Praise Report—Healed of Asthma Conditions

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I’ll read to you a testimony
of a lady in Australia. And maybe your child is suffering from this,
I want you to be encouraged even though you are battling symptoms in your body
or in your loved one’s body, listen, these are the truths that will set you free. This lady is called Ruth, in Australia, and
she says, “I grew up having asthma. As a result I was side-lined from intense sports. I was fearful whenever I suffered an asthma
attack as I had heard stories of how people had died from asthma attacks. In my teenage years, the doctors told my mother that
if I were to have asthma till the age of 16, I would have it for the rest of my life. By the time I was 18, I was still getting asthma attacks. Although I love the Lord and have been serving Him
since a young age, I had an ungodly fear towards Him.” Notice there’s a godly fear and there’s an ungodly fear,
the one that makes you afraid of God. That’s from the devil, that’s not from God. “I thought that perhaps God was
punishing me with asthma but I would still pray and ask God to heal me. I was very confused. When I turned 18, I left home to study and
during my study I was introduced to Pastor Prince’s message of grace. I listened to it for a few months and finally
it dawned on me that God loves me despite my wrong believing. And not only did God love me, He let His Son
die for all my sins. It also dawned on me that Daddy God did not put
asthma on me to punish me because His son Jesus has already been punished on
the cross for my sake and had taken my asthma away. With this revelation, I prayed and asked God
to heal me of asthma.” A lot of people pray that God would take away their
disease, but she prayed because of the revelation. That’s so important, people. “Since that prayer, the enemy tried to instill fear in me
by telling me that God had not healed me. The enemy would put asthmatic symptoms on me but I kept declaring that ‘By His stripes,
I am healed.’ I did not deny the fact that the asthma was there
but I denied its right to hurt me.” She’s well-taught. “When I turned 22 years old, I found myself completely
free from the symptoms of asthma.” That’s 4 years, right? “It was a process for me to receive
a complete breakthrough. Today, I’m a qualified fitness instructor in Australia. I’m no longer deprived of being physically active
because of asthma. In fact, during one of our fitness training sessions,
I got to share my testimony. All glory and praise to God.” Amen, amen, amen, amen, amen! Hallelujah!

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  1. When I was 8 years old God healed me of asthma. When God says something is done, I truly believe it’s done, God is good, praise God! Jesus is king!!

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