Preparing schools for food allergies

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Preparing schools for food allergies and act recently signed by president roh bomber will make it easier to provide a pine if rein in schools to children with severe food allergies even without a prescription this have access to emergency a pine if Ryan act for signed by the president in November 2013 and provide states Federal grants if schools maintain a supply of a pine if rhine and trains to employees to administer the drug in an emergency the bill which is aimed to protect millions of kids from severe food allergies also provide civil liability protection for those who administer a pine if rein in an emergency this issue has to be addressed where kids are most vulnerable to attack says David skew Kass ND an allergist at Nationwide children’s hospital 90% of all schools in America have at least one child who has a food allergy and the numbers keep going up additionally 6% of children in the U.S. are now diagnosed with a food allergy and it’s estimated that one in four experience their first allergic reaction to food while the school when a child has a severe allergic reaction has seconds are crucial because timely administration of the Peine frying is the single most important way to save lives and this act will help schools do just that says doctors you press Sarah Denny ND a pediatrician in the emergency department at Nationwide children’s hospital knows how crucial it is to have and the Peine fry not owe injector close by if your child has a severe a allergy as a Physician she has treated dozens of children for serious food allergies and as a mother nearly lost her own son to them Dr. Denny sun Liam just 18 months old at the time had in anaphylactic reaction to soy milk in 2008 previous testing confirmed he was allergic to Gary add peanuts and tree nuts but Liam drinks soy milk for months before his anaphylactic reaction after drinking a cup of soy milk as he had done regularly for months Leon immediately started coughing vomiting develop ties all over his body and slipped into unconsciousness after a few minutes the actor denny’s husband also a Physician administered Lyons a pine the fry not owe injector then immediately called 911 thankfully in the 10 minute ride in the ambulance the abide a frying started to work and by the time they got to the emergency department Liam was sitting up and waving to the nurses had we not had in the pine the fry not owe injector at home I don’t know that we would have been so lucky says Dr. Death of there is no reason why we shouldn’t have some have ready and waiting in our schools that could save a child’s life have have have to have

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