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This video was created in partnership with First Aid: Asthma Attack In this video, you will learn to administer first aid to a person suffering an asthma attack. First Aid techniques: 1 – Comfortable position – Have the casualty sit down, leaning forward with their arms resting on a table, as this will ease their breathing, or help them into another position that aids their breathing. – Reassure the casualty. 2 – Treatment – Help the casualty to take their asthma medication if they have it with them. 3 – Monitor – If there is no immediate improvement or the attack worsens, call the emergency services at once. 4 – Act according to casualty’s condition – Take appropriate action according to the casualty’s condition: If they lose consciousness, but are still breathing, place them in the recovery position, call the emergency services, cover them and monitor them until medical help arrives. If they stop breathing and there is no defibrillator available, call or have someone call the emergency services and start cardiopulmonary resuscitation, alternating 30 chest compressions with two rescue breaths. If you don’t know how to give mouth-to-mouth breathing, do chest compressions only at a rate of two per second.

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