Pollen vs. Pet Dander Allergies: Dr. Stork for Simply Saline

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How do you know if it’s — I have seasonal
allergies and it’s the pollen, versus I’m allergic to my pet? So how do you tell if someone feels like they
do have these allergy symptoms we’re talking about? How do you know exactly what you’re allergic
to, so you can minimize your exposure to that? Dr. Travis Stork: It’s timing. If you have
a pet allergy, if you’re allergic to pet dander, it’s probably going to be a year-round, “I’m
sniffling, sneezing,” all year round. In spring time, your symptoms may be worse
if you’re around your pet, because your pet may be running outside and have pollen all
over its coat, which is why you have to wash your pet regularly during the spring, as well. But it’s the timing of it. Spring allergies
are so common. If you’re doing fine, then all of a sudden the weather warms up, and
it’s April and you start to have the sniffles, clear drainage, the itchy watery eyes — very
likely that you’re allergic to a spring allergen.

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