Playboi Carti Reveals Asthma Diagnosis: ‘Literally Scared to Fall Asleep on My Back’

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Hey guys for Complex News, I’m Natasha Martinez.
///// Playboi Carti had a concerning revelation for his followers Tuesday morning. The rapper,
who is currently in the middle of his ‘Die Lit’ tour, shared that he’s been diagnosed
with a serious case of Asthma. Carti took to Twitter to explain what he’s
going through, as well as offered support for his fans that are suffering through the
same thing. Carti tweeted, * breathing is so difficult for meh @ da moment!
Literally scared to fall asleep on my back . i have da worst case of asthma. N never
knew til today . to all my fans who suffer from asthma! I’m with u n #we as a whole
must stay strong * Other artists who have been open about having
the disease include Tyler the Creator and Vince Staples. So far it seems Carti’s diagnosis
won’t have an immediate impact on his tour, which is set to hit the Royal Oak Music Theater
in Michigan tonight. Carti has been doing his PR rounds revealing
that he has a ton of music recorded with Lil Uzi Vert and Frank Ocean. For the latter,
Carti swung by LA’s The Cruz Show to say that he and Frank were in the studio last month. Frank Ocean, he’s the GOAT. Last time I worked
with him was in New York about a month ago. We did like five songs. You know, it’s Frank
so he move how he moves. [The songs are] with [Frank]. He told Genius back in 2017 that having studio
time with Frank saying that he showed him a new type of style. As for Lil Uzi Vert,
Carti says that they have over 100 songs recorded together. We been recording since like 2015. We know
what we’re capable of. When those tracks will hit fans ears is a
mystery for now. The two have been teasing a collab since 2017. //// That’s your news
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For Complex News, I’m Natasha Martinez.

96 thoughts on “Playboi Carti Reveals Asthma Diagnosis: ‘Literally Scared to Fall Asleep on My Back’

  1. "Oh lean lean lean lean lean lean lean lean lean"

    Cut the syrup out carti. Cause that shit only gonna hurt it even more and kill you

  2. Imagine having to suck at one thing and the one thing you suck at is breathing… Yea it sucks but you just have to accept it for what it is and keep going 🦋😁

  3. If you’ve ever doubted your life just know that you’ve had the opportunity to exist at the same time as Playboi Carti… you lucky bruh

  4. I more then know the feeling, my twin brother passed away at 23 without his rescue inhaler. I will always be hurt by asthma

  5. Athsma kills black men. My brother went from being a normal 16yr old boy, to permanently brain damaged. Be careful everyone. It's no joke. Pray Carti will be alright.

  6. Asthma??? One of the most common dissorders in the country??? Stay strong… or at the very least keep your inhaler at hand.

  7. I was there last night; dude barely rapped, let the tracks do most of the work, and then randomly dipped after 45 minutes. Like no goodbye or anything, just walked off the stage

  8. Nigga I was born with it and smoke everyday don’t be scared you ain’t gonna die till he ready for you carti

  9. I'm praying for you my Brother 🦋**++ 🖤. if I lose you I wouldn't know what to do with music anymore .

  10. Carti got Asthma,Lil Skies got puemonia. You really ain't too young or to rich to have your health Jeopardized. Just stay healthy kids your health is your true wealth.

  11. he needs to suck it up😂i was born wit pretty severe asthma and i can definitely say it’s not sum u should be scared of it’s maintainable i was controlling it in elementary school

  12. I was at the royal oak show. Some in the front row of the audience kept holding a inhaler up to him. Just found out why.

  13. Bruh swear to got when carti performed at camp flog gnaw I almost past out cause I didn’t have my asthma inhaler

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