Porsche Racing Experience Level 1: Intense preparation for your first racing season

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in level one we have drivers that want
to start racing or want to experience race cars we have car control to learn
how to handle a car in situations then after we go on the racetrack and that’s
driving data analysis looking at videos getting better with circumstances the
program is that two drivers are having one instructor to do guide follow
sessions so they can learn from each other they can learn from the instructor with the University of what stem is here
with the full medical team and they do a body screen also the mental coach here
so there’s a lot of training off the track itself and around
the last two days are set up to simulate a race weekend so the first day would be
more qualifying new tires Safety’s rolling start standing starts
and then the last day the Friday is the race day so you have to sprint races in
an endurance session as well makes you very proud that you’ve played a very
small role and you making them enjoy the experience and they’re gonna have that
also for the rest of their lives so that’s really rewarding we have one of
the best motor sports team doing the racing experience program with us which
is Monte racing to prepare our non experienced drivers to experience racing
drivers great team great organization push push
push in the races a lot of Italian fantastic
the people the food the cars the crew flawless basically every birthday every
Christmas rolled up into one wheel I think one of the main reasons for
someone to take this course is if they want to bridge that gap between
gentlemen drivers and Motorsports for us and for the brand is very
important because this is the first time that we’ve actually offered this program
to our customers no other brand out there is doing something like that or
that can do something like this what I really enjoyed most about it is the
first class teaching the engineers the instructors top-notch there is no marquee that’s better than
this one for racing

35 thoughts on “Porsche Racing Experience Level 1: Intense preparation for your first racing season

  1. Just looked through the website, Level 1 include 4 days driving in a 991.2 GT3 Cup with professional training for both driving and theory, 59,911 Euro Per Person, food, fuel, tyres, racing equipment all included

  2. Porsche also does courses for race prep in Birmingham, AL (USA)… this would be the next level! Porsche… keep up the good work! I love my Porsche GT2 RS Clubsport, GT2 RS, and GT3 RS and will be looking to sign up for this course.

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