Pollen & Allergies – In Kashmir

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Cotten has troubled me a lot ! Whenever this month begins, it creates a huge problem for me. I have cold, cough and sore throat. I sell at least 100-200 masks everyday. Cotton that falls off the trees in Kashmir was evaluated in Medical Science No allergy causing material was found in it. Pollen fall off every tree and every flower, like Almond and Apple blossoms Nettle or Babool blossoms. In every 10 patients, 7 are allergic to lawn grass Had poplar been causing allergy, we would have suggested to cut them. But before you do that, you’ll have to cut Pine and Deodar trees. You’ll have to cut Chinar trees. You’ll have to remove the entire grass cover. If the population here is 1 crore, 33 lakh are allergy patients. How about treating the entire population in one go! People who are allergic to green plants and pollen, can be normalised through Immunotherapy. Any child allergic to grass, causing him Asthma, if treated through Immunotherapy, Won’t catch allergy even if we have him in direct contact with the same grass. Dust mites and pollen can even pass through the ordinary mask. There are specially designed Nano masks that can prevent the inflow. if we treat them with Immunotherapy, allergy patients won’t require masks anymore. We often say, cutting poplars would prevent allergies But, cutting poplars won’t protect people from picking allergies.

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