5 thoughts on “Preventing the Common Cold with Probiotics?

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide!  Google Dr. Mercola, hydrogen peroxide, cold/flu.  Dr. Mercola found out that a cold will develop first in your inner ear before it wages an attack on your body!

  2. I gotta see if Dr Greger has any info on getting rid of the cold once we already have it. Since going vegan one year ago, I've had a bad upper respiratory cold three times in the last 5 months. I also found out I have been Vitamin D deficient as well, maybe for even longer than before I became vegan, I don't know. But I never used to get sick ever, so I would love to know some natural cures.

  3. I'm very happy/ healthy eating kimchi(probiotic) and other fruits and veggies. Haven't been sick in 4yrs. Just sayin'.

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