that’s an example of how in fact very responsive beneficial another thing is if you have some kind of virus or bacteria you get fever and the theaters and information because that helps to burn off the Craig whatever the credit that you’re afflicted with so inflammation is a normal response so if it’s not normal is contact information inflammation because on and on increases a tripod is not a good thing and there are a couple of primary influences on our information levels one is our diet and the main influence is eating a lot of animals is because animals is really concentrating something called rocket–oh acid you find arachidonic acid and classes too but very tiny percentage in animals is really concentrated arachidonic acid is the precursor to something called sea reach across Landon’s which are inflammatory and so the foods to eat can increase your information level another employment information is thought so compiled explanatory cytokine as they contribute to inflammation – so between a diet you eat which by the way influences your weight and then the fat cells producing a planetary finally some people they exist in a pre constant state of inflammation and this becomes important because if you take a look at the common denominator among all the diesels you already got information as a common denominator it’s a factor in cancer may be crazy fast we see all the autoimmune diseases – touched on earlier in French are all diseases and especially cetera so ray fixing lose the weight and adopt a better diet plant-based diet and that information starts to go down and along with it your risk of a diseases and one with it sometimes stopping the progression of or even reverse painted Jesus but a relationship all right thank you very much so in order to avoid inflammation within the body is it simply enough to switch to a whole food plant-based diet or anything in addition that we can do yeah the whole bit like they say this low in fat you know I see so many people is relatives who are there eating a plant-based diet because tell me how much they can packing the side and it easy to do by Ray she makes some wrong choices for example avocado 1 cup of avocado has 20 labouring ah okay and I see people sometimes put that amount of avocado and I toast in the morning and so it not only needs to be a Whole Foods my face I’ve need to be really low in fiber or a high like that really high in fiber and consisting a lot of starchy foods and that sort of thing so an optimal Whole Foods plant-based something alright thank you very much so you said people should follow the whole food plant-based diet and keep the fat content of the diet low I think your standpoint in terms of oil is pretty clear but what is the point of view in terms of whole plant food containing larger quantities of sad like avocados nuts and seeds which is still recommend to limit those kinds of food well yeah eliminating wants to lift them and I found over the years in fact by testifying for the federal convenient office but one of the reasons why people I think don’t accomplish a diet and lifestyle changes because there’s a lack of what we refer to here is prescriptive communication and here’s what I mean by this and I’ll come back to this issue with our colleagues and life might sound if you go to the farms we’ve got a frustration the instructions on a bottle really specifically take one three times a day with food nobody no pharmacist whatever hand you prescriptions say here’s them to take them on every day not not too many okay can you imagine equally overdosing or under ghostly house drives all day long well how like I have to do is is that people will say things like eat less on kado eat more fruit eat more vegetables don’t eat some richness well nobody knows what more in less means and and so the advice becomes Premila so here’s what we give in terms of guidelines about these very yummy I must add high-fat foods and that is that you can have them with a part of the dish so if I order a black bean burrito for shall I have out Konrad I he says what I don’t do is go to store and buy avocados and start looking for things to put avocado and I live by myself so if you open up an avocado you guys create women see time for going to eat the whole thing bearings for problem and the same thing with not that you’re making a dish that requires not like one of my favorite is your vegetable varieties they mix here these are so water in it it so it’s really well seasoned and then you sprinkles some Shadle and on top it’s really delicious that way so I’ll do that but what I don’t do is buy a bag of almonds stick my hands in the bagans so here needle to my happy one so so you can eat these things but you have to watch it because it’s really easy to overeat those and ratchet up that bag and taking the diet farm John what is appropriate or safe all right dr. Bubba once again thank you very much for explanation the next topic would be water your good reason recommend people to drink enough water and you stated that you prefer filtered water do you see that there is one specific type of water filtration that you would prefer over all the others and what is your approach on this water because Asian thing do you think it’s scientifically legitimate or is it just focus well it’s very precise filtration method I’m proud very virtual to curb infiltration because it takes your chemicals out widely from animals in my shows what you want to do so I prefer carbon filter reverse osmosis and distillation units I remove everything from the lawyer and I found a gradient so you realize that they type of water is registered about 5.8 on the pH scale and going back to talking what we talked about earlier with blood pH and any one of Alice’s with a high acid load and far away calcium from the bones in order to bunker the acidity you can do that with drinking your own kind of water as well so the that’s the best option if you know to buy bottled water bottled water that has minerals in it and bottled waters that do have marrows we usually say on the label they’ll have a little box that tells you to break down a calcium and silica and that sort of thing in terms of a lot of these fancy machines that make super alkalized water what people don’t realize it’s just me you can’t let your blood pH drop below seven breakers I can’t go over seven point four five so if you’re drinking these super alkaloid waters no seeds are they advertised th on nine well now your body is trying to keep you from going into alkalosis the opposite of acidosis wiping efforts trying to keep application normal range from the different direction so I don’t think it’s also a very good idea keeper alright thank you once again for explanation this one if we stick to the topic of water just for a little bit what is your approach on all these different applications to try