[Preview] Why high cholesterol is healthy

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Here is a great paper reviewing
carbohydrate restriction as the first approach
to the treatment of diabetes, everything we’ve been seeing
in this meeting. And so you see all the biomarkers
are going in the right direction. But there is the elephant in the room. It’s in the room,
it’s hanging over your shoulders, everything goes right,
you lose weight, you drop your blood pressure,
you drop triglycerides, you increase your HDL,
but your LDL goes up. So now you think you have
to go on the statin because your LDL is going to increase
your risk of heart disease. So we’ve seen this a lot. Where did that come from,
this idea that LDL causes heart disease? Of course we’ve seen often now
Ancel Keys who came up with this idea completely unjustified,
without any basis whatsoever, to say that you eat saturated fat,
you increase your cholesterol which then damages your arteries. This is 1961, perpetuated by
the American Heart Association to this day. But it wasn’t just Ancel Keys
who came up with this. We’ve also got the second level. That connection of cholesterol
to heart disease was by Brown and Goldstein,
winners of the Nobel Prize who tried and declared LDL guilty
of causing heart disease, not just a risk factor. In 1984 they said there is a causal relation
between high LDL and atherosclerosis. So all they needed at the time then would be some data
to prove that they were right.

3 thoughts on “[Preview] Why high cholesterol is healthy

  1. The famous Framingham study covering up to four generations of some families found the people with highest cholesterol had lowest deaths from heart disease. There’s a need for good studies (not funded by food and drug companies) to learn what cholesterol does and what the numbers actually mean.

  2. He didn’t really explain why “cholesterol is healthy,” but I’m gonna take this and run with it. Well not really run…but I’ll walk faster toward the bacon.

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