[Preview] Cholesterol: A passenger, not a driver

By Adem Lewis / in , , /

The president is like, “This is fantastic.
Let me see if I got this straight. “Food that’s coming
from outside the country/party “that is coming into the intestine. “Well then that actually is going to be loaded
onto the brown ships and distributed “and then all of the stuff
that’s in the food banks “that spills off from trying to deliver it
to different houses, “that’s actually also going to make
its way to the liver “and those purple boat are then going
to counterbalance the amount that’s coming
from the brown boats.” And yes, the engineer says,
“That’s exactly right. “In fact when there is more
that’s coming in from the outside “then that means that there will be less
that needs to get pulled from the food banks and ultimately delivered via the liver.” Likewise it counterbalances
in the other direction if we have a shortage of food
that’s coming from the outside we can counterbalance that
with the purple boats. And surprise, I’ve been talking about lipids
this whole time. This is why I don’t have a shining future
as a magician. Yes the houses were cells,
the fatty acids were the boxes and of course if you’ve got three
of those boxes, you’ve got triglycerides. That of course was energy
being distributed everywhere, but the main thing I want you to focus on,
the reason I really wanted to drive this home is all the way up to this point
my story’s been about only one thing, distributing food,
which was actually just fat based energy.

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