to give water a certain structure or anything like that this is somehow scientifically legitimate well I think sometimes there’s a tendency of complicating and I see a lot of that going on in the plant-based community I think a lot of this is well intentioned but the more complicated you make this the more layers of restrictions and considerations but all that sort of thing that you add to this hardness for people to see themselves doing this and if they can’t think of doing it and I can start and the harder it is to maintain it if they do indeed sort so I’m also making this a whole lot simpler for people just eat the food and drink the water and let’s not talk about exotic things just make simple and affordable for everybody great point thank you very much so would you say at least in the United States that people should stay away from tap water yeah I think your freedom is that the chlorine and the wiring another indiscriminate Eller just like Alibi otic which can affect I got microbiome oh by the way those the water facilities in every city or day a bus they can they have to disinfect the water to make it safe for us to guess or homes but I always explain chlorine and other chemicals in the water it’s like a plastic wrapping and brand when we bring bread home from the stores I bought a proper we wouldn’t pick it up off the shelf we’re not in practice and stay in the car but we don’t eat the plastic weekend at home so you can unwrap the water by using a filter in the same in the same way all right once again thank you very much for your wonderful explanation on this one if we don’t switch the topic to gluten could you share with us first of all besides of people having celiac disease or gluten sensitivity is there any other reason why people should avoid gluten and for the second thing what is this so-called error of attribution in terms of gluten sensitivity okay so most of people who have with hold on with non-celiac gluten sensitivity and these are people who don’t have celiac disease but they have clear symptoms that are related to the consumption gluten and we actually have go blind randomized with these on controlled trials that show that when these people who say I get symptoms when I group when they when they show up and you do this and then want to study like this they can come when your gayness the counsels that contain the gluten leo where they are sometimes returned so there is such a thing the problem is it’s a tiny percentage of population and so you have celiac patients patients with inflammatory bowel disease they shouldn’t they don’t respond well to gluten and some people I was called non-celiac gluten sensitivity but but we charge a small percentage of population for everybody else it’s okay unfortunately a lot of I call it story books because they’re not scientifically valid a couple of them which have been bestsellers have promoted the idea that gluten grains are bad for everybody one of these silly books even promotes but what goods are bad for people and of course these are people who are committing a lot of cheese and beef so I mean enough said about the right but the mythology has has grown a place where people say that an aggravation stopped eating gluten now here’s what happens a lot of these anti grain diets they say stop eating grains and is dumb B that’s what started eating a lot of animal food and believe it or not sometimes people get better at least for a while doing that so people say well how can that be well what people when people are eating grains who are not eating a healthy diet what do they eat tonight eating wheat berries and farro and buckwheat brown rice they’re eating toaster pastries and a white hamburger buns and pizza and all just let me up eating crappy green cards I highly believe anybody so when they go on a high protein high fat diet no grain you know screw dog wouldn’t kind of egg what they’re coming out is all that processed garbage cans foods that they were eating so of course they’re going to feel better is people to doing it and then over time not so much because what happens to people who eat a high fat high protein diet mostly animal foods if they start getting constipated and sick as for your sanity and reason with the body size design Singh divided energy from protein and 5 so long term bad ideas short term people feel great than they say odd usually really was a problem because now I feel so much better well you wouldn’t self better if you continue to eat gluten and grains and just got rid of the people and the white bread hamburger bun and you know toaster pastries and the other goodbyes you reading you know so that’s the error box tribution assuming used to gluten like really some food alright great point thank you very much to the Papa if we now come to the topic low carb diets in general and the Paleo diet especially is there any scientific data that backs to the Palio dive is a good thing to follow or is there any scientific data showing that it’s not a good idea to follow a Palio diet and fight against is pretty clearly lie and what’s even more ridiculous I don’t know what else exception is for it is that the Paleo diet is the grandfather key bro is not an anthropologist to really study you know human history he’s an exercise physiologist who started writing about the wisdom of the Paleo diet based on who knows his book it’s very poorly reference and one of the things he did it was quite clever in order to avoid being in trouble for some of the ridiculous things he says he doesn’t have the citation with the state so do you read my food without a saying you’ll see that there’s a citation isn’t over there you can go in the back you can look at the study associated by statement and the very point you can assume in rogering opinion or story like about something he doesn’t do that which makes it hard to check his work and then either base be quite a bit but but real life as the pollicis people who have expertise in this area and have actually research like fossil records instead of sitting in office at the University of Colorado II making so much they basically say that humans never ate a Paleo diet and as described to us what the battles an animal citizen fact that we actually were eating starch and classes back in the day and one reason is really quite simple we were small bipedal daily bipedal humans with no weaponry and so if you look at any series killing people right out there definitely no way it could happen so when one thing for example is we all really oh well the most talented fastest runners on the planet the gold medal you know where is at the Olympics or anything they can’t outrun fast calm African so likelihood that our ancestress Rick doing as the prairie means of the same thing so this film is just laughable and you start looking at it I got even an anthropologist and I can