Polyphenols in Juice Plus+

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Today I share the results of a new
scientific study conducted on Juice Plus capsules at the universities of
Parma, Italy and Graz, Austria published in the journal “Nutrients”. It’s about the
polyphenols in Juice Plus. Polyphenols are another important type of phytonutrient known to have a beneficial effect on both cardiovascular health and
oxidative stress. This one-day trial found that 20 different health promoting
polyphenols from Juice Plus capsules were absorbed into the bloodstream of
test subjects in adequate amounts to target the tissues and organs that need
them. Researchers tested 20 healthy subjects both women and men
average age 33. For two weeks before the test the participants avoided all
supplements Dietetic products drugs and medications. For 48 hours before the test
they consumed a polyphenol-poor diet based on a list of permitted and
forbidden foods to ensure that the polyphenols found in the blood on the day
of the test were the result of taking Juice Plus. On the day of the test after
the subjects had fasted overnight researchers took a baseline blood
sampling. Then each participant took three Juice Plus capsules one fruit one
vegetable one berry along with 250 milliliters of water. That’s all the
Juice Plus they took for this test three capsules one time. Researchers then
collected four additional blood samples over time one hour two hours five hours
and ten hours after capsule intake. What did they find in the blood samples?
Polyphenols. Some polyphenols appeared in the bloodstream only one to two hours
after taking the capsules suggesting they were absorbed in the upper
gastrointestinal tract. Other polyphenols appeared in the blood later between five
and ten hours after taking the capsules suggesting they were absorbed in the
lower gastrointestinal tract. But here is what’s even more
interesting. There were polyphenols in the blood that were not even present in
the Juice Plus products. Where did they come from?
The researchers postulate that the polyphenols from Juice Plus were
converted by the body itself into other phenolic compounds in the colon’s
microbiome as well as in the liver. In other words phytonutrients from Juice
Plus encouraged our bodies to produce other beneficial micronutrients. The data
also suggests that polyphenols from Juice Plus help nourish the gut
microbiome the billions of microorganisms that live in our guts and
are vital to our health and well-being. Amazing isn’t it? We keep learning more
and more about why consuming plenty of phytonutrients from fruits and
vegetables every day is so essential to good health and how some of those
benefits can occur almost immediately.

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