Preventing Asthma With Fruits and Vegetables

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asthma is the most common chronic disease in children and the prevalence is increasing around the world despite this most research dollars are spent on adult chronic diseases one might ask whether this is because our politicians and senior administrators feel themselves to be more likely to suffer from the latter and ignore allergic diseases because they have the major impact on children and young adults who don’t vote imagine how much more effort would be put into elucidating causes of a disorder that increases the same accelerated rate in the middle-aged and elderly well finally an international study of asthma analogies in childhood studying more than a million children in nearly 100 countries making it the most comprehensive survey of these diseases ever undertaken what did they find they found a wide variability in the prevalence and severity of asthma allergies and eczema we’re talking to twenty fold sixty fold difference in prevalence of symptoms of asthma allergic runny nose and atopic eczema around the world striking worldwide variations in the prevalence of allergic symptoms what does it all mean well the large variability suggest a crucial role of some kind of local characteristics determining the differences in prevalence between one place and another what kind of environmental factors like why does the prevalence of itchy eyes and runny nose range anywhere from 1% in India for example up to 45 percent of kids elsewhere there are some associations which with regional air pollution smoking rates but the most significant associations were with diet adolescents showed a consistent pattern of decreases and symptoms of wheeze current and severe allergic rhinitis ejected by tusen atopic eczema associated with increased consumption of plants the more their calories and protein came from plant sources the less allergies they seem to have in general there seems to be an association between increase in asthma prevalence and decreased consumption of fresh fruits green veg and other dietary sources of antioxidants helping to explain why the prevalence of asthma and respiratory symptoms is lower in populations with high intake of foods of plant origin intakes of high fat and sodium and low fiber and carbohydrates are linked with asthma while traditional vegetarian diets are associated with lower rates for example if you look closer within India and a study more than a hundred thousand people those who consumed meat for example daily or even occasionally were more likely to report asthma than those who are strictly vegetarian which meant also avoiding eggs eggs have been associated along with soda with an increased risk of respiratory symptoms and asthma and school children whereas consumption of soy foods and fruits were associated with reduced risk of respiratory symptoms in fact removing eggs from the diet along with dairy may improve lung function in asthmatic children in as little as eight weeks so maybe it’s a combination of eating less animal foods and more plants high vegetable intake for example has been found protective in children cutting the odds of allergic asthma in half and fruit showed a consistent protective Association for current and severe wheeze and runny nose and adolescents and for current and severe asthma allergies and eczema for children but why I’ve talked about the end of constructing industrial pollutants building up in the meat supply that may increase the risk of allergic diseases but the increase in asthma may be a combination of both a more toxic environment and a more susceptible population the dietary changes which have occurred over recent years may have led to a reduction in these natural antioxidant defenses resulting in a shift to the antioxidant status of the whole population and leading to increased susceptibility to oxygen to tech and airway inflammation in adults for example the risk of airway hyper reactivity may increase Sevenfold among those with the lowest intake of vitamin C from plant foods while the lowest intake of saturated fats gave a tenfold protection presume the Kisatchie fats have a role in triggering inflammation the protective effect of plant food may also be mediated through effects on intestinal microflora it turns out the differences in the indigenous intestinal flora might affect the development and priming of the immune system in early childhood kids with allergies for example tend to be less likely to harbor lactobacilli the good bacteria that’s found in fermented foods and also just naturally on fruits and vegetables and lactobacillus probiotics may actually help with childhood asthma which may help explain why children raised on largely organic vegetarian diets may have lower prevalence of allergic reactions infants raised in this way tend to have more good lactobacilli in their guts compared to controls though they were also more likely to have been born naturally breastfed longer and not given as many antibiotics so you really can’t tell whether it’s the diet until you put it to the test which we’ll explore next you

21 thoughts on “Preventing Asthma With Fruits and Vegetables

  1. wished i knew all these things when my children were little.  they had asthma but now thank god they are vegan and their health is soooooooo good 🙂

  2. "You can trace every sickness, every disease, every ailment, ultimately to a mineral/nutritional deficiency"

  3. What's your take on allergen transfer form say cows to humans via the consumption of cows milk( may help to look at Colostrum first). given that Breast feeding may " transmit allergy" like a peanut allergy or wheat. So although breast feeding is beneficial for allergies if the mother is already afflicted it could prove counter productive with regard to at least that allergen.

    Great video again

  4. Dr. Greger, I respect you more than anyone on the planet! thank you so much for taking on this burden to educate and inform us!

  5. I was able to cut my allergy and asthma meds in HALF after I went vegan!!! I really didn't believe it before, but thank god I can breathe better. All I have to say to people is eat healthy (tons of fruit and veggies and beans!), cut out all animal products (don't forget dairy and egg), give it two weeks at least and you will see your symptoms decrease or disappear 😀

  6. Yes I know all these studies to be true because I myself am a lifelong asthmatic and have had to be on meds pretty hefty stuff most of my life. I went vegetarian over three yrs ago and the only symptoms I ever have anymore are those that occur with over exertion and breathing cold air!! Otherwise I'm fine.

  7. Vitamin D even more important. You should make more vids about it, as people can eat all the vegetables they can but if they don't watch their vit d it can be bad.

  8. By eating 7 servings of fruits and veggies a day, we can cut our asthma exacerbation rates in half!

    Watch the video below or click the link to watch on

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  10. here's several things for relieving asthma naturally
    Know Your Triggers.
    Check Air Quality Reports.
    Clear the Smoke.
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  12. Dr Greger you are my hero. If I did not find your You Tube videos, I would still be suffering with Asthma.

  13. Soo,,am i the reason why my baby has asthma?? Was it my prenatal diet that caused it?? Although i tried to eat healthy,,salads veggies at every meal & fruits.. i also ate cereal ALOT of cereal, also icecream at the end of my pregnancy. Everyday, I just craved cereal and other sweets. The guilt i feel right now.. Just to think of mt pregnany with my older children, i was soo strict with my diet. My 3rd child, everyone kept saying i was so skinny, i was too tiny etc. So that really bothered me, soo i tried to gain weight because of it. Now im here on youtube all the time, trying to figure out ways to get my child to eat healthier. He's a very picky eater. The only way i can get him to eat fruits is if i make a homemade fruit sauce out of it, with plain toast. I cant get him to eat meat or vegetables. I make a soup. Im struggling as a mother. When i say im struggling as a mother, its because of the fact that, i cannot get my child to eat fruits and veggies. A good mther could succeed at that but then again, there are very challenging picky children..

  14. I have asthma & eszcema and when I stopped eating animal products I got better but still have to use my inhalor 1x a day (vs 6 – 10 times)….I still have problems with my elbows but it may be due to having 3 cats. what to do? Some places have carpeting and some places have tiles….I recommend tiles with wheezing.

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