look at that guy stuff another thing is that we right now are short eaters I mean given time more genes coded for the digestion of starch like the production families and the saliva for example capital Purdue families they’re carnivores humans lost families as I just searched so Chris Paleo claim of being live animal food hunting for it in order to acquire it just isn’t supported by the others and it isn’t even supported by current modern day today you know how are humans wiring together our current anatomical structure or even the den sites producing our saliva so I think we voice and start teachers the record is pretty clear on that and the paleo sites have something going for them than committing their diet that is that people like to hear good news about they bad habits and so if you want to eat a lot of animals is that fat the same leo flakes will tell you this okay so to an extent they become popular because they tell people what they want to hear all right once again thank you very much above a great point here is when we come to the final question people often times tell me when they switch from a standard Western diet to a whole food plant-based diet but they have a little bit of a hard time digesting all the whole plant foods so do you have any piece of advice how people could do a better job in that just in all this hope and food when they make the transition from one day to the other yeah I think I personally am anytime you change anything as an adjustment period okay so so think about it you’re going to change job you’re going to go to a new place but she never worked before and the building’s new step ratio to where the rest these are new people that shouldn’t work with before you’re doing a job that you might have not been doing before you say gosh it’s totally changing staying comfortable nobody would say you know what don’t ever change your job if you don’t like it you’re not making enough money it’s really a lot of work to change the top of me we don’t take that attitude about anything I say the first thing is to just acknowledge that it changed is difficult and sometimes there’s an adjustment period for this there are a couple things I think that are important to make this easier for people one a people think that they have to eat a lot of exotic foods and so a typical conversation I have with somebody hearing office because I think it was been doing this but you don’t understand dr. Kim I don’t really like Frances now it’s on okay you don’t like Frances let me ask you some did you like potatoes Oh baby okay my love bananas oh yeah I love peas oh yeah peas corn yeah well you know what before we’re going to be halfway 15 feet so like I said listen he’s going to be speaking business be fine I think the first thing is we have to reassure people that they don’t have to take a tour run it creepy according to do this eat foods they don’t like eating food you like the second thing is one of the concepts that we teach here makes a lot easier and cook once and eat all week and what we need by not Sunday battery some timer when we got go to your shopping and a batch code I use every weekend I bake cookie sheet so potatoes and beets and brussel sprouts all that sort of thing a big process to but not even just one step over and during a week on I’m really busy and I always have something good to eat and then the third thing is understand the concept of neural adaptation which is this now when you change your diet your taste will change over time within a few months three four months of the output outside you will have a taste for plants is that not so much tapes or the garage you were eating before and all creatures on the planet how this capability we even have research showing that spring flies will change their taste for spunk for what they eat with an adjustment hours so they look long as we do so they make a change in an hour we take three months but the point is that you will like these if you just give yourself coming and then some of the dishes like floating sea you see a good doctor can help you out with those kind of things a lot of times they just go away once your transition so greatly once they’re going to thank you so much for all these wonderful explanations thank you so much for joining us for the time machine podium before we come to an end can you share with us what is the key message what is the most important point that you want anyone out there to know at the end of the interview well guess what I reserved every year unfortunately a lot of people understand the wisdom of what you are talking about but we have a tendency to think we’ll do it another time that sounds good so I’m going to do it I don’t know maybe when summer comes but usually wait better know when we created some Razak to my birthday after the holiday and other people kind of found thinking that would be a better time to do it or they really work on getting up things that they love like cheese or something of that nature and so one of the things like some people have visualized in their mind is if you found out that he had something seriously wrong with you tomorrow memo’s take the worst scenario cancer maybe cancer that doesn’t respond well to treatment like pancreatic cancer ask yourself this would you sit in my office and say look you know I know I’m only 60 and I got 90 like cancer thing in these last three decades or so of eating cheese and cake whatever I wanted it it was so worth it no be so sentimental here’s a type of people universally say to me is if I had known then what I know now I was something I was over same girl myself how many people sit in my office and say I’m then for a long time she was doing something about this but you know I guess I just didn’t do it a time because Here I am with this problem and so if you think about it that way maybe there’s a little more urgent but they do it now instead of later I mean I promise if everybody changes the diet that’s healthy I’ll find something else to do with myself maybe I’ll tackle education or something else that all messed up but if you take care of yourself you won’t find yourself sitting in an office like my strategizing about how the heck we even survive

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  1. I would like to hear a conversation between Dr. Popper and Dr. Greger about calcium being used as a buffer in the presence of animal foods, milk, etc. They seem to hold opposing views!

  2. Thank you for the salt question. I had no problem giving up alcohol, or coffee, or animal products. But salt is one thing I cannot give up. I have no issues with it at all, and felt like it was a deprivation. Now I can feel better about having the small amounts I feel I need/want. By the way, Dr. Tel-Oren also doesn't call for eliminating salt.